This is for guys like me

This is a riot. This is fabulous a “recruitment mockumentary, for Toronto's Gay Muddy York rugby team.  If you ever felt you didn't fit in, then this is for you.  If you ever felt you missed the gay fashion sense gene this is for you, can't dance, this is for you...  This is for guys like me. 

H/t to IN Toronto


Sex-Negative Education and Rape

It makes sense. You tell kids they can't do something, they will try to find a way to do it.  The trouble with the sex negative and abstinence-only education is that kids think of sex as bad and evil.  Its nasty and something to hide.  When they have questions, they have no one to turn too.  If they do have sex, they have no information.

I found this blog post Sex-Negative Education and the Spectre of Rape...
'Here’s my take: when you teach adults and children sex-negative messages, sex becomes an undifferentiated mass of “wrong.”  If all sex is wrong, then why try to tease out good from bad, pleasurable from painful? 
When students are taught not to think about sex, they aren't going to spend any time determining what they do and don’t want, or what they might be interested in.  Of course, they’re going to have sex eventually, but when it happens will they be able to communicate at all through the veil of guilt, shame, and self-loathing that sex negativity encourage?...' Read more here
After reading that check out this post about Catholic U in the USA.  Did you know the kids in this University are banned from premarital sex and masturbation?  Guess what ...
'...In fact, when I surveyed the sexual activity at Catholic U. in 2009, the university's attempts to clamp down on relations—it bans all premarital sex, masturbation included—only made students' "risky behavior" riskier. 
College students at every school are going to find a way to hook up; at Catholic, they were just forced to sneak behind the backs of the school administration and the residence assistants tasked with keeping them safe. Catholic University students had limited access to condoms and birth control and were less comfortable approaching authority figures over sex-related problems. ...' Read more here
Now all that applies to straight, gay,trans and questioning kids, I imagine there is a double or triple whammy effect on those gay,trans and questioning kids who could pile up multiple sins simply being who they are.

BC folks against the HST

Has your ballot arrived in the mail?

If not, you might not be on the voters list.

The Liberals’ strategy is focused on reducing voter turn-out. Each and every vote is going to be vital to defeating the HST - your vote could mean the difference. Christy Clark wants the HST.  You can stop her and the BC Liberals by voting.  You can only get your ballot by being on the voters list. 

If you don't recieve a ballot, you won't be able to vote. Check right now to see if you are on the voters list:

You have until July 22nd to request a ballot from Elections BC. For more information on how to vote, please visit voteyesbc.ca


Let the Blood Flow

Canadian Blood Services has an ad in the Village (Jarvis & Wellesley), Toronto's Gay Village that is.  Are these people that inept.  Its offensive at best to place this ad in the village.  

Perhaps when they allow gay men to donate blood they could think about asking us too.   I suspect if they let us donate they would see a huge increase in the blood supply. 

This ad rubs salt in the wound.  
As BrentTo says in his tweet :Advertising fail: Canadian Blood Services ad in the Village (Jarvis & Wellesley)    

*Thanks to @brentTO  for the tweet on this.

I wasn't drinking, just taking odour out

It was shocking to read at first.  Spray your clothes with vodka to take the odour out.  No chemicals and less damage to the environment.  Well, at $23.50 for the cheapest 750 bottle of vodka in Ontario, I think I will stick to drinking it and maybe ignore the odours.

1. Febreze without the guilt If you douse your clothes and home with Febreze to remove odor, you can do the same with vodka…but without the cyclodextrin, and without supporting a company that tests on animals. (I’m talking to you, Proctor & Gamble.) The alcohol in vodka kills bacteria which cause odor, and vodka is basically odorless, as far as booze goes. Spritz your clothes and hang them in a well-ventilated room. (As with any natural remedy, sp0t-test first.)
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/14-surprising-uses-for-vodka.html#ixzz1Rqade6p9
Now there was one use of vodka other than drinking it that sounded useful. Only a few drops needed, not a spray bottle full of it...

2. Keep cut flowers fresh If you’re going to have fresh-cut flowers working hard to brighten up your decor, show some hospitality and give them a little drink. Several drops of vodka and a large pinch of sugar added to the water in your flower vase, changed daily, stunts ethylene production and will extend the vitality of bouquet.