Support here for Coalition Government

I support a new coalition government that will provide economic leadership and hope. I want you to support it too. It's time to put our country first.

Je soutiens un nouveau gouvernement de coalition qui servira les intérêts économiques et donnera de l'espoir au pays. Je veux que le vous ayez soutenu aussi. Il est temps de mettre notre pays en premier lieu.

We are in a dangerous time. Its vital that we have a government that can respond in a manner that will protect our pensions, our homes and our jobs. It is a time for leadership and bold moves.

Harper and the Conservatives have shown they do not have what is needed. It is vital that Canada have leadership that is willing to work with others, that parliament become more responsive to Canadians.

I support the coalition developing between the Liberals and the NDP with the Parliamentry support of the BLOC.

This is a moment that can lead to nation building. What we do now will shape our country for years to come. What kind of country do you want?

Je soutiens un nouveau gouvernement de coalition
I support a Coalition Government


West End Bob said...

Me too! It is looking more and more like it may actually come to pass.

"Yee Haw . . . . "

Anonymous said...

I am with you Rick. It is about time someone showed Harper he did not get elected to a majority and he must govern with the consent of the WHOLE house. Canadians gave him 143 seats and 163 seats to the other parties.

"from your old stomping grounds in the Cariboo"