Donald Trump is Jesus

Twist yourselves into knots over this.

I for one agree with most of what Jesus is supposed to have said about looking after the poor, hospitality for the stranger.

It's always a dilemma, are we doing enough to look out for the poor, for our veterans, for our grandparents? The answer is no for many of us.  So when catastrophe happens in places like Syria and people are in far more desperate state than most of us, we shouldn't help because we're not doing enough for our own people.

No one can say with a straight face,1 we should not reach out to help refugees. Are bombs dropping on your children?

The answer is to start looking after our neighbour. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, they're different than us. These are real people. We walk by the homeless veteran, we vote for tax cuts, we demand the drug abuser stop drugs before we offer help. We demand conversion.

Trump offers us a vision that will change none of this. Tax cuts for the 1%. We've been doing that since the 80's. The results have meant the government has no money. Education and health care are cut because we have no money.

We no longer care as a society for the fortunes of others. Workers incomes are slashed to keep companies more profitable. Employers feel no obligation to look out for the people that make them rich. Trump is that employer.

Trump is fanning the flames of hate. Fear the Muslims, the Mexicans. It's the last desperate hope of fools and con-men.

He has shown us the real him. His misogyny, his rascim, he denies things he's said and done even when it's recorded.

Trump is about only him. He is Jesus. If you don't like it, he'll sue.

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