Gay Grandparents

Gay Grandparents...

I am one 3 times over now. I received this story from the Gay Seniors, Canada mailing list...

"About 10 years later, I made a new gay friend and it turned out that she was a grandma a few times over. However, her son wouldn’t let his kids near their Grandmother because she was queer. She eventually moved across the country to be with a lover. I’ve wondered if, before she died of cancer a few years later, her son let the grandkids meet her."

"I suppose it’s always been hard to be a gay grandma, but back in the days of the universal closet, no one talked about it. The family knew only that Grandma had a "friend" who was always invited for the holidays. Maybe the grandkids called her Auntie Jo and the kids described her as a horse-riding kind of woman and maybe the grandkids loved her and her horses and when Auntie Jo moved in with Grandma, the kids were just relieved to have someone watching out for mom, especially someone as handy as Jo was, fixing Grandma’s roof or toilet and teaching the grandkids to ride." -
From The Windy City Times

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HDcanuck said...

Karma... The son grows up resenting the father for keeping grandma from him and cuts him out of his life, refusing to see him anymore.