We are Family, The not so Gay Video

MSNBC has a copy of the We Are Family Video on it's website. Link below.

The NBC reporter ended his report with this;

"By the way, not only did I not see any sexual identity in that, I didn't even see very much of SpongeBob either. Although Winnie the Pooh wasn't wearing pants.

Mark Barondess, the lawyer for the "We Are Family Foundation" told "The New York Times" that any critics of the video "need medication."

We here found it hard to argue with him."

We are Family Video Link!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, get these guys on medications Dude, are they nuts.

Anonymous said...

The video doesn't even mention Sex, or gay or ... and why pick on sponge bob, he makes less appearances than Kermit or Miss Piggy.

Mark said...

I know this is not the spot to post this, but I am working on adding a page of blogs to my web site of GLB resources at http://www.iwaynet.net/~mhiser If you know of any people who want to be added, would you let me know? The site especially is geared toward teachers, youth and their parents.

Thanks, Mark