Why Harper uses duct tape

Macleans.ca is live blogging the Ottawa Centre debate tonight. And to the surprise of some of us out here, The Harper Candidate showed up and this is what Harper is scared of...

The following is posted from macleans.ca - live blogging

'Holy crap, there is a line of questioners that s, quite literally, out the door - and at the head right now is a gorgeous, and righteously outraged woman who is eviscerating McGarry over the cuts to arts funding. McGarry reminds her that - oh, man that was really bad - he reminded her that under the Conservative plan, she can take time off to have a baby, and be covered by maternity leave. Her lip curls, and her eyebrow goes up; the room titters at the exquisite inappropriateness of his response. Yes, the young, independent artist and entrepreneur really wanted to hear that she can get help from the government if she has a baby, and wants to stay home for a year to take care of it.'

Whoops, that's a big one, but don't be running away yet. There's more...

'...Oh, and then McGarry tries to do damage control by shaking his fist at the crowd and reminding them that not all artists grub for money from the government.'

You can follow the debate here

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