Support here for Coalition Government

I support a new coalition government that will provide economic leadership and hope. I want you to support it too. It's time to put our country first.

Je soutiens un nouveau gouvernement de coalition qui servira les intérêts économiques et donnera de l'espoir au pays. Je veux que le vous ayez soutenu aussi. Il est temps de mettre notre pays en premier lieu.

We are in a dangerous time. Its vital that we have a government that can respond in a manner that will protect our pensions, our homes and our jobs. It is a time for leadership and bold moves.

Harper and the Conservatives have shown they do not have what is needed. It is vital that Canada have leadership that is willing to work with others, that parliament become more responsive to Canadians.

I support the coalition developing between the Liberals and the NDP with the Parliamentry support of the BLOC.

This is a moment that can lead to nation building. What we do now will shape our country for years to come. What kind of country do you want?

Je soutiens un nouveau gouvernement de coalition
I support a Coalition Government

you need to touch those near you

you need to touch those near you

A follow up to my previous post and in remembrance of Harvey Milk. Milk was killed 30 years today. Me and some friends will be off to see the movie Milk today. We waited for this day rather than go when the movie opened on November 26. Film critic Roger Ebert feels Milk has achieved a goal 30 years after his death. Ebert maybe describing the way it is in Canada or his close knit group, I however feel that America has a long way to go yet.

"In 1977, Harvey Milk became the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States. Yes, but I have become so weary of the phrase 'openly gay.' I am openly heterosexual, but this is the first time I have ever said so. Why can't we all be what we prefer? Why can't gays simply be gays, and 'unopenly gays' be whatever they want to seem? In 1977, it was not so. Milk made a powerful appeal to closeted gays to come out to their families, friends and co-workers, so the straight world might stop demonizing an abstract idea. But so powerful was the movement he helped inspire that I believe his appeal has now pretty much been heeded, save in certain backward regions of the land that a wise gay or lesbian should soon deprive of their blessings." - Roger Ebert in his review of Milk
For more insight see the Mayor of San Diego speak on the gay marriage.

We are making friends, we are advancing, we are making it, one person at a time. If you want to change the world, you have to let the world know you are here. This republican Mayor was opposed to gay marriage. He changed due to his relationship with his daughter, a lesbian.

Milk asked us to out ourselves. Many did. Here in Canada we have got to the point where two politicians can be big time players without needing to be identified as gay.

The republican Mayor of San Diego was touched by those he knew. If you want to change the world, you need to touch those near you.


The best non news story this year!

The best non news story this year!

You have read all about the "Constitutional Crisis" as it is being described. Check any number of blogs out there. No one is talking about the the "non news story". That's good.

I'm talking about it just to remind some of you how far we in the queer communities have come. Read this piece from the CBC report on the "Crisis"

...'The government failed Canadians': NDP

Both Liberal finance critic Scott Brison and NDP House Leader Libby Davies went on record Saturday as saying the motion has little to do with the government's decision to cut party subsidies, which were brought in as part of election finance reforms in 2003 when political contributions from unions and corporations were banned.

"That's not what it's about," Brison said.

"This is about the economic stimulus," Davies said. "What it's about is recognizing that the government failed Canadians. They did not bring forward the kind of significant economic stimulus that we've seen in all other G7 countries." CBC News

Davies an out bisexual, is deputy leader of the NDP and Brison is an out gay man and the Finance Critic for the Liberals.

The non news is the loss of the adjective before their names. They are the lead spokespersons for their political parties on the "Constitutional Crisis".

No Gay MP Scott Brison or Bisexual MP Libby Davies.

Note: Earlier I failed to note that Davies was bisexual. I have corrected that in the text above.


Join the Impact Toronto Canada

Join the Impact Toronto Canada

The Join the Impact rally in Toronto Ontario today had about 200 people in attendance when I left to post these videos. Several Americans took part in the rally in front of the American Consulate in Canada's largest city, Toronto.

It was a good crowd considering the cold weather and the rain. Many of those passing the demonstration in their cars on University Avenue honked horns in support.

The consulate had guards standing outside at the entrance at the beginning of the rally but they soon disappeared inside out of the rain and glare of cameras.

Some thoughts from those at the rally. More video coming late tonight!

"We consistently blow it"

"We consistently blow it"

Remember evangelical pastor Ted Haggard. The one that was cured of his homosexual urges in three weeks of treatment. He is back in the news now, seeking redemption while starting up an insurance company in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He claims to have been abused as a child now, maybe he was but why is he bringing this up now and not when he was caught out. Seems to me he would have wanted to at the time of his outing to sought public sympathy, to send the blame for his actions onto others. He did not do that then and now with the beginnings of his new business venture he seeks to deny responsibility for his actions. I find his claims to be a little disingenuous.

In an ABC Report today on Good Morning America, Haggard according to tape recordings of the sermons posted on the ABC News Web site said 'one of his father's employees "had a sexual experience with me" when Haggard was 7.'

The path to redemption is clear. Blame someone else. I was a victim he is saying and what better way to play to the evangelical faithful than too blame his own behaviour on a child molester. Its a little too late and a little hard to believe you Mr. Haggard.

"...In consultation with leading evangelicals and experts familiar with the type of behavior Pastor Haggard has demonstrated, we have decided that the most positive and productive direction for our church is his dismissal and removal. In addition, the Overseers will continue to explore the depth of Pastor Haggard's offense so that a plan of healing and restoration can begin. ..." New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado Media Release, Nov 4, 2006
Haggard said in the audio tapes that 'church leaders missed an opportunity to use his scandal to "communicate the gospel worldwide through secular media. We consistently blow it" when those opportunities arise.'

"A congressman in trouble, that's the time. A family member gets himself in horrible trouble, that's the time. A preacher gets himself in awful trouble, that's the time,"Haggard said.

The Evangelical church blew it with their preaching the evils of homosexuality. They blew it with there incessant rantings against gay rights, gays and those that support these rights. They have demonized gays and their behaviour.

Haggard may be looking for a new start, to re-enter the faithful and the best way to do that is to add to the demonetization of gays. To play to stereotypical fears. To continue the cycle.

In Haggard's case, I just hope in this one instance, there is a Hell and he take residence there alongside Jerry Falwell, James Dobson and Jesse Helms to name a few. Perhaps they should be made to listen to Fred Phelps.

Just in case you needed another reason to get out and rally today! Watch this

YES we Can too

YES we Can too

The message of hope is strong and i felt it when i was in the US. Americans have voted for something in this election rather than against something. Obama has given hope to so many, now we need to help him deliver on that hope.

Here in Toronto I will be with many others, showing our support for the hope gays and lesbians have to be treated equally in the United States. Its time gays and lesbians can say YES we Can too!

Join the IMPACT.

Rallies in the USA
click here

Rallies in Canada, click on city link below!

Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie


check your limited-government ideology at the door

check your limited-government ideology at the door

It had to happen didn't it. Some gay dudes that love to handle their guns, I mean real guns, the ones that shoot people, not the one in your pants, have started a blog to express their Harpian (Conservative) views. They have launched this new site as the Conservatives meet in Manitoba behind closed doors.

Now it should not surprise you to know they call this place, Gay Dominion. Currently this Canadian gay voice has links to three sites...
Not one Canadian gay blogger to date rates a link. But then again if you are a gay conservative in Canada your idols are in fact south of the border. The founder of Gay Dominion, Fred Litwin hasn't even linked his own blog, Gay and Right, on this new site.

Litwin says in a media advisory posted on Gay and Right...
Gay Dominion stands for limited government, low taxes, free markets, the merit principle, personal responsibility, AND the equality of gays and lesbians. Gay Dominion is against rampant political correctness, myopic religious intolerance, moral and cultural relativism, anti-Americanism, and the tearing down of western civilization.
Sounds like he has the conservative rhetoric down. Lets see how welcome he is in the Blogging Tories... Western Standard welcomed the arrival of the Gay Dominion saying...
I’m confident that gays and lesbians will find a home in the Conservative party, just as long as they check their limited-government ideology at the door with the rest of us.
Watch your step Fred and Chris...

It should be noted that Gay and Right did not post on the issue of the firing by Harper of out gay candidate in Toronto Centre during the last election. What's that all about?

Join the Impact - Fight the H8

Join the Impact - Fight the H8

Same-sex/gay marriage has been legal in Canada for three years. Americans Gays and Lesbians are involved in the fight to achieve what we have in Canada. In the recent election, Americans in Florida, Arizona and California voted to ban gay marriage.

Its time for Canadians to stand with our friends in the United States of America, to show our support in their fight for equality. The election of Obama has given many gay and lesbian Americans hope and its important we stand with them. We can show the world and more importantly, show The US that Gay marriage has not affected anyone in a negative way. Canada is still here, still strong, free and celebrating our equality.

A group on facebook was begun and is asking us to to join in peaceful protest this Saturday November 15th 2008, in

Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal

There we will unite with people across the world including the UK, France, Australia, as well as at least one protest in every state in the US. Lets help to work towards equal rights for everyone, EVERYWHERE!

Info on international rallies of support can be found here.
Americans can find local rallies here

Holy Defeat - Don't Get Mad, Get Even!

Holy Defeat - Don't Get Mad, Get Even!

It has been a few days since I last posted on the blog. I like so many people was very excited about the election of Barack Obama. It is an exciting time for people around the world, and especially for black Americans. The election of Obama, was something they never thought possible is now staring them in the face. Obama is everyone's Homeboy!

The election was an up and down night for me. It was an up and down night for millions of Americans. Gay marriage supporters were slapped down by voters in California, Arizona and Florida. Gay parents were kicked out of Arkansas.

I somehow don't feel as good about Obama's victory after the fact than before. Gay and Lesbian Americans were toasted by a Holy Defeat as the Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff put it. Naff pointed out...
"Voter turnout in gay mecca San Francisco was among the lowest in the state, around 53 percent."

That is almost unforgivable, it is certainly a lesson for the community. If the vote in San Francisco was only 53%, what the heck was it in other gay and gay friendly communities.

There is much to do. There is much to win. The lesson in this last election is clear. We can not nor should we rely on or expect others to give us what is right. It may be ironic that Black American voters were the ones to teach us this lesson. They have seen the election of a black American to President. They have realised a dream. Do gays want to achieve our dream?

In the end it was not Black American votes for Prop 8 or Prop 2 that saw us lose. It was a step toward equality, it was a reminder to all of us. Our rights are only as good as the next election,
the next congressional or parliamentary majority, the government appointment, the next Mayor or city councilor in your city.

We lost this battle because it was defined by the prop 8 supporters as a defense of marriage, as state intrusion on religious freedom. We don't know our neighbours as well as we need too, and they don't know us. Perhaps its time to take a plate of your favourite cookies next door.