a hater twofer

a hater twofer
Two more Republicans make headlines over comments they made on gay rights. The comments attributed to these two elected Senators breach most ethical bounds of free speech. In most western countries the comments made by these Republican State Senators would bring on wide spread public condemnation and end their careers. It is amazing these people can hold these positions in the 21st century!

In Colorado while debating a gay rights bill that would extend health care benefits to gay spouses on Monday, Senator Scott Renfroe, a Republican from Greeley, said: “I'm not saying this [being gay] is the only sin that's out there. We have murder. We have all sorts of sin. We have adultery. And we don't make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal.” -Top Magazine February 25, 2009

and last week in Utah...

In recent comments to a documentary filmmaker, state Sen. Chris Buttars compared gay activists to radical Muslims and said they are "probably the greatest threat to America going down." He also said gay people lack morals. - SALT LAKE CITY (AP) February 24, 2009


Holder Skins Fox News Sunday

Holder Skins Fox News Sunday

Eric Holder gets office by the skin of his teeth. That is likely what you believe if you watch FOX news and in particular Chris Wallace.

The skin of your teeth apparently is getting 75% of the Senators to vote for you. Imagine that. I expect Holder should have received at least 95% support for his job. I mean no one would think the 25% of senators that voted against him would have any blatant partisan reason to vote this way, right?

The Wallace effort here would be seen as a little silly were he on some small town radio program. But he is not, he heads up one of the highest viewer-ships in political programming. Clearly many Republicans voted for him. Aside from weather it was Democrats or Republicans that voted for him, 75 senators representing at least 38 states and I'm betting they come from states holding with 80% of the US population!

more on media matters ...

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace claimed that Eric Holder "got into office by the skin of his teeth." However, Holder was confirmed by the Senate in a 75-21 vote, and the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 17-2 in favor of reporting his nomination to the full Senate.


Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?

A new campaign to educate men on safer sex strategies! This campaign follows up on some earlier work that was lead by AIDS Vancouver.

"Do You Have What It Takes? Surely, as Gay and Bisexual men, that’s a question we’ve asked ourselves more than a few times in our lives. Having what it takes isn’t just about measuring your sexual exploits, the size of your “tool” or having a rubber and lube handy. Having what it takes, is also a question that affects everyone of us in our ability to achieve self respect, to make the right choices, to stay alert and, above all, to stay the course with regards to the boundaries that you set for yourself to avoid or reduce the risks associated with HIV and other sexually transmitted infestions (STIs)." Do you have what it takes
The campaign has a quiz in which you answer some questions and after your done, (took me 2 minutes to answer 5 or 6 questions) and it provides some instant feedback, all of it anonymous!

Check it out... HERE!

Canadian AIDS Society media release
MSNBC says: Innovative and provocative campaign targets men who have sex with men

Obama in Canada!

Obama in Canada!

For American readers, watch Obama's first international visit on CBC. The American networks are not covering the visit with this kind of coverage. Its wall to wall on CBC. Live streaming video!

Canadian Pride Dates for 2009

Canadian Pride Dates for 2009

Winnipeg June 5 - June 15
Saskatoon June 7 - 13
Edmonton June 12 - 21
Regina June 13 - 20
Hamilton June 13 - 21
Toronto June 19 - 28
Okanagan June 2009
Victoria June 28 - July 5
Halifax July 19 - 26
Vancouver July 25 - August 3
Montreal 26 juillet au 2 août 2009
Saint John, NB August 9 - 15
Ottawa August 21 - 30

If your town celebrates Pride, email me your dates and I will include them it on the list.

Pink Triangle Services turns 25

Pink Triangle Services turns 25

Pink Triangle Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a big gala on June 4, 2009 in Ottawa. Along with this success PTS has launched a new logo and look. PTS is Canada's oldest queer charitable organization.

PTS has been providing hope and refuge for 25 years. In order to maintain its operations, PTS need to raise approximately $4,000 each and every month. If you can help contact PTS directly or donate online here.

You can give in many ways. A good idea may be to donate monthly. If 100 people donate $10/month, that will generate $12,000 over the year. $25 provides $300 annually and if 50 people do this, PTS will receive $15,000. Maybe you are doing well and want to make an extra special gift to recognise PTS's efforts over 25 years.

I have a special fondness for PTS and hope where ever you are in Canada or the world, you can take pride in the work PTS has done and will do in the coming year and years to follow.

donate here or call 613-563-4818 or email pinktriangle@bellnet.ca


Al-Fatiha's historic survey of Muslim LGBTIQQ folks

Al-Fatiha's historic survey of Muslim LGBTIQQ folks

If you are Muslim, this survey is for you. Please help them in their efforts to gather this vital information...

Al-Fatiha's historic survey of Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning or exploring their gender identity and/or sexual orientation (LGBTIQQ), including Muslims who use other cultural and ethnic terms to refer to their own experience.

This survey is for Muslims of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and Muslims of all beliefs and practices, including observant Muslims, cultural Muslims, and those who are secular.

This is the first survey of its kind. The results of this survey will tell us all about our community, our experiences and our concerns. The results will guide Al-Fatiha's educational and advocacy work on behalf of LGBTIQQ Muslims, and will be shared with the entire community.

All survey responses are ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL so you can feel comfortable answering all the questions honestly and openly. You may skip questions you do not wish to answer; however, we encourage you to answer the survey as completely as possible. LINK to survey