Afghan detainee stuff

What is it with the Liberals? They use to stand for something. Its been several days since the infamous Detainee agreement was reached. The deal stinks. The deal allows the Harper government to continue to establish brand new executive rights, ala US President style.

Far and Wide has a good post on the deal so no rehashing here. I point you there...

I do have one more thing to say, with respect to the Liberals weak position on the detainee documents. One, they (LPC) are worried about Parliament exercising its power to the detriment of a future Liberal government.

Only one problem with that logic ...


Rider Pride

Hey, being from the province of Saskatchewan, I want to echo Buckdog's post!

Rider pride will be on the loonie next year! Now is that the most awesome thing you have ever heard. They better make a lot of those loonies as Saskachewan folks will be saving every single one of them! Maybe even some green loonies! CBC has more.

Pardon Compromise goes ahead!

It looks like the House of Commons did today what they should be doing all the time. Meet, discuss, compromise, go forward. Albeit not yet official, The Liberals still have to decide on the compromise bill on pardons, I have little doubt they will be opposed to the deal as it is laid out.

It appears the NDP compromise will move ahead. Its likely the Harper Conservatives will not acknowledge it is an NDP suggestion, still it is satisfying. Hey, Good on Iggy if the Libs go along with this.

See globe for latest

I stand with Libby

Its too much.  My most favourite MP, Libby Davies has been wrongly maligned by the pro Israel lobby that takes every opportunity to pounce on people that have anything to say other than blind adhereance to Isreal, right or wrong, Isreal is always justified (and thus right) in their actions. 

Others have written well on this, check out "Libby Davies" on Dawg's Blog and Murray Dobbin at the Georgia Straight and Pogge, Alison and Cliff.  

I am strongly in Libby's corner. 

Quote of the Day - Harperite

"This bill needs to be passed right now," Toews said Wednesday, shooting down the NDP's counter bill that would prevent Homolka's pardon, but leave the rest of the bill for debate in the fall.

"I'm not willing to gut this bill for political expediency," Toews said. (toronto sun)

That's just funny. Doesn't he see how stupid he sounds!

The &(*%#^*^ Party of Canada

Okay, its crunch time for the Liberal Party of Canada. The Conservatives have tried to create a wedge issue by bringing forward a "Pardon" bill at the last minute, inciting the name of convicted killer Karla Homolka. Homolka will be entitled to a Pardon on July 5. Just three weeks away. See MacLeans article here.

I understand their need to get something done to prevent another unreal deal for Holmoka. So why have the Conservatives waited till now to do this. The NDP have offered a bill that would ensure Holmoka does not receive a pardon. This would allow proper debate on the rest of the pardon legislation after the House returns in the fall.

This is not about Holmoka, its about the Harper Conservatives trying to get one by the rest of Parliament. If I were a Liberal, I would suggest their co-operation with the Conservatives here would be the last straw. Why vote Liberal if you can vote Conservative and get the real thing.

Unhappy Libs views can be found here....

Oh yeah, The &(*%#^*^ Party of Canada. The Liberal part is gone. You fill in the blanks.

Sponsorship scandal gets a face lift

Sponsorship scandal gets a face lift with new info from RCMP.  This is like the gift that keeps on giving, right Prime Minister Harper?  Can the Liberals have any more missing cellulite.  My heart goes out to the LPC members and bloggers, I mean they have Iggy to deal with and that darn old sponsorship scandal keeps un-wrinkling!  

If you have to know more check out the Globe and Mail story here


Tea Baggers helped women in Florida

It's a stretch I know. But if it weren't for those nasty tea baggers going after Republican Governor Crist of Florida, unseating him as the Republican nominee, the bill mentioned below would have become law.

Florida Governor Crist has vetoed HB 1143, a controversial anti-women's rights bill that would have mandated ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion. In his veto message, Governor Crist said:
"This bill places an inappropriate burden on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy. Individuals hold strong personal views on the issue of life, as do I. However, personal views should not result in laws that unwisely expand the role of government and coerce people to obtain medical tests or procedures that are not medically necessary. In this case, such action would violate a woman's right to privacy."


Bad Romance - Bad Hotels - Boycott

Boycotts never sounded or looked so good. The video below is of a flash mob doing an adaption of Lady GAGA's Bad Romance.

I have been part of many struggles to gain collective agreements in the past. Some nasty some no so bad. With all of them it was a struggle to get our message across to the public. Most people do not like to be inconvenienced and its takes a good bit of energy and public relations planning to get the attention of the public and the employer.

To that end this labour action in San Francisco is right at the top. In a fun way they have explained the issues. Its not annoying, its well done and maybe some of those that were there started to join in...

Here is the youtube video...


R.I.P. We hardly knew you

It was fun while it lasted. Both Jack and Iggy said no talks (they had to say that even if there had been talks). Jack added that Iggy has already said no to a coalition back in February 2009.

Now I would really like the two of you, that's you Jack and you too Michael, to assign some "Official" folks to talk about means of co-operating in the next election and beyond.

Rae gets up early to save Iggy, again

Bob Rae has been sent out to dispel rumours of secret merger talks. That's kinda funny that the guy the Libs have so far rejected as a leader due to "his" scary NDP past is the only Liberal with cred to possibly get this story ditched. See CBC story here.

Then of course my old buddy Ujjal is also sent out to add his assertion that no such talks are happening. Why weren't the old Liberal war horses sent out to do this? Turns out the best face in the media for the Libs isn't Iggy, its Bob.

So while Bob has tried to dampen the speculation, it won't work. My own sources say discussions are happening with some folks associated with NDP and Liberals.

I do agree with Bob though. No merger will happen at least not in the near future. It is fun however to watch the Liberals fall all over themselves. Now when will the NDP respond today?

It's worked before, why not now?

I have been reading the posts of LPCers today with much interest. Their approach is one of OMG, we have always been Liberals. The LPC can't die. They seem to think that they would lose all the marbles if they joined up with those rascal New Democrats.

I suggest that the Liberal bloggers are living on past laurels. Its as if they are in dream land. The LPC is not the party of Trudeau anymore, albeit many MP's and supporters still cling to that. Its not JC's party anymore. The Liberals no longer hold the centre of politics in this country. The shotgun has a good post on this. The right vote was where Paul Martin started to take the party. They felt they could hold the centre and pull support away from the Conservatives on the right, at least enough to hold onto power.

The Liberals experiment to the right has failed. They have left Canada, a nation more comfortable in the middle, behind. It is in fact Harper that is taking some of those votes in the centre. Just enough of them to hold power.

Looking to the NDP, they have over time moved to the centre themselves. Look at all the NDP provincial governments over the years. See the BC NDP today and you see a party well supported by federal Liberals.

The problem with the Liberal party is not just it's leader. They have a problem with what they want to be. What polices do they have? Where do they stand on major issues? Its hard to define anything about them.

Merger talks will assist in defining just who the heck they are. There would be discussions about priorities, what would happen in Afghanistan, corporate taxes, health and child care and the first nations of this country.

I suspect that even if a merger does not happen, co-operation will be easier after this exercise. Its the only way to get by Stephen Harper. People need something to vote for, not just against Harper.

There will be problems if a merger were to occur. Some Liberals and NDP members and supporters would seek out other places to go. These people will do it even if a co-operation agreement is made. That shouldn't stop us from working together.

If you are a Liberal, look beyond the Liberal Party messaging of the past about the red scare. You have shown it can work before, why can't it work now. My NDP friends have many fears about being lost inside a bigger party. To them I say, bright ideas always find a way to make it to the top.

Big scary NDPer's

LPCER reaction to secret merger talks has been the first time in a long while that I have seen LPC bloggers actually unite. I don't think they like the idea. I am not taking it personally but I do feel like Bruce over at Canuck Attitude in his post about being a big scary faggot.

Is the NDP really that scary? Come on guys. The Liberals have passed some country building legislation over the years and most of it came about in minority governments when they co-operated with the NDP.

Not sure if many of you have read your history books but if you had you would have known that the CCF was dang close to forming the government near the end of the second world war. They were demanding old age pensions, 40 hour work week, days off work, unemployment insurance. The PM then, Mackenzie King decided that too win and keep the horrid red menace from office, he had to adopt these items for his own agenda. He did that and he won the next election.

Then we have CPP and medicare brought in under the minority government of Mr. Pearson. Again it was the NDP hammering away at the Liberal armour that saw to the success of these efforts. As a Liberal, you get to claim you did it, and you did, it just took someone to keep pushing you till you were on the brink of falling.

I like to point out that the scary NDP in BC managed to get the loggers, mill owners and workers along with the anti loggers, environmentalists and first nations together at the same table to talk about the use of the land and the trees on it. It was not very pretty at times but in the end they came to agreement. In fact this was possible in some way because many of these people were also members of the NDP.

Some of the best governments in this country have succeeded because they are willing to work in parliament. Those minority governments did actually work with other parties. We can all be proud of some of those achievements. It does however take effort to make it work.

Paul Martin managed to get support by working with the NDP. His budget was actually the result of including the NDP in discussions and making changes that addressed NDP concerns. Martin forgot all about co-operating when he brought in his last budget. He felt he could win, rolled the dice betting the NDP would either support the Libs and or that he would win the election.

The result is successive Harper minorities. Harper doesn't play well with others. He has learned that he doesn't have too. After all the Liberals are no threat, they poll consistently well below the Conservatives. Harper simply puts a poison pill into legislation and we get very conservative laws and budgets passed, budgets that should have been soundly defeated.

The past Liberal governments have in fact played well with the opposition in times when the country needed them too. The Martin government decided to take their toys away, ignoring the possibility that they might not have them for long.

Dion was on the right track, he did it for Canada. To end the Harper government using the tools at hand. Some pretty smart Libs supported this effort along the way. Unfortunately the leadership battle was still playing out and Iggy's folks bulled forward and seized the leaders chair.

As too the NDP being scary, its ironic that Bob Rae in recent polling would do better that Iggy. I have no doubt about that, he was after all a big scary NDPer.


What colour do you get when you mix orange and red

Its just a little surreal to think Warren and me agree. See Warren's interview on the Mark .

I suspect the Liberals need a radical change more than the NDP. I know some in my party can smell blood here. The LPCers have been treading water for years now. I have to give them credit, they are staying above the water line, but they have to be tired.

Warren's comments are right on the money. It's about finding a way to stop Harper, to stop the Conservatives in this country. Now think about this, how many of us ever thought that Harper could have lasted this long in government under minority conditions? I'm betting that most of you, me included never expected this. I am also betting that most of you don't want it to continue much longer.

Our country is being reshaped by a guy that has managed to hold on to power when 60 percent of us wouldn't want to sit down and have beer with the guy. Time is now for bold and direct action. Merge or agree to co-operate. What colour do you get when you mix orange and red anyway?

Hey Brother Jason, how's it hanging?

Montreal Simon has been wishing for this for some time now. A merger between the NDP and the Liberals. Imagine that. CBC is reporting tonight that discussions are under way between the two parties. It is evident that we will be faced with minority governments for the next few years and the possibility Harper would get a majority. He keeps coming close to the magic 39 to 40% and falling back. Simon says get Married!

The Liberals find themselves consistently running at 25 to 27% in support and no matter how stupid Harper gets, the Liberals can not gain traction with voters. The same holds true for the New Democrats, albeit they have done better than the Libs in maintaining their support.

Is something going to give? I am encouraged that the Libs and NDP are talking. Even if a merger does not happen I expect that some form of co-operation will occur. To do otherwise will see Harper re-elected and maybe with a majority.

My question is do I have to call Jason, Brother? I mean Jeff and Scott and all those other LPCER bloggers like Impolitical can be silly or over excited sometimes, but at least I enjoy them. Maybe I should take a hockey attitude to this. Jason was the LPCER version of John Ferguson. Being a Habs fan I can appreciate that. Hey Brother Jason, how's it hanging?


Spanky spanky - now drink at home alone!

Some stuff you can't make up. I know I like a drink now and again, (stop laughing Bruce). I do but I could never dream of a judge telling me to stay home and drink. That's what a judge said in Cornerbrook yesterday. - Western Star It does seem to be a case where the Judge recognized that it was futile to order the man to abstain, thus setting conditions that would be impossible to follow, putting to poor sod into even deeper trouble. Reality based justice. ummm

And who would have ever thought the sweet old lady running Mississauga was in charge of the Black Blue (quite different from Red Green) gang.

Staff duct taped, spanked and prodded on the job in front of others suggests that our tax dollars may actually be making some dudes hard at the thought, "Why can't I work at a place like that. Spanky spanky you have been a bad boy." Can't you just hear Mayor Hazel McCallion! The other Star paper. And the CBC account here.

Looks like some dicipline is going to have take place here. If they had the Judge from Cornerbrook here they could have those that were spanked and duct taped given the opportunity to do it to their boss.


McDonalds does up a cool gay Advert

McDonalds opens up the Golden arches with a new ad playing in France.    The ad is very good.  It is subtle.  Straight to the point if you don't mine the straight part.   I look forward to more of these playing around the world.  Maybe even in Canada and the USA! 

Here it is via youtube.... Father and son at McDonalds

Moosedar and gaydar

It looks to be a queer day what with the Ottawa Police putting an elementary school in lock down due to some big scary Moose in the playground.  Looks like the lockdown was a good idea as the guy shooting the darts at the moose kept missing the target.  How do you miss a moose?  Anyway the guy's job get getting more difficult as each shot he missed with started the moose and they ran around the playground.  Last we heard they were waiting for more darts to arrive and then the moose got out of the police secured area.  Lets just hope no moose show up in Toronto for the G20 summit.   CBC story

Keeping with the Moose stuff, the Saskatchewan government has had to put up "watch for Moose" signs in the southern part of the province.  Seems that many people have left the rural confines of the province, leaving the area for the moose to move into.  Some have taken to inhabiting farm yards.  see CBC Saskatchewan.

One more story of a modicum of interest suggests that if you ever get lost, cut down the power poles.  Some guy got lost in North eastern Saskatchewan.  He was in desperate state so he thought, "If I cut down the power line, someone will come out to check it out."  He was right.  People lost power for almost 30 hours and Sask Power investigated, finding the guy.  At least it wasn't lights out...

And then there is Gaydar.  Now the straight world seems to believe it exists.  Here is some proof.  Could have saved them the time, but then it keeps them out of our hair this way...