The top ten singles in Canadian music

I have found some youtube videos of the performances and they are all below. It is a remarkable list of songs.

The Top 10... CBC says .... A followup to Bob Mersereau's The Top 100 Canadian Albums, the list is sure to provoke debate among music lovers.

Guess Who song American Woman is No. 1 on the list, one of four Guess Who singles chosen by a group of music lovers who helped compile the list. There are also two by BTO, including Taking Care of Business at No. 8 and two by Trooper, the power trio produced by Bachman.

1. American Woman/No Sugar Tonight, The Guess Who

2. Heart of Gold, Neil Young

3. The Weight, The Band

4. Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams

5. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

6. Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf

7. If You Could Read My Mind, Gordon Lightfoot

8. Takin’ Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

9. Four Strong Winds, Ian & Sylvia

10. Snowbird, Anne Murray

Read more: CBC

It gets better - for all lgbt youth

Here is a good video from the "It gets better" project

EI premiums to go up - first time in 16 years

The Conservative government is going to do something which has not been done in 16 years, raise EI premiums. The EI premiums have been frozen largely due to the fact the EI Fund has a surplus, today that surplus is about 57 billion.  It is a paper surplus however as government has spent the money elsewhere.  Still it is money employees and employers have paid in. 

The money in the system has grown in part due to big cuts to benefits. First the Mulroney government cut payments to workers and made it harder to qualify, then they Liberals under Paul Martin as finance minister increased the qualifying period and cut benefits again. 

The Conservatives said they would create an agency to determine premiums.  They did that but have failed to provide the funds required and or owed to the EI Fund.

With a $57 billion surplus, the EI bill that the Conservatives and Liberals defeated yesterday could have funded increased benefits and reduced qualifying times and had the funds to do so for a minimum of eight years.


Liberals to let EI Bill go to defeat

The BLOC party has a bill before the House of Commons that would make improvements to Employment Insurance in Canada. The Bill would extend benefits, reduce the hours required to qualify for EI, and increase benefits from 55% of pay to 60%.

The bill has had the support of the opposition parties until now. Liberal leader Ignatieff has decided not to support the bill on the basis he feels it is not fiscally responsible. “This bill is not fiscally responsible,” he told CBC. The Liberals and the NDP had supported the bill at second reading and in committee, but Mr. Ignatieff said it will be a free vote for his MPs.

The Liberals are again voting with the Conservatives, who have refused to extend EI benefits that were approved last winter under pressure from the NDP and BLOC.

Earlier this year the Liberals voted with the Conservatives to sign a free trade agreement with Columbia. The NDP and BLOC voted against that bill due to Columbia's human rights record and attacks on trade unions.

It is appearing more like the old Mouseland story Tommy Douglas would tell. When you are a mouse, just why are you voting for a cat, whatever colour it happens to be, its still a cat.

13 year old boy dies after bullying

Another boy takes his life due to bullying. Seth Walsh, the Tehachapi 13-year-old who hanged himself from a tree in his back yard after years of being bullied, died Tuesday afternoon after nine days on life support. See story here.

Here is a video posted shortly after Seth was taken to hospital, made by one of his friends...


Homophobia killed Asher Brown

Have a look at this face. You see a boy. I see a boy... He should be thinking about meeting up with friends, going camping, maybe dinner tonight with his parents

He was bullied to death. He is dead.

Asher Brown, a 13-year-old eighth grader at Hamilton Middle School outside Houston Texas.
He was bullied because he was small, because he was gay.

The story is here

Sections in Criminal code "on Sex work" declared unconstitutional

The following was deemed unconstitutional in Ontario Superior Court today

The Criminal Code sections declared unconstitutional:

S. 210(1) Every one who

(a) is an inmate of a common bawdy-house

(b) is found, without lawful excuse in a common bawdy-house, or as owner, landlord, lessor, tenant, occupier, agent or otherwise having charge or control of any place, knowingly permits the place or any part thereof to be let or used for the purposes of a common bawdy-house is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction

S. 212(1)(j) Everyone who lives wholly or in part on the avails of prostitution of another person is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

S. 213(1) Every person who is in a public place or in any place open to public view, stops or attempts to stop any person or in any manner communicates or attempts to communicate with any person for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or of obtaining the sexual services of a prostitute is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

From the National Post

Sex Work now legal in Canada

Old fashion conservative Ontario is now championing the rights of sex workers. Maybe not the political establishment but certainly the Ontario Superior court has. Today the Court threw out Canada's laws against prostitution. Oddly enough the act of prostitution was never illegal, you just could ask for a sex worker or advertise you were available to perform sex work.

See CBC story here

I will have more later...

Gentle Public Activism

Now this is an art project I really like. The project involves installing historical markers with a primarily political instead of historical message. And the messages are quite stark. The presentation adds to the authenticity of the message, far more effective than if they were posted to a blog like this one or another passage in a book.

Have a look here and here at Sociological Images.


11 year old cheerleader called "sissy" and has his arm broke

A young boy gets beaten by two boys who end up breaking his arm.  The boy is 11 years old.  He was beaten after being taunted and bullied for joining a cheer leading squad for a local football team.  The boys in his school called him a sissy and queer. 

This really pisses me off.  The boys who did this were not just being "boys".  They purposely bullied their classmate.  For all of those people out there that say we don't need strong and effective anti-bullying programs along with anti-homophobia instruction have a look at the video below.

This boy likely does not know if he is gay or not.  His arm was broken because some boys thought it was okay to beat the crap out of another boy they assumed to be gay.  Homophobia does not only affect queers, it affects all of us.

Due to many advancements in legal protections for gays, many people think its much easier in school today.  This story says otherwise.  Kids that appear different or do different things are cast out by those that feel its their right to do so.

These kids are not doing it on their own.  They are being taught these behaviours.  They may be modelling their parents, siblings, or their church preacher when they attack someone that does not appear to conform to the norm as they have learned it to be.

From grade 10 on I was the victim of bullying and homophobia, much before I learned myself that I was gay.  It was okay then to beat the crap out of a homo, queer, or fag.  Its still okay today as you can see.  We have a long way to go before every child is afforded a safe healthy experience in a public school.

Link to Fox 8 News story - Findlay Ohio


Do you know any gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer youth?

Do you know any gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer youth? If you do show them this. Life does get better.

It may be tough right now but many of us have travelled the road you are on.

You will have some tough times but when you come out the other end you will be a shining star!

See Dan Savage's column "Give 'Em Hope"


The NDP took the hard road

I know many people are upset that Jack Layton did not whip the NDP vote on bill C-391. Jack Layton is a founding member of the white ribbon campaign and organization. Layton is one of the strongest advocates of the gun registry. I seriously doubt anyone can say otherwise without a partisan smirk on their face, such as was displayed by Liberal MP Mark Holland tonight during the debate of the Liberal motion to kill Bill C-391 before third reading.

It has turned out to be a good political move on the one hand by the Liberals. They have everyone drinking the kool-aid. The Liberals had to whip the vote because they could not be sure they would have enough votes otherwise.

Layton could have violated parliamentary tradition by whipping his vote. Instead he took a much harder route, one that was honest and bent on building bridges. Layton and his caucus spent a good deal of effort persuading MP's to vote to keep the gun registry. In the process they have come to some agreements on how to address concerns of rural, aboriginal and northern Canadians have with the registry.

Sometimes democracy is hard work, but that work is never unrewarded. The NDP have persuaded enough NDP MP's to ensure Bill C-391 is defeated.

Its popular to label those that support doing away with the registry as gun-toting dinosaurs. Nothing could be further from the truth. I lived in small town BC and worked with many people of all political stripes. Its fair to say that a sizable percentage of NDP and Liberal supporters in the community did not support the gun registry. Largely due to the cost and then the criminal aspect to it.

Its not surprising then that the NDP had such a large percentage of MPs from rural areas that supported ending the registry. If you look at the Liberal caucus right now you will see the NDP have more MPs in rural communities. You can bet that if the Liberals had more than a few rural MP's they would be in the same NDP boat right now and whipped vote or not would not save them without serious discussions occurring.

Had Jack Layton decided to whip his vote I am sure he would have got all his MPs to vote as he wished. The next election would have seen Conservatives pick up some of those NDP whipped votes, perhaps giving the Conservatives enough pick-ups to form a majority government. You can bet on how long the gun registry lasts after a majority Conservative Government comes to power.

The case also suggests that some "whipped" Liberals could then feel safer about defying their leader and voting to kill the Gun registry with little cost to themselves and likely holding onto their seats.

The NDP position actually helps ensure there will be enough votes to save the gun registry in the end. The NDP, Liberal and BLOC all want to save the registry. Its too bad the Liberals and BLOC have decided to blame the NDP, before an actual vote.

I support the registry. I have from the beginning. I have many friends that do not. I disagree with them but I certainly do not think less of them because of it.

The NDP have paid a political price as the latest polls have shown. Sometimes democracy is hard work and often its not appreciated in a world of tweets and 15 second TV clips.

Liberal whip better prove Stephen Taylor wrong

I mentioned in the post below that I am getting a little tired of Liberals telling the NDP what to do, from on high. Big City Liberal saw this tweet a little bit ago. I found it as well and if Stephen Taylor is right, Ignateiff will be looking for a new job tomorrow after the gun bill vote.

Jack Layton and the NDP have gone out and got the votes needed. I really, really am pulling for the Liberal Whip success. I hope the Whip has a good nights rest.

Motion to kill Bill C-391

I am watching the debate of a motion before the House of Commons to kill Bill C-391. The first speaker to the motion today was Liberal MP Mark Holland. Holland goes on at length providing all the good things about keeping the registry and then with a suppressed grin, he feels the pain of women across the land because the NDP failed to do the same as the Liberals, and work towards a common position -- "get that consensus, don't have some of your MPs vote the other way." When it comes time to vote tomorrow, do the right thing."

I would just say to the Liberals, they had the ability 120 times in this house to do the right thing and vote against the Harper Government. To hear him tonight, when he already knows that there are enough votes to kill the bill, is a bit too much.

update: 6:53pm

Hoeppner goes on to say the Bill doesn't cost 4 million dollars but likely as much as 100 million dollars. She of course is using a number pulled out from under a rock by the the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. She closes by calling on NDP members and the Member from the Yukon to do the right thing.

Maria Mourani of the BLOC goes on about the Conservatives dumping the guy in charge because he did not speak french days before he was to speak the the registry's success in Edmonton this year. I think that is one of the first times the Bloc have defended a unilingual federal agency head.

update: 7:03

Joe Comartin speaking now. One of the reason the bill will be defeated tomorrow is due to the government's accusations against the police. Because the government has buried reports and or delayed their release.

update: 7:08

Comartin says after the bill is defeated tomorrow, its time to make amendments to the registry.

Some In the Conservatives like to bully

From news wire here
Monday was LaVar Payne’s day to shine. You may have never heard of the Conservative backbencher from Medicine Hat, Alta. — but if you tuned into question period, you likely heard him. Payne, a first-term MP elected in 2008, carried on a running stream of abuse from the back row Monday, the cupped hand at the side of his mouth helping project his nasal whine into the farthest reaches of the Commons.

“Is that from American, professor?” he taunted Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. “You signed on to that as an American, professor!”

When Jack Layton rose for a question, Payne lit into him — “You never co-operate, Jack!” — causing the NDP leader to break stride and offer an aside. Layton dryly noted that the new focus on decorum “is working out well on the government side.”

Harper outspends Liberals AGain!

The Conservative government spent 130 million dollars getting its message to Canadians. That is a record by a federal government. Now, you can cut them a little slack, 24 million was spent on the H1N1 health issue. Where I get a little annoyed is all that money spent on telling us how they were stimulating the economy.

I know, you can say all governments do this. And yes the previous Liberal Government spent a whopping 111 million dollars on advertising in 2006. Still that is not an excuse today for the Harper Conservatives. They kinda ran on the idea that this stuff would not happen.

Now I initially thought that part of the cost of the the governments huge media spending would include money for all those signs doting the country these days. After some thought and a few tweets, I am guessing the signs are not included.

So the actual "media" presence bought by the Harper government has to include signs. I mean how many of these signs have you seen while out for a drive Sunday. The country is full of them.

So how much did we spend on signs? Has the PMO finished counting them yet?

Is there no end to the Harper ability to say one thing and do another?

Bloggers Meet-up with Senator McCoy

Progressive Bloggers headed to Ottawa, September 18, 2010 for a BBQ hosted by Senator Elaine McCoy. McCoy is one of only two Progressive Conservatives left in the Senate. The afternoon was a very entertaining and involved a wide number of topics.

Kady O'Malley, CBC reporter from the hill dropped by as did queer blogger from Xtra, Dale Smith. And of course there was Jeff Jedras, who often shares his opinions in the National Post and then opposite the NP we had Karl Knox of Montreal's New Media and Politics and CJLO Radio.

Many more there, but then I'm not sure of posting the links here. Check out photos courtesy of The Equivocator.ca and QUOI Media.

Thank you to Senator McCoy and her staff for hosting us. It was well worth the trip to Ottawa.


Ouch, that stick got me in the eye Mr. Baird

John Baird has just delivered a sharp stick to the eye to those five million Canadians who call the GTA and Toronto home. Elitists he has called the leaders of the NDP and Liberals. He might want to reconsider after all Harper and Ignateiff were born and raised here, Jack was born and raised in Montreal.

In fact outside of Harper and Ignatieff, most people that live here today were born somewhere else. People like me. I can take the jokes about being in the centre of the known universe, and even I joke about the hapless Leafs. Those are all in the area of fair play. But to call people elitists because they live in Toronto is another attempt to create an urban/rural wedge. Its politics of division. Its where you go when you run out of solid argument.

Baird's attack comes after it appears the Conservatives are not going to succeed in "Scrapping the Long Gun Registry". Lets blame the loss on those people in Toronto. Watch the conservatives fundraising account start to swell. I have news for Baird, the next election will not be about guns, it will be about health care and the economy. Too bad you can't blame Toronto for that Mr. Baird.

Jack be Quick

When you try to out smart someone in politics you better be on your game.  That is what Michael Ignatieff tried to do on the gun registry.  He threw the ball to Jack Layton and stood back demanding Layton and the NDP show their commitment to Canada's gun laws.

Its a little like the all adage in politics, never ask a question of an opponent that you don't know the answer too.

Andrew Coyne said it best in a tweet: "Layton's handling of this has been adroit. 2nd time in a year Grits thought they had him boxed in, and didn't."

Jack Layton did not take the easy route to addressing the issue.  He took the democratic route.  He did not demand his caucus fall into line.  Instead Layton addressed the issues that rural, northern and aboriginal Canadians have with the registry. 

Today we the results of that work as yet another NDP MP switched sides bringing to five MPs, that have switched sides and will now vote to save the registry so that it can be amended.  In the coming days I am expecting more NDP MPs to do the same.  Common sense prevails, talk and action have lead to a solution.

The NDP solution will be put before Parliament, giving all MPs another chance to end the divisive and mean spirited debate over our gun laws.  Have a look here at the NDP proposals.

You may also want to read this well written report on the GUN Registry battle  
Liberals falter, NDP triumph on gun registry 

Big H/T to Accidental Deliberations


Did the Conservatives get what they wanted?

We have handed Harper an election issue for rural Canada.  They may not hype it much but they will use the Gun Registry to to keep their base going and to attack the NDP in those rural areas.  The matter was very close and I am sure Harper was getting worried.  Not to say he wouldn't have been okay with the Registry falling, its just easier to reel in the voters if you have the right bait on the hook.

Harper of course is not the first Prime Minister to catch onto this.  Jean Chretien was a master at this.  He managed to promise a national child care plan for three elections and never delivered it.  Paul Martin learned this as well.  He held out that same national childcare plan, he even negotiated with some provinces.  For good measure, he made a deal with Aboriginal folks in Kelowna. 

All Paul Martin had to do after that was put it all in a budget or government bill.  That would all be in place today if he had.  The problem was that Martin wanted an election and going into an election, you need to have some bait.  The NDP and BLOC of course supported the Childcare plan and the Kelowna Accord, so what could he do to cause an election. 

Martin inserted big tax cuts for business in the budget.  He knew that the NDP would not support it.  The poison pill worked and the Martin government set out on the election trail with what they thought was pretty good bait.  The Childcare plan and the Kelowna Accord would be dangled before the voters.  If only the NDP had held the net a little longer,Martin would have introduced them.  I need more LIB MPs he said and NDP voters need to support the Libs this time. 

It didn't work for Martin as we all know. 

The bright spot here is that it may not work for the Conservatives this time out.  They have held out this bait for many elections.  If the Gun Registry survives on September 22 and the NDP or Liberal bill to modify the legislation passes, enough rural, northern and aboriginal voters animosity toward the registry may well cool down.

Now we wait for the next election, likely next spring after a "rosy" budget picture is presented.  We will hear all about the need for a national childcare plan and an end to making gun owners criminals. 


Harper could have accomplished his goals of ending the registry a while ago.  He could have jammed it into a budget bill, (thanks Kady)  when the Libs voted more than 120 times on confidence motions.  Do you really think Harper wanted to see the Gun Registry gone before an election?


we're doing in our party is what really what needs to happen in the whole country

It hasn't been easy for Jack Layton lately. His job could have been a whole lot easier had he broke party tradition and ordered his MPs to vote to kill the gun registry. He would have had several mad MPs and those MPs would had many very upset constituents.

What was Jack Layton up to? This is what he said on Question Period (CTV) on Sunday.

"What we're doing in our party is what really what needs to happen in the whole country," Layton told CTV's Question Period on Sunday. "That is to build bridges between urban Canada and rural, northern and aboriginal Canada on an important issue."

Now that sounds like a leader. Someone that sees that sometimes you have to work things out. Its a lesson for the rest of Parliament. Once the vote is over, work can begin to revamp the gun registry to address many of the legitimate concerns of rural, northern and aboriginal Canadians.

Now we still have to get the vote. We have now 153 votes. That is as long as we get all 75 Liberals, and I am hoping Michael Ignatieff can get it done. Check out:

That didn't take long and

Hats off to Jack Layton ... and Buckdog


Gun Registry - NRA, NDP and Liberals

The effort to save the long-gun registry is getting tighter as four NDP MP's from the 12 who voted to end the registry have switched sides and support keeping the registry.  That means we likely need two more to defeat Bill C-391.  I expect that will happen.  The ball now falls squarely in the hands of the Liberals if the Bill fails because one or two of their members get gun shy on September 22 and forget to come into the commons to vote.  Keith Martin was asked today on Power and Politics if he thought every Liberal MP would show up for the vote.  He said he did not know if they would but that he would be there. 

Many of us, supporters of the NDP and the Gun Registry have been working tirelessly to get as many of those NDP votes as we can.  The results are there, we now have moved four MP's votes and we hope to move at least two more and maybe a third vote. 

With news that the NRA has been active in supporting the anti long-gun registry in Canada for years, I suspect getting the last few votes may well be easier.

 See cbc story on the NRA in Canada


Gay adoption in North Caroliona

I love it when queers get together and decide to have a family. Its wonderful and I just wish they would all last. But alas gay or queer families fall apart just like straight families. The case I am pointing to is in North Carolina. A State Senator and her partner, another woman, decided to have a baby and that baby was brought on by artificial insemination. They were blessed with a baby boy in 2002. In the following years the State Senator adopted the child and the local court in Durham NC allowed both the Mother and the State Senator to be equal parents.

"But Boseman and Jarrell split in May 2006, setting off a contentious custody fight and ultimately the case heard Wednesday by the Supreme Court. After the breakup, Boseman continued to spend time with Jacob and pay child support. Jarrell filed a motion in New Hanover County District Court to overturn the adoption. The New Hanover court denied the motion, and Jarrell appealed to the N.C. Court of Appeals, which ruled unanimously last Augus" Star News

In 2006 they split up. The boy is now 8 and both women have equal custody. Now the mother has tried in lower courts to squash the adoption. It hasn't happened. The case is now before the State Supreme Court and a decision is months away.

Now all I can think of is that they both agreed to be parents of this boy. He deserves to have access to both of them. He is 8 years old. It would appear that both parents love the boy, that both of them have been deemed qualified to be parents in two lower court decisions, despite the efforts of the woman that gva e birth to the child.

Marriages are apt to fall apart these days. Relationships of those you bring into the marriage ie a child, are likely well connected to both parents. Fighting to keep one parent away seems to be a waste of money, court time and a child's life.

see story at the Star News of Wilmington NC here

Dan Hampton calls the Dallas Cowboys 'Brokeback'.

Chicago Bears retired player Dan Hampton calls the Dallas Cowboys 'Brokeback'. "I think they are Clint Eastwood; they're more of the Brokeback variety if you know what I'm talking about."

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation was all over this and got results.

This on GLAAD's blog: "Hampton publicly apologized for the Katrina gaffe, but has not yet addressed the Brokeback comment. Pro Football Weekly publisher Hub Arkush told GLAAD that Hampton will be leading this weekend's show with an on-air apology for both statements. Arkush said "it shouldn't have happened" and assured GLAAD that similar incidents will not happen again."

Its becoming harder for pro athletes to get away with these remarks. And if he wants to see some examples of men that would put his macho men in their place I can introduce him to some of my buddies.

Now lets see the apology. Maybe a week with a gay hockey team will help him understand...

By the way, Don is the guy with his hand on the Doctor's shoulder...

here is the video of his comment

Some NDP MP's could use an email from you

The gun registry vote is coming up soon.  There remain at least ten New Democrats that look to be supporting the end of the registry.  It won't hurt if you could take some time to write them individually.  They are getting a lot of emails.  If you want yours to stand out, don't go off the deep end.  Send a short to the point email asking them to support the gun registry. 

I suggest you be polite.  These people are not the enemy, they want to do the right thing.  Help give them the reasons to support the registry.

The two members highlighted below have changed their plans and will now vote to support the gun registry.  You can write them and thank them for this change! 

  • Allen, Malcolm – Welland – T: 905-788-2204 Ottawa: 613-995-0988
    Email: Allen.Ma@parl.gc.ca
  • Angus, Charlie – Timmins – James Bay – T: 705-567-2747 Ottawa: 613-992-2919
    Email: AngusC@parl.gc.ca
  • Ashton, Niki – Churchill – T: 866-785-0522 Ottawa: 613-992-3018
    Email: Ashton.N@parl.gc.ca
  • Bevington, Dennis – Western Arctic – T: 867-873-6995 Ottawa: 613-992-4587
    Email: BevinD@parl.gc.ca
  • Cullen, Nathan – Skeena – Bulkley Valley – T: (250) 877-4140 Ottawa: 613 993 6654
    Email: Cullen.N@parl.gc.ca
  • Gravelle, Claude – Nickel Belt – T: 705-897-2222 Ottawa: 613-995-9107
    Email: Gravelle.C@parl.gc.ca
  • Hughes, Carol – Algoma – Manitoulin – Kapuskasing – T: 705-848-8080 Ottawa: 613-996-5376
    Email: Hughes.C@parl.gc.ca
  • Hyer, Bruce – Thunder Bay – Superior North – T: 807-345-1818 Ottawa: 613 996 4792
    Email: Hyer.B@parl.gc.ca
  • Maloway, Jim – Elmwood – Transcona – T: 204-984-2499 Ottawa: 613-995-6339
    Email: Maloway.J@parl.gc.ca
  • Rafferty, John – Thunder Bay – Rainy River – T: 807-623-6000 Ottawa: 613 992 3061
    Email: Rafferty.J@parl.gc.ca
  • Stoffer, Peter – Sackville – Eastern Shore – T: 902-861-2311 Ottawa: 613-995-5822
    Email: StoffP@parl.gc.ca
  • Thibeault, Glenn – Sudbury – T: 705-673-7107 Ottawa: 613-996-8962
    Email: Thibeault.G@parl.gc.ca


BC Lib's briefed on HST prior to election

The HST battle just got muddier in BC. The BC Liberals were briefed on the HST prior to the election in May 2009. The Gordon Campbell Liberal government has denied for the last 18 months that the HST was not even on their radar until after the election.

See more here on CBC.
and CTV

The BC Liberals decided to pre-empt a freedom of Information request today by releasing the info in a major damage control effort.

Link to HST documents, somewhat redacted! Are you surprised?

HST bomb set to go off at 4pm in BC

Watch BC Media after 4pm today.  BC newsbreaker Bill Tieleman says

"Devasting" BC government news about HST prompts major damage control - Finance Minister Colin Hansen calling media personally - embargoed till 7 p.m. est

Check out Bill's blog and or listen to BC media 

CKNW Radio

CBC Vancouver

The Audacity of Iggy and the Liberal Party of Canada

Over to you Mr. Spector...
"Still, if a Toronto Star report is accurate, you have to marvel at Mr. Ignatieff’s audacity in claiming that “the NDP will stand for ‘no darn principles’ if leader Jack Layton and the New Democrats fail to support the long-gun registry in a crucial vote this fall in Parliament.” Actually, the word “audacity” doesn’t quite capture it: Frankly, in light of the history of these two political parties, it’s ludicrous for any Liberal to claim advantage over the NDP when it comes to questions of principle. Whether you agree with those principles or not." Globe and Mail

Whatever happened to the national Childcare plan my dear Liberal friends?