Canada's pimp, Harper and homo sex

An affair with American Values

Finally someone has written what is really wrong about same-sex marriage. Stan Persky has done a masterful job of providing the real reason behind the fight to save Traditional Marriage. Seems the Christian groups are being a little less than honest, maybe lets just say a tad less.

James Dobson makes more money off homosexuals than anyone. While I can't really say how much, his organisations pull in a ton of money fighting the gay bogeyman. If people accepted homosexuals, Dobson would be out of a job. The dollars are coming in and it is the homosexual that brings in the dough. Doesn't that make Dobson somewhat like a pimp?

Stephen Harper is one of Canada's pimps. Aside from agreeing with George Bush on just about everything, he knows Canadians have strongly rebuked the Bush agenda. Enter the wedge issue. He has rallied many folks, not enough, but hopes it will be enough to make him Prime Minister one day as he tries to hide behind saving traditional marriage.
It's really the homo part Stephen and his gang cannot handle, its seeing two guys kiss. We don't know if the thought of two women kissing bothers him but that is a story for the next election.
For now its HOMO sex according to Persky, that is keeping the "traditional marriage" folks up at night. You tell them Persky.

You never know

Check out this ad by MTV.

Skaterboys, cause you never know.

From the good people at Commercial Closet

Thanks to Queer Stuff for the link!

Report: U.S. STD Death Rates Triple Other Wealthy Nations

The WBAL NBC headline says : Americans are getting hit at three times the rate of other wealthy nations by bad health consequences of sexual activity, a report says.

No kidding. The United States is the only country in the western world to favour abstinence based programs over programs that talk about safer sex. It is increasingly more difficult for publicly funded agencies to discuss safer sex and sexuality. American schools in many cases can not explain what a condom is let alone show kids how to use them properly.

All of this of course is being brought to you by the likes of James Dobson, America's leading "ostrich" and President Bush.

The cry from the church pews will be to continue to deny that programs run else where are protecting youth, watch for a return to the 1950's sex ed classes!

See the report: Sexual behaviour: related adverse health burden in the United States

Catholic "pastor" surprises anti-gay forces

"People aren't less human being because they're born gay. I open my heart and my church to them. We have to find a way so that these people never feel rejected," Fr. John Walsh

Fr. John Walsh is the pastor of the Catholic Church Prime Minister Martin attends when in Montreal. Lifesite.com, a Christian news service takes a dim view.

See Lifesite story: Pastor - Prime Minister's "Catholic" Pastor in Full Support of Gay Marriage Agenda

Nothing seems to frost the evangelical sect quicker than someone that disagrees with them. Tuesday, the federal government will introduce the same-sex marriage legislation. It will be a heated day as Harper and his american supported evangelical partners blow a gasket or two.

Saskatchewan Gay Marriage Battle

As Canada is about to make same-sex marriage the law across the land, a marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan has made it clear he is opposed to the move. Further, he claims he should not be forced to perform same-sex marriages.

Bruce Goertzen stated to the Star Phoenix, "If Saskatchewan's Justice Minister Mr. Frank Quennell is not prepared to voluntarily demonstrate this level of tolerance, then the province's Human Rights Commission needs to compel him to do so in order to protect me and other marriage commissioners from discrimination on the basis of our religion."

Saskatchewan flag by:Greg Gomes

"My beliefs have not been hidden from anyone. As a person who performs a duty for the residents of Saskatchewan, I request that my religious beliefs be upheld, in the same manner as others would expect their views upheld."

Marriage commissioners in Saskatchewan are appointed by the provincial government. In the fall of 2004 the Justice Minister made it clear that commissioners would either have perform gay marriages or resign.

Justice Minister Quennell stated, "it undercuts the purpose of civil marriage to allow marriage commissioners to import either their religious beliefs or their own personal prejudices cloaked as religious beliefs and impose those on people who have a right to a civil marriage and for whom civil marriage was in a sense created because they don't want a religious marriage."

"Allowing marriage commissioners to discriminate would be contrary to the laws that now exist in Saskatchewan."

Support Saskatchewan's Justice Minister Frank Quennell in standing up for the rights of all people in Saskatchewan, including us. Send him an email or telephone!

you can reach him at

Justice Minister Frank Quennell
Legislative Office:
Room 355
Legislative Building
Regina, SK S4S 0B3
Phone: (306) 787-8824 Fax: 787-1232

Queer Links in Saskatchewan
from the Gay and Lesbian Health Services, Saskatoon.

There will be hell to pay!

America's most successful evangelical primate demands Bush move on ban on gay marriage.

The main man, James Dobson, the "Pope" of born-again Christians has ramped up his efforts to have a ban on gay marriage added to the American Constitution. Dobson and his fellow evangelical Christian leaders feel they won the election for President Bush, now it is pay back time.

All hell will brake loose, James Dobson speaking about gay marraige ban

The ‘Arlington Group’ is a Christian coalition of Bush’s key conservative supporters. The group threatened to withhold much needed support for the president’s top domestic issues unless he meets their demands for a cnstitutional amendment.

In a letter "leaked" to the press the Arlington Group stated,
"We couldn't help but notice the contrast between how the President is approaching the difficult issue of social security privatisation, where the public is deeply divided, and the marriage issue, where public opinion is overwhelmingly on his side. Is he prepared to spend significant political capital on privatisation but reluctant to devote the same energy to preserving traditional marriage?"

Read more at this Christian webspace Christian Today

Other coverage:
MSNBC: Opponents of gay marriage divided
Townhall,Conservative Christian site: Joel Mowbray


Christian "Crisis Line" Worse than unethical, it could kill gay youth

Christian "Crisis Line" Worse than unethical, it could kill gay youth

Young gay and questioning youth calling a national crisis line in the United States are being referred to an evenagelical Christian group that tells them Homosexuality is a Sin!

Read how they are abusing gay youth. It is sickening.

Crisis line refers gay youth to Exodus Phone book listings make it sound like a legitimate crisis line, but callers are told that homosexuality is a sin

By ELLA TYLER Friday, January 28, 2005

When teenager Jeffrey Faircloth wanted a safe place to talk about his growing awareness that he might be gay, he called the National Youth Crisis Hotline – popularized as 1-800-HIT-HOME.

What he heard didn’t surprise him. “I’d grown up in a very fundamentalist Christian family, so I wasn’t surprised that the woman I talked to said she didn’t know any gay people, but she knew they were sinners. She said she would give me the number of a group called Exodus that would help me change. I already knew the religious view, so I wasn’t interested.”

Luckily, a friend told him about HATCH, an organization in Houston that provides positive reinforcement for gay and lesbian youth.

see the rest of the article at PEJNews

The Last Laugh belongs to Scott Brison

The Federal Conservative party having lost the name of Progressive when they joined in a political same-sect marriage with the Alliance knew they would have some troubles down the road. The troubles are here and it appears they will get worse not better.

Harper's effort to stop same-sex marriage is foolish. Canada has many more issues to address, issues that are in dire need of attention and the Conservatives have decided too "take advantage" of a potential wedge issue. Between Christians and secular, between immigrants and non-immigrants, and something not reported on todate, between younger and older immigrant populations.

As the old saying goes, Harper has signed a pact with the devil. He has signed on and accepted to efforts and financial support from the Evangelical or born-again movement. A movement largely led by American evangelists, including the ever powerful James Dobson. Dobson runs Focus on the Family and many spin off action committee and research organisations. All designed to support the efforts of the parent organisation.

Now some of you will wonder about the deal with the devil. Isn't he working with Christians? He is and the deal with the devil refers to the backlash this deal will have on the Conservative Party. No longer Progressive, (many of us predicted this) they have lost their chance to govern. They sold that chance at power for a moment in the sun.

By alligning the Conservative party with the Christian right, Harper has proven he can not be trusted as Prime Minister in a secular country. He now is not looked at as a Guy who maybe a bigot, he is seen as one, when he should be rising above, telling his supporters on the christian right, he must stand up for the charter.

Abortion is the next issue Harper will have to fend off and he has just written Paul Martin's election strategy. Martin's backroom boys and girls must be dancing ans swigging champagne. Martin, the Protector of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Harper the Dark Knight has shown he cannot seperate religion from government. In The United States today, Harper would be elected. In Canada, Harper has lost the fight before it really began.

Look for the Conservative Congress in Montreal this March to be a bloodbath. Old time progressive conservatives will be saying I told you so , and by the way, we want to pass policy protecting a woman's right to choose, a commitment not to revisit same-sex marriage and the list will be longer.

Harper will not be Conservative leader, not because Canadians have lost faith, though they have, but because the same-sect group he leads really wasn't so much the same.

The last laugh belongs to three who were left behind or left. David Orchard, The Rt. Honourable Joe Clark and Scott Brison.

This story also appears at PEJ News: Victoria, Canada-- The newly incorporated Prometheus Institute announced today that it is averaging over 700 hits per hour, and will be over the 60,000 visitors mark before the month is over— a 50% growth in traffic over last month.


New National Trans Group on the way!

Tami Starlight, an activist in LGBTT2QI communities and in particular the Trans community has taken on the task of reviving the site www.trans-canada.org. The site was started by a number of trans folks in central Canada and has been dormant for over a year.

Starlight and the people that started the site are now seeking trans folks from each region of Canada to participate in helping with the creation of this organization.

The working group link :http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transcanadaworkinggroup/

Want to be part of this new effort, go to the working group or email info@trans-canada.org

Its not just about same-sex marriage

Finally, a federal leader has told the Church to butt out.

Canada is a secular society. It provides freedom of religion. It also provides freedom from religion.

I do not take any issue with how a Christian or someone from another faith conducts their faith including efforts to recruit people to their faith. I do take issue when they interfer in secular matters to remove or prevent Governments from governing for all the people. Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew agrees. Pettigrew told the National Post yesterday, "I find that the separation of the Church and the state is one of the most beautiful inventions of modern times."

We can not have religion dictate the laws of Canada. To do so would allow them to enforce their religious values on secular society as a whole. Conservative Christians are trying to do just that with the debate on same-sex marriage.

It is vital at this time for those Canadians that support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to speak out, to contact their MP and if they can, other MPs as well. In the end this not just about allowing same-sex marriages. It is the fight to uphold the rights of all Canadians and the right to be free of religion should one want to be.
"Democracy is not a spectator sport" - Michael Yoder

Religions are free to impose their faith dictums upon its own membership. We as Canadians provide for that. They can grow their membership by soliciting others to join, using the State to assist them in their endevours is wrong.

Canada is at a very crucial point in its history. Will we allow religion to dictate to secular society, in which case we abandon any notion of seperation of religion from state. Prime Minister Trudeau and the Canadian government helped establish the seperation, through changing laws giving women access to abortion, allowing for divorce and removing the states interferance with Canadians private lives.

Same-sex marriage is the issue today, tomorrow people such as the Harper led Conservatives could pass anti-choice legislation, could make divorce more difficult, remove common law relationship protections, adoption and other rights. It will be simple for them to do even if their actions are deemed unconstitutional. The not withstanding clause allows them to set aside constitutional rights for up to five years. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, their supporters, the Conservative Christians backed by big American groups like Focus on the Family don't like what they see in the Charter.

Take Action, email your MP. Email them all if you can. Canadians for Equal marriage have made it easy for you. A couple of keystrokes and your email is sent.

Have you emailed your MP - Save same-sex Marriage!

Same-sex bill likely to pass says the London Free Press

The paper's Parliamentary Bureau reporter, Kathleen Harris has gathered the numbers and suggests the results indicate MP's will vote with a slim majority in favour same-sex marriage.

Queer Thoughts has told you that the Conservative Christian lobby is treating this issue extremely seriously. James Dobson, has been brought into the fight to use his star power to motivate evangelical Canadians to contact MPs and donate to the cause.

The anti same-sex marriage coalition has been very effective todate, helping launch what has been the largest email campaign in Canadian history. BQ MP Richard Marceau told the Free Press, about 95 per cent of the correspondence he's received from Canadians opposed to gay marriage has come from outside his home province.
"Quebec has a secularization of society and a more live-and-let-live attitude," said Marceau. "Quebecers are less inclined to have their lifestyles "dictated" by church policy."

Link to the London Free Press story: The legislation will squeak through, a poll of MPs shows.

Click here: Take Action if you have not already emailed your MP. We are so close, let it not slip away.

video clips making the rounds on the internet

Some video clips making the rounds on the internet!

Fair and Balanced Inauguration
Watch FOX News have a "Bird"

Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host
Stewart tells Crossfire they are bad for America
and he means it, tells Tucker he wouldn't eat with him!

Jon Stewart Spins His Crossfire Appearance
And then he goes back to his show to sum up his CNN appearance.

Dodge: Canceled Truck Commercial
When eavesdropping in the bathroom, it's best to make sure you know
what the long and hard of the conversation is before jumping to conclusions.

Tsunami: Tourists in Phuket
Dec. 26, 2004: The tsunami after a 9.0 earthquake in the Indian
Ocean hits Phuket, Thailand.

Have a Protego spell ready at all times

It appears I have set off a libertarian. I was prepared,
standing back I waved my wand casting my strongest Protego spell.

Click here for my full response to
Patronus who readily points out our differences
on the
Lesbian invasion of the Knights of Columbus;

Save time and read my concise summary, Patronus said,

1. I am not just against human rights expansion, I have reason to be against human rights "expansion"
2. Patronus is classically conservative liberally dunked in libertarian speak.

Apparently Patronus received some web traffic from Queer
Thoughts and were thankful. I was pleased to
point them out to others. Enjoy!

Some background!

Protego - a Shield Charm that deflects
curses and spells. Protego comes from Latin and it means "to defend or protect".

Patronus Rationis has a spell too: Patronus
Charm/Expecto Patronum
(Spell) - used to protect one from a Dementor, or in rare circumstances, a Lethifold, this charm conjures up a "patronus", a
figure (which has some personal meaning to the creator) produced from silvery
magic. In Latin, "Expecto" is "to await" or "look for" and "Patronum" means
patron saint. The translation is "Waiting for (or looking for
or seeking) the patron saint."


Canadians lectured on values by SpongeBob slayer

America's Mercenary for God, James Dobson roared over Canadian airwaves, taking time out from fighting the evil SpongeBob squarepants.

Yes the American Evangelist that said cartoon characters are subverting American Family Values says passing same-sex marriage is a mistake and will destroy the institution of marriage and the family.

Kelowna area MP's reflect their Age! 60% of
Canadians under 60 support same sex marriage.

Conservative MP's - all opposed to same-sex marriage

And just how will the marriage of two men or two women be hurtful to society. Are all those Christian men or women now going to say, hey guess what the field has opened up. I have more options now.

Same-sex marriage have been going on in Canada for almost two years. Not one person has been forced to perform a single one of these weddings. Not one of these weddings has occurred in a Church that did not want them.

Same-sex Canadian couples have been raising children for decades, 99.9% of gay kids came from straight parents, kids raised by gay parents overwhelmingly are straight, just like in straight families. They are ordinary people living the same boring life every other Canadian family lives.

It is hard to take someone like James Dobson seriously, The spongeBob thing was over the top but we have to take him seriously for now as he and his group are spending more to stop same-sex marriage than any other group in Canada for or against. Dobson has brought his American dollars and his syndicated talk show to Canadians saying in order to preserve an orderly and family friendly country we need to be like them, the Americans. Here are a few things Dobson's American values have produced;
Look at some of the differences, they shoot lots of people everyday. In most cities you don't go out at night and some places not during the day. It can happen here but the chance it will happen to you is about as good as George Bush saying no to a hanging while he was Governor of Texas.
The US has more people per-capita without health care than any of the world's western democracies. You actually need a credit check in some places to see the Doctor. It gets worse, Dobson thinks its wrong for a government to pay for someone's health care, thinks condoms don't help prevent HIV/AIDS.

A few other wonderful things in America Canadian families are missing out on, Iraq, the highest crime rate this side of Moscow and Baghdad, the highest execution rate outside of China, more people in jail per-capita than almost any country in the world, the western world's worst drug problem, the highest prescription drug costs in the world and the highest teenage pregnancy rate of the western democracies. It sure sounds like America is the highest at everything!

Here are some more values Dobson wants to share, the highest poverty rate of any of any G7 country, some of the lowest education rankings in the world. That's likely due to the fact that in lots of places they actually teach kids that evolution is a theory with no more grounding in science than Adam and Eve, or maybe its because the school can't convince the voters to pay for new text books.
Now ask yourself, "if I could pick between a Canadian passport and an American passport to go anywhere in the world which would you pick." That was too easy.
Need the number one reason to reject the importation of the American Family Values of James Dobson....
George W. Bush

Sexy Play Safe Postcards

Yes Sexy (in a nice way).
Play Safe Postcards are available
from VARCS, check the cards out online.

Then call or email the Grand Dame (that would be Michael Yoder) in Victoria. You won't be disappointed. This is the second edition of the "play safe" series of cards. Keep them, mail them, hand them out, frame them, they make good martini coasters for those who are wanting to put it all on, trade them, collect the whole series. Just read them, you will laugh and play safer!

Cheeky play safe post card from VARCS, the best little AIDS Organisation in Canada. What the Heck, Michael you are the best!
1284F Gladstone Avenue,
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 1G6
Phone: 250-388-6220FAX: 250-388-7011e-mail:
varcs@shaw.ca www.varcs.org

Christian Conservative Canadian Cloggers Create Churlish Clattering Class Chokers

Canadian Christian Conservative Class Chase Charter Crusade


Striving Against Opposition

Those who worry about the Gay Lobby taking a Run at the Church - they already are: a deliberate ploy being undertaken to assault religious groups whom are not onside with gay marriage. Furthermore, it also makes Paul Martin and Irwin Cotler's assurances that "no church will be forced to perform same sex marriages" ring rather hollow, considering if church groups are being dragged into court over this now - It would seem those with an agenda won't extend the same courtesy.

What it takes to win

And so it begins.... Why protecting religious freedom is so hard to do in this country... The Knights of Columbus Hall forgot to ask if Tracey was a Male or a Female. I suspect their lawyer wants a ruling, a precedent to be set, and compensation.

Polspy likes Chattel over Lesbians:

Gays need to remember that they ARE a minority. While they may have the sympathy of a goodly number of straight Canadians, pulling crap like this is not going to maintain that goodwill. It will be a cold day in Hell before I put gay rights before property rights and the citizen’s right of non-interference by the state (good little devotee of Ayn Rand that I am). Thus, my advice to gays is this: Don’t make me choose

Pro Libertate Veritateque

...Because you not letting me use your hall violates my "human rights"
Quickly, though, the motivation of the couple involved seems somewhat suspect, at least given the facts that the CBC reports. Instead of making this a human-rights issue, wouldn't it make much more sense for the couple to sue the hall for breach of contract, if the proprietors were inappropriately reneging on the contract to provide the facilities? But no, this is Canada in 2005. Instead of turning to the courts to adjudicate private disputes, we turn to the courts to label others "violators of human rights".

Angry in the Great White North

The thin end of the wedge, people, the thin end of the wedge. In BC, the likelihood is that the Knights will lose and a dangerous precedent is set. Makes a five year delay to reconsider sound like a good idea right now.

Political Staples
Slip sliding away...

That didn't take very long did it? ... but to me it smells of professional trouble making ....The head of the Knights of Columbus in Port Coquitlam, Elemer Lazar, declined a CBC News request for an interview. But he has said in the past that he doesn't understand why a same-sex couple would want to book a Catholic facility. Because they out to take away your religious rights, sir. We will see how the courts deal with this one and if the KoC are denied their religious rights, procted by the Charter, whether PM Martin will call a snap election to protect their constitutional rights.

Back to you Upper Canadian

Blogging Same-sex marriage to the chapel

Bloggers in Canada on same-sex marriage
are having a heck of a time.
So much is happening, people are
being really nasty,
its's well so un-canadian.

Some Sinister Thoughts:
"My problem, as always, is with the Martin government. With their usual dithering and stalling, they have created the conditions for the opposition to grow and organize. There is no sense that the Martinites really, really want to extend marriage to same sex couples."

The Upper Canadian (That's ole english for Ontario) :

"I'm going to make a prediction: same sex marriage will be the wheel upon which Mr Harper will finally be broken. He's a goner. Either his own party will unsheath the knife, or the Liberals are going to work him over first before feeding him to the party faithful."

The Gracchi:

Ontario MP Paul Steckle even had the audacity to claim that the bill would be defeated if Cabinet members were not required to vote with the party. A gay rights website which has been following the vote claims that there are currently 153 in favour of the bill, 134 against and 20 undecided.

My Blagh:

"Outbursts on abortion, same-sex rights and bilingualism played into Liberal hands during the June election campaign, Harper acknowledged Wednesday in an interview. Those mistakes won't happen again, he vowed.

Find more bloggers check out the CAVALCADE OF CANUCKS: 8TH EDITION at My Blagh.

Alberta Teachers Provide New Program For Queer Youth

Safe Spaces is a joint initiative of the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) and the Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities (SACSC).

A new program working to make Alberta Schools safer and inclusive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified and queer (LGBTQ) students, teachers, friends, families and allies. Spaces where they are welcome and supported.

Couldn't come at a better time given all that is going on with same-sex marriage in Canada and especially Alberta, where marriage is the hottest thing since Christ left Edmonton for Three Hills.

Check out the free resourses at ATA's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Webpage

Thanks to Krys at Canadiangay (Canadian Gay is an adult site) for posting this.


Sheriff stands by statement gays are "despicable" and "an abomination"

Unrepentant Sheriff moves anti-gay views off one website to new Website

The Alabama Sheriff caught in a hail storm of media has reluctantly removed his views of homosexuality from the official Marshall County Sheriff's website. The issue came to light when a former resident Don Hunter, came across the letter while doing some research.

In announcing the letter was removed, an unrepentant Holcomb stated,

"This action makes it clear that the views expressed are my personal views and do not represent official policy of the county or the Sheriff's Department."

Sheriff moves letter - still unrepentant

Holcomb told Tolerance.org today, "Why should an elected official not say this?" he said. "The Christian Coalition asks us about it when we're running for office, so why should we stop saying it once we're here?"

The County has received over 4,000 emails reports the local Birmingham news. Some are supportive and others angered by the hate the letter directed at homosexuals. One email that has been under reported in the larger media to date is from members of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team.

Officer.com reported, The sheriff's department says they received an email from several members of the Kansas City Chiefs. They say in the email that the players encourage the Sheriff and pledge their support.

The Kansas City Chief's Organization should be taking action against the players that sent the email. The players actions as stated by PFLAG below, foster an acceptance of hate, especially when those statements are issued by people looked up to in our community.

"He's fostering an environment of contempt; he's breeding hatred toward gay people," said Deborah Little, president of the Montgomery, Ala., chapter of the national Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays, or PFLAG.

"If you don't like someone, it can lead to a fist fight first. And then it leads to something worse."
Billy Cannon, Marshall County Commission Chairman told The Birmingham News, "We provide that website for all county department heads," Cannon told The Huntsville (Ala.) Times. "It's meant to promote Marshall County, not to get into personal preferences. But it is his right, what he wants to run on it."

Cannon goes onto say most residents of Marshall County don't share Holcomb's attitude, Holcomb says his constituents are aware of his beliefs. During his first bid for office, he said he ran on "family values" and took out a quarter-page newspaper ad that read,

"I neither want nor seek homosexual votes."
The sheriff earlier told the Sand Mountain Reporter, "the real issue is not his public expression that homosexuality is a "very queer and despicable act... an abomination" but rather, his freedom to make such a statement about behavior he finds deeply disturbing."

"Just because I was elected sheriff does not mean I lose my right to my own personal opinions or my right to free speech," Holcomb said.

He said he will continue to own his beliefs, "until the day I die. These are the beliefs that made this country, this state and this country great."

Where is: Marshall County?

Reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination

A Plan of Action for Canada to reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination

In spite of all that is known about the science of preventing and treating HIV infection, people living with HIV/ AIDS still face stigmatization and discrimination every day. Reducing stigma and discrimination is key to reducing the worst effects of the epidemic.

Governments have the primary responsibility for taking action, but everyone in the community has a role to play. The Legal Network is working in close collaboration with organizations across Canada and in other countries to ensure that the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS are respected.

From the: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

What's New

A Plan of Action for Canada to reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination (2005) (pdf file)

Part of the Solution (2005)

Easy-to-read 12-page summary of how Canadians can use the Plan of Action to combat HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION - governments have a legal obligation to take action on HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination - join the letter campaign.

“Stigma and discrimination are fuelling the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada”Press conferences in cities across Canada to launch A Plan of Action for Canada to Reduce HIV/AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination - 26 January 2005


Same-sect marriage

Who would have thunk it eh?

You see Harper got off on the wrong foot, he thought they said Same-Sect marriage and his is pretty rough, he just doesn't want others to go through what he had endured.

Harper and Mackay

Did you catch Monday report last night on the Mother Corporation(CBC for you Americans).

Monday Report is asking viewers to vote on which leader you would marry. You can choose between Harper, the stiff but lovable accounting geek or Martin, a down to earth shipping magnate.

Stephen Harper has launched an ad campaign against gay marriage which asks,
"Where Do You Draw The Line? We’d Like To Know Where You Stand."
In light of this campaign, we’ve created our own survey. We want you to pick your soulmate. Vote if you’re straight. vote if you’re gay. Just don’t vote if you’re married. We don’t want our survey to lead to polygamy.

Vote online at:
Monday Report

Belinda Stronach - "It's a rights issue"

Former Conservative Party leadership candidate Belinda Stronach and Ontario MP.

"Mr. Harper is the leader," she said. "He has the right to his own view points and to make those decisions. I'm in favour of same sex marriage."

Belinda Stronach, MP

"I'm very comfortable with my own position and it's been very clear since I entered public life a little over a year ago. I believe it's a rights issue, an equal rights issues," she said. "People have the right to be treated equally under the law."

Conservative on Harper

Bob Ransford, BC 2004 Conservative Campaign Chairman on Stephen Harper and
same-sex marriage ...

"I'm not saying I disagree with Stephen Harper's position on gay marriage
or the position of most of the people within the party on that issue."

"I just don't think it's a priority. I don't hear people saying on the streets saying, 'Boy, I wish we would deal with the gay marriage issue."
He's (Stephen Harper) "out of touch" with Canadians' priorities by launching a high-profile campaign in Canada's ethnic media.

"We're going to be defined (by Tory opponents) as a party that only cares about the social agenda, and we don't understand that there's other issues that are resonating with Canadians and therefore we aren't capable of governing."

Vancouver Sun January 24, 2005

"He was the Greatest", Ellen

"If I had to name one person who single-handedly influenced, inspired and altered my career it was Johnny Carson. He was and will remain the greatest talk show host we've ever had."

-- Ellen DeGeneres

copyright© 2005 Thomas Allen Heald
Contact at tomalhe@peoplepc.com


Same-sex marriage Media Coverage - Canada

The Undoing of Stephen Harper: Canadian unplugged
PEJ News, Canada - 14 minutes ago... words for the nervous new partner, that pro lifers and anti-gay elements would ... in Ontario, for without it they could not hope to form a government in Canada. ...

Harper takes heat for ad campaign aimed at immigrants Edmonton Journal

Harper 'out of touch,' says BC Tory boss Vancouver Sun


Harper accused of intoleranceMontreal Gazette, Canada - 16 hours ago... Canada, undermined Conservative attempts to target voters in ethnic groups that party strategists believed would join them in opposing the legalization of gay ...
Senior Tory calls Harper 'out of touch' National Post

Canada's tolerant cultureEdmonton Journal, Canada - 23 Jan 2005... Canadians in the last couple of years as marijuana-smoking gay-lovers. ... data have told conservative political parties and religious groups in Canada, they're ...

The Undoing of Stephen Harper: Canadian unplugged

The Undoing of Stephen Harper: Canadian unplugged

Same-sex marriage debate reveals Harper out of touch with Canadians

Harper had it all going for him. He convinced the Alliance to join with the Progressive Conservatives. Along the way he also had to assure the PC's that he was a moderate, that the old Reform positions on equality were not about to take over in this new era of solidarity among Conservatives.

Harper needed this same-thought marriage to unite the conservative movement long since fractured with the creation of Reform. Harper succeeded having assuring words for the nervous new partner, that pro lifers and anti-gay elements would be held in check.

Article posted at Pej.org

Non-Profit PEJ.org Zips Towards 60,000 Visitors In January

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Let The Conservatives hear you; Rally for same-sex marriage in Victoria

What: Rally for Equal Marriage

Where: The Courtyard of the Victoria Conference Centre

When: Tuesday January 25 @2:30PM

Who: Everyone, the more people, the stronger the message.

Audience: The Federal Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada

Please bring placards and flags where possible, and of course a loud and pleasant spirit as we work to bring attention to the cause.

As you likely know by now, all 99 members of the Conservative Party of Canada Official Opposition Caucus are meeting at the Conference Centre, including their leader Stephen Harper.

The Conservatives have recently launched a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign against same-sex marriage and we have to let them know their position is wrong.

In addition, there are several Conservative MPs considering voting in favour of equal marriage rights, and they will need all the support they can get to defy their party.

Let's encourage Members of Parliament from all parties to protect minority rights and legalize same-sex marriage.

Let's make sure our voices are heard all the way back to Ottawa!

For more information on same-sex marriage go to the Canadians for Equal Marriage website.

Opposition to same-sex marriage: When does it become hate?

"Life is what is happening to you , while you are busy making other plans," - John Lennon, the words from a song written to his son Sean, on his birth.

I wake each day with that feeling more so with each passing day as this country debates same-sex marriage. I wonder how many Canadians are being engaged in this debate? And still how many are planning their own marriage, same-sex or straight, making plans.

The people opposed to same-sex marriage are making their voices and words heard. MP's of all stripes are receiving emails, phone calls and letters opposed to same-sex marriage. Are Canadians supportive of same-sex marriage looking ahead while the others are working hard to prevent those future plans?

The marriage debate sees some opposed to equal marriage being given extra latitude in expressing hateful and discriminatory opinions in the media. It has become open season to express in the most vile way, under the guise of Religion, hatred of gays and lesbians.

In some ways the negative reports of the anti equal-marriage crowds messages should expose them to less than favourable reactions from Canadians. The reason I believe this is held in polls, polls that indicate overall, Canadians feel the Charter is our most important national symbol, more than the flag, or hockey or even parliament.

Still in what seems to be so Canadian, we are tolerating for the moment, some very hateful messages coming from those standing under cover of Religion.

I have put the beginning of an excellent article on this issue below. The Upper Canadian asks;

"When does opposition to same-sex marriage descend into hate speech?"

The Language of Love

When does opposition to same sex marriage descend into hate speech? And why do religious organizations get a free pass to spew whatever nonsense they like under the cover of having "deeply-held beliefs"?

I was considering these questions for a new post when Bishop Henry of Calgary issued a
pastoral letter to be read by parish churches during weekly Sunday Mass. In part he said:

Since homosexuality, adultery, prostitution and pornography undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society, then the State must use its coercive power to proscribe or curtail them in the interests of the common good.

It is sometimes argued that what we do in the privacy of our home is nobody's business. While the privacy of the home is undoubtedly sacred, it is not absolute. Furthermore, an evil act remains an evil act whether it is performed in public or in private.

Click here to finish reading this at The Upper Canadian.

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Cavalcade of Canucks

Check out Cavalcade of Canucks a weekly roundup, posted every Wednesday, of interesting posts from bloggers in Canada.

What a great way to see what others are writing and thinking in Canada.My Blahg.


Media on SpongeBob

Wow, lots out there about a guy that just wants live in pineapple under the sea!

Here are a few: In the The saga of SpongeBob Squarepants Conservative wing nut David Huntwork, says its a Leftist psycho debacle of indoctrination and suggests you hold your nose, jump into the deep end of the culture wars and visit We are family foundation's teaching guide.

Reporter at Salon Newsreal says "I'm sorry, Tinky Winky" apparently he feels a need to come clean. MSNBC suggests we "Fear not, these CRACKPOTS can be saved". I am not sure it's a good idea!

365Gay.com weighs in with this surprisingly light news.

Sweet, bucktoothed SpongeBob is a homosexual icon? Who knew? Last time I was in the Vatican I saw figures, male nude figures, cleverly passed off as representations of angels and other heavenly creations when we all know exactly what they are."

And this is good to have a peek at: Beek's Books - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Superheroes"

Will ToonTown be fleeing to Canada soon?

Reality has gone over the edge these days. One day a cartoon character is making kids laugh, sing and learn, the next day he is on the outs. Look at SpongeBob Square pants.

Two weeks ago he was this charming, lovable guy living in a pineapple below the sea. Today he has been run off the "safe to watch list" by conservative elements of the Christian segment of society.

SpongeBob has really done nothing to deserve such treatment, he along with 100 other cartoons and celebrities took part in singing a song about tolerance, We are Family.

MacKay - Canadian Editorial Cartoons

The song was put on a DVD by We are Family Foundation and is being shipped to schools across the United States along with suggested lesson plans for teachers. The lesson plans provide information on diversity, too much and inappropriate information say the conservative Christian groups.

SpongeBob, We Are Family logo and James Dobson

Link to the rest of this article on PEJNews: Will ToonTown be fleeing to Canada soon?

Link to: Jerry Falwell in 1999 and Tinky Winky Scandal
Link to: We are Family DVD along with MSNBC's report.


We are Family, The not so Gay Video

MSNBC has a copy of the We Are Family Video on it's website. Link below.

The NBC reporter ended his report with this;

"By the way, not only did I not see any sexual identity in that, I didn't even see very much of SpongeBob either. Although Winnie the Pooh wasn't wearing pants.

Mark Barondess, the lawyer for the "We Are Family Foundation" told "The New York Times" that any critics of the video "need medication."

We here found it hard to argue with him."

We are Family Video Link!

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SpongeBob next Gay Demon for Dobson and America's Born-Again Army

SpongeBob next Gay Demon for Dobson

James Dobson of Focus on the Family has gone on the assault today releasing a statement with respect to SpongeBob and his co-stars on a DVD to be released to schools across America.

Dobson says,
"we vehemently object to is using these beloved characters to help advance an agenda that's beyond the comprehension of 6 and 7 year-old children, not to mention morally offensive to millions of moms and dads."
Dobson goes onto say he has raised this issue to do for parents what their busy lives often prevent them from doing themselves--connecting the dots.

One more dot for Focus on the Family to connect is the relationship between the the other cartoon characters and SpongeBob. Should parents be concerned about Bob the Builder. Bob works in construction and that dot connects to David Hodo, the construction worker in the popular gay band the Village People.

Watch for more reports assisting parents in today's busy world from Dobson, Jerry Falwell and others as they look deeper in to the motivation behind cartoons and children's programs. You can read the full statement released today by Focus on the Family below.

Background: Read this story from 1999 when Falwell exposed Tinky Winky after Michael Colton, then a writer for the Washington Post inadvertently outed Tinky.

SpongeBob reacts to being questioned if he is gay.

Focus on the Family Response in Full!

From the outset, let's be clear that this issue is not about objections to any specific cartoon characters. Instead, Dr. Dobson is concerned that these popular animated personalities are being exploited by an organization that's determined to promote the acceptance of homosexuality among our nation's youth.

We applaud the ideal of championing to children the value and dignity of every human life as well as respect for our differences. What we vehemently object to is using these beloved characters to help advance an agenda that's beyond the comprehension of 6 and 7 year-old children, not to mention morally offensive to millions of moms and dads.

The video in question is slated to be distributed to 61,000 public and private elementary schools throughout the United States. Where it is shown, schoolchildren will be left with the impression that their teachers are offering their endorsement of the values and agenda associated with the video's sponsor. While some of the goals associated with this organization are noble in nature, their inclusion of the reference to "sexual identity" within their "tolerance pledge" is not only unnecessary, but it crosses a moral line.

We believe that it is the privilege of parents to decide how, when and where it is appropriate to introduce their children to these types of sensitive issues. The distribution of this video trumps the authority of mothers and fathers and leaves it in the hands of strangers whose standards may very well be different than the children they teach.

By calling it to light this video and its affiliation with this larger organization, we are attempting to do for parents what their busy lives often prevent them from doing themselves--connecting the dots. Statement end.

Queer Thoughts Exclusive - Are they all gay?

Queer Thoughts has been monitoring the media with a keen eye for that which is different if you know what I mean.

This update has been delayed again due to problems with my software. Hope to have the update soon. Sometimes you just want to let Microsoft have it! My apologies for the delay! Queer Thoughts will expose in living colour the truth. Who is gay and who is just not Fabulous enough to be gay.

Are they all Gay! Find out tonight when Queer Thoughts releases it's insiders report!

In the meantime take the Gay quiz. Click here if you need to know!

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Fabulous Georgie Girl

Shocking, I knew he was a Yankee.

January 2004. Mr. Bush wandered over during Mr. Scot Reid's [senior strategist to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin] chat with the Prime Minister. Mr. Reid introduced himself and shook hands with Mr. Bush.

The President chuckled,
"Well, you got a pretty face," he told the surprised Mr. Reid. He wasn't done. "You got a pretty face," he said again. "You're a good-looking guy. Better looking than my Scott anyway."
-- President Bush in a coquettish bout of eye-batting homosexual diplomatic flirting January 16, 2004 The Globe and Mail

Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals

It's true people, he really did say that, I wouldn't pull your leg, it's too fabulous not to be so. Check out this site it is fabulous, do you know how often the President has said fabulous, do you know what he was doing in this picture?

Send President Bush a letter, I will help you start it...

Dear Mr. President,

Canada is marrying 'em, and now your acting like one, I've had it!

click here to to let Mr. Bush know how you feel about him acting like a flamboyant homosexual. Just add your name and e-mail address to the "GOP Spontaneous Grass Roots" form and click "SUBMIT." Your e-mail will be automatically sent to the White House. Glory!


Queers can Marry on Canadian Military Bases

Only in Canada eh? Pity.

News story lost in much of yesterday's "end of the world" efforts by the Catholic Church and Stephen Harper's Conservatives. Canada's Armed Forces implements policy allowing gay and lesbian members of the Military to get married on Canadian bases.

I wonder what Rumsfield will be saying the next time American troops are on a joint exercise with Canadian forces in Canada.

Dewar - Ottawa Sun Cartoon

Focus on the family goes off half Cocked!

You all know this little guy SpongeBob. Seems James Dobson of the influential anti-gay Christian group, Focus on the Family does too.

Dobson told a bunch of people Tuesday evening (Jan.19,2005) that a new video was being distributed to schools across America. The Video supposedly has Spongebob mixed up with someone else.

The video in question is about 9/11 and was created by the same guy that wrote the gay anthem "We are Family". Nile Rodgers, says Dr Dobson's objection is unfounded. The Video does not discuss sexual identity at all.

Rodgers said in an article published the Sydney Morning Herald that he founded the We Are Family Foundation after the September 11 attacks to create a music video featuring 100 well-known cartoon characters dancing to his song to teach children about multiculturalism.

SpongeBob is pro gay?

The confusion maybe with another group called "We are Family", a South Carolina group aimed at supporting gay youth.

Still wouldn't you think James Dobson and his crew would do their homework. Go stand in the corner James. Of course none of this means SpongeBob isn't pro-gay Mr. Dobson!

Harper being Dishonest on Gay Marriage

Conservative leader plays to bigotry with Ads.

Yes the man that wants to be the next Prime Minister says civil union's are okay for gays and lesbians, marriage is not. Marriage is reserved only for the union of a man and a woman. Harper's insistence that Parliament consider civil unions for gays and lesbians is a smoke screen for his real motivations.

First the majority of his party and supporters are opposed to most legislation protecting people due to their sexual orientation. Second, he knows that civil unions are the domain of the provinces and thus not something available to the federal government. The Supreme Court said that in it's recent opinion on the subject.

The ad below is being run by the Conservatives in papers with a focus on the ethnic media across Canada and is meant to trade on bigotry against the LGBTQ communities.

Conservative Anti Same-sex Marriage Ad

Why not tell Harper what you think, he is asking but not really expecting you to call! The Conservative Party of Canada has a toll free number. Share it and call, call often!

Toll free:
1 (866) 808-8407

Act Now for Equal-Marriage - Don't Wait


Opponents of equality for lesbian and gay people are making a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop equality. When Parliament resumes on January 31, they know they face their last chance to roll back the clock on equal marriage. They know the vote in Parliament is closer than many people think.

We need your help. We have to match the determined, well-funded efforts of those who want to deny lesbian and gay relationships equal treatment under the law. Our opponents are getting desperate -- they know they must stop the impending legislation so they can move on to their next goal -- a comprehensive same-sex marriage ban in Canada.
"We have the opportunity to settle this issue once and for all. But we can only win this fight with your help."
Opponents of equality are mobilizing for an unprecedented referendum on whether lesbian and gay people should be excluded from the protection of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Other groups are signing people up to join political parties so they can take over riding associations. Much of the activity is being undertaken by the Canadian arms of large, well-financed American organizations.
This week's message from Toronto's Catholic Cardinal underscores the desire of equal-marriage opponents to string this issue out for years to come. He is calling for at least five more years of delay, during which time the Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be suspended for lesbian and gay people and our relationships. We need the resources to send a clear message to MPs: our basic rights have been delayed for decades. It's finally time for action.


The best thing to do is to call, fax or write your MP with a personal note to ask them to vote for the government's equal marriage legislation. Even better, ask to meet with them. They are in their ridings this month of January, and opponents are taking this opportunity to meet with them. They need to see our faces too! Check out our LOBBY KIT.

In addition to taking action yourself, please tell your family and friends that the legislation is in jeopardy. Ask them to contact their MP and say they support the government’s equal marriage legislation.

Messages from families and friends are important, especially if they live in one of the ridings where their MP has not yet made up their mind on how they will vote. In ridings with supportive MPs, it’s also important for them to hear from us, so they know they’re not alone in their support.

It’s easy to find out where your MP stands. Just go to Step 1: MP ACTION

If you can’t tell family and friends in person, an easy way to let others know what’s happening is to follow Step 4: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. With a few clicks of the mouse you can send them e-mails asking them to visit the CEM website.
We are only metres away from the marriage equality finish line. We can't stop now. Please help us reach the end of this race.

Please take action now. Follow CEM's four steps to victory. Phone, write or meet with your MP.

Just click on Step 1: MP Action, and go from there. You don’t need to know who your MP is. All you need is your postal code and our action website will find your MP.

Step 1: MP ACTION get MP info, then meet, call, write or e-mail your MP
Step 2: SIGN OUR PETITION voice your support for equal marriage
Step 3: DONATE TO CAMPAIGN our fight costs money
Step 4: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, family and colleagues to visit our website

Take all four steps today!

Alex Munter
National Co-ordinator
Canadians for Equal Marriage


Did Bush take over Canada, same-sex marriage heats up

What a day in Canada!

Tropical punch weather hitting the west coast and the deep freeze getting everything east of Calgary. To top it off the rising of the second coming of Bush is tomorrow. Could this be the end of the world as we know it. Was I having a nightmare?

Today the Catholic's brought out their biggest bird, the Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic in Toronto and did he ever deliver for them. His delivery was latest in what appears to be a coordinated attack with those opposed to same-sex marriage gradually fanning the ashes of defeat, in a desperate attempt to build a small fire they can heap more garbage on.

It started in early December the Supreme Court of Canada gave it's opinion that there was nothing stopping the government from proposing a new law permitting same-sex marriage when Alberta's folksy homophobic Premier, Ralph Klein spun a few ball bearings, screaming, it will never happen in Alberta.
The federal conservative party entered the battle with some proposed amendments to a piece of legislation it had not even seen yet. The Conservative leader, Stephen Harper trying desperately to hold onto his Christian and social conservative support proposed what he hoped would be a safe compromise.

Harper's amendments focused on declaring marriage as being between a man and a woman. Second that a separate catagory (same-sex union) be established granting gay and lesbian couples all the rights and priviledges of marriage other than a marriage certificate.

He thought he was onto something and might even be able to succeed if some Liberal MP's joined him. He was lost before he could start.

Klein and Harper, both conservatives from Alberta, were at each others throat, Klein calling for the feds to use the constitutional "Nuke" rights clause and Harper saying its not needed. Harper is in a spot as he had tried time and again to state he would not use the Nuke clause during the last election, in order to appeal to moderate conservatives in Ontario.

The next shot in the coordinated plan was Bishop Henry in Alberta. Premier Klein was doing his best to fan the flames and it was the Bishop's turn to add to the fuel. He unloaded yesterday saying the Government should use the coeicive force of government to fight gay marriage and gay rights.

Today Harper's Conservatives launched a series of newspaper ads in select ridings across the country with a major focus on ethnic media. The ads ask in large block letters, "Where do you draw the line", show a picture of Mr. Martin with a caption saying he intends to impose gay marriage on Canadians and a photo of Mr. Harper saying he believes in traditional marriage. You can expect these ads to run in some Liberal ridings where the Conservatives think they can win next election.

We're not done yet, remember the Cardinal at the beginning. Cardinal Ambrozic came out with the strongest statement made by any Catholic representitive in Canada todate against same-sex marriage in an open letter to Prime Minister Martin calling on him to use the notwithstanding clause.

The Venerable Cardinal added that "Parliament's passing same-sex marriage legislation would affect the fabric of the country's social institutions, including schools, where children would have to be taught about same-sex relationships, and that it would teach society that same-sex relationships are "morally equivalent" to heterosexual ones."
By now I was beginning to think I had woke up and George Bush had declared Canada a threat to the security of the United States and had occupied us overnight.
Saner voices however began to appear by the end of the day much to my relief. A Catholic group, Challenge the Church, accused Cardinal of fearmongering and being out of touch with reality. The group speaks for progressive change on human rights within the Catholic Church and it's spokesperson, Helen Kennedy called Cardinal's letter "Draconian".

"He's living in a cocoon if he thinks that Catholics don't support same-sex marriage," she told the Globe and Mail, "57 per cent of Canadian Catholics are in favour of allowing such unions according to an Environics poll (August 2004).

The last bit of news was an announcement by the Canadian Military today that it has now put in place a policy allowing gay or lesbian Armed Forces members to be married on Canadian Forces bases.

With a big sigh of relief I can now rest assured the Americans did not take over last night.

Tomorrow more on why Harper and his coalition of religious groups and social conservatives can never be trusted with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Hot Links: Canadians for Equal Marriage
and LifeSite News

Safe School Act not needed says Teachers

The BC Teachers`s Federation has responded to the Safe Schools Act proposed by Vancouver Burrard MLA, Lorne Mayencourt. See earlier report here at Queer Thoughts.

The teachers statement today reported by News1130 said a new law was not needed to address the problem. Union President Jinny Sims says,
`` We need to replace the resources that have been cut that support children.``
Jinny Sims says, instead of a law, schools need resources. Sims points to the fact that the Campbell Government has constantly cut counselling and student support.

More reaction to the proposed legislation is available at PEJNews.


Bishop Henry Letter, January 15, 2005

This letter is posted for reference and in the event, the Bishop or others will take off the web.

Bishop Henry - Pastoral Letter, January 15, 2005

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Many assume that we are powerless, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been invoked and the Supreme Court has spoken and settled the same-sex issue. However, such an assumption is erroneous. The Supreme Court has said that Parliament may redefine marriage, it has not said that it must redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. The Supreme Court Justices talk about reading the Constitution,“expansively,” and that it is like a “living tree which by way of progressive interpretation, accommodates and addresses the realities of modern life.”

Nevertheless, I would suggest that there are more roots to the tree than simply the Charter of Rights and Freedom. There are also historical, cultural, philosophical, moral, and anthropological roots. The failure to attend to the health of all the roots runs the risk of killing the tree and destroying the public good.

Contrary to what is normally alleged, the primary goals in seeking legalization of same-sex “marriage” are not the financial or health or inheritance or pension benefits associated with marriage. The search for stability and exclusivity in a homosexual relationship is not the driving force. The principal objective in seeking same-sex “marriage”is not really even about equality rights. The goal is to acquire a powerful psychological weapon to change society’s rejection of homosexual activity and lifestyle into gradual, even if reluctant, acceptance.

It is significant to note that 18 months after same-sex “marriage” arrived in Canada (principally as a result of court decisions in Ontario and British Columbia), more than 95% of adult Canadian gays have chosen to ignore their new legal right.

The Supreme Court also refused to answer whether the Charter requires that marriage be redefined.

As Catholics we hold marriage to be a sacrament, a sacred covenant in which husband and wife express their mutual love, and join with God in the creation of a new human person, destined for eternal life.

However, without recourse to the sacramental reality and without reliance on a multitude of quotes from Scared Scripture, we find ourselves sharing basic common ground with the majority of Canadians who understand marriage to be the union of a man and a woman, faithful in love and open to the gift of life. Marriage and the family are the foundations of society, through which children are brought into this world and nurtured as they grow to adulthood. As such, the family is a more fundamental social institution than the state, and the strength of the family is vital for the well-being of our whole society.

Since homosexuality, adultery, prostitution and pornography undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society, then the State must use its coercive power to proscribe or curtail them in the interests of the common good.

It is sometimes argued that what we do in the privacy of our home is nobody’ s business. While the privacy of the home is undoubtedly sacred, it is not absolute. Furthermore, an evil act remains an evil act whether it is performed in public or in private.

Personal choice is exercised both in opting for the marital state and in the choice of one’s spouse. However, the future spouses are not free to alter marriage’s essential purpose or properties. These do not depend on the will or the sexual orientation of the contracting parties. They are rooted in natural law and do not change.

The committed union of two people of the same sex is not the same human reality as the committed union of one man and one woman. A same-sex union is not a physical union that transmits human life, producing children. A same-sex union is not the joining of two complementary natures that complete each other. Simply stated, a same sex union is not marriage. The idea that homosexuals can create same sex “marriage” through their individual choice is false. All the packaging in the world doesn’t alter substance.

Some would allege that opposing same-sex “marriage” is pure prejudice. This contention is also false. There are human rights laws, which say: men and women must be paid the same wage for the same work; an employer may not refuse to hire someone because of the skin colour; landlords may not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. These decision uphold the rights of the individual and, at the same time, strengthen Canadian society. They encourage us to recognize the humanity of the other person.

Furthermore, a man and a woman wanting to marry may be completely different in their characteristics such as: colour, ethnicity, in wealth and social status, physical attributes, and educational background. None of these differences are insurmountable obstacles to marriage. The two individuals are still a man and a woman, and the requirements of nature are respected. Two individual of the same sex, regardless of their race, wealth, stature, erudition or fame, will never be able to marry because of an insurmountable biological impossibility.

The denial of the social and legal status of marriage to same-sex couples is not discrimination. It is not something opposed to justice; on the contrary, justice requires such an opposition.

It is the right and the responsibility of all citizens who are troubled by the proposal to reinvent the institution of marriage, to enter into the debate and, with clarity and charity, to make their voices heard by their fellow citizens and our political leaders.

Please take the time to write, email and/or fax government leaders and your local member of parliament registering your objection to the proposal to reinvent the institution of marriage.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
F. B. Henry
Bishop of Calgary

Bush Photo Needs Caption

Rabble.ca has an interesting forum called Babble. You need to check this out. Right now the photo you see is needing a caption. There are some interesting captions.

You can go to Rabble.ca and post your caption You have to join, it's free however or do it here.

Caption time

Some of mine so far ...

"In Texas I would have to arrest you son"

"Bill had all the luck"

"I said Dick Cheney"

Our Queer treat for the day!

Classic Drew Carey

Richard Simmons joins Drew Carey and cast of Whose Line it Anyway?

This has to be one of the funniest segments ot the show. Check it out, it's just over six minutes long! Thanks to the blog "The Hive" for posting it.


Fool us once, shame on you

Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us

Vancouver-Burrard holds the largest Queer vote in one constituency in all of BC. The riding has been represented by an out gay Liberal, Lorne Mayencourt since the last election on May 16, 2001.

Mary Polak, Mayencourt and Campbell (graphic by Rick Barnes,
Photos: Polak - CBC, Mayencourt - Xtra! West

Mayencourt's election was seen at first to be hopeful as he was thought to be a moderate amongst a crowd of redneck Campbell Liberals.

Mayencourt was selected by Premier Campbell to lead a province-wide consultative process on school bullying. Mayencourt's committee, Safe Schools Task Force traveled throughout BC and heard a great deal on the problems being faced by queer youth in our province's schools. The report was a huge letdown for the queer community.

No recommendations made on dealing with homophobia in schools. The report was a total waste of time and money. Nothing in the report has lead to any government action to date. It has been almost two years since the report was published.

Mayencourt is now promising to bring in a private members bill, "the Safe Schools Act. The Act as Mayencourt describes it will outline a "student code of conduct which defines bullying and steps to prevent it."
The act, like the recommendations his traveling committee made will only be guidelines. No school district will be compelled by any law to implement the guidelines and therein lies the problem.
The Surrey school district has for years fought to keep anything positive or supportive toward queers out of the schools and they have been pretty successful in doing so. The queer community has been after Mayencourt to get his government to ensure queer students in districts like Surrey are given the care, support and protection from bullying that is available to queer kids in school districts like Vancouver and greater Victoria.

Mayencourt has turned a deaf ear to the queer youth and larger community as he polishes his "yes man" attitude to Premier Campbell. Xtra West, a queer paper in Vancouver reported Mayencourt's enthusiastic support for outspoken homophobe and Surrey School board chair, Mary Polak in last fall's by-election.

Mayencourt even went so far as to attend Polak's campaign headquarters election night and was seen cheering early results showing Polak ahead. As the evening wore on, Polak fell behind suffering a crushing defeat to the NDP. A night Mayencourt should remember well when queers and others vote on May 17 this year. You fooled us more than once Lorne.

You can reach Lorne Mayencourt at:
105-345 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3B3
Phone: 604-775-2484
Fax: 604-775-2551

Email: Lorne.Mayencourt.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Xtra! West Editorial:
Dear MLA Mayencourt

Xtra! West Editorial:
Please stop embarrasing us

Xtra! West Editorial:
NAKED EYE / Province fails gay teens

Info on Mary Polak
The Silence on Sex Candidate The Tyee.ca