Polygamy in Canada

Here comes the end of Canadian Marriage laws as we know them...

The BC Government is seeking the opinion of the Supreme Court of Canada with respect to polygamy laws...

From the BC Government press release...

“Until Canadians and the justice system have clarity about the constitutionality of our polygamy laws, all provinces, including ours, face a lengthy and costly legal process in prosecuting alleged offences. With that in mind, I have instructed counsel not to appeal the Sept. 23 B.C. Supreme Court decision and, instead, to proceed with the reference questions I will be submitting to the court.

“I am proposing to pose two questions. The first will ask the court to determine if Section 293 is consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The second will seek clarity on the Criminal Code provisions of Section 293. I am confident, given the importance of this matter, the court will agree to hear the questions.

After the Ontario Court approved three names on a birth certificate as parents a couple years ago, the changes to who and how many can marry can't be far behind.

LPC bodychecked by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has just sunk Liberal (LPC) fortunes in Quebec. Today they ruled against Bill 104 stating it was unconstitutional and gave the Quebec government one year to clean it up. The Bloc will use this as another reason to send them to Ottawa to look out for Quebec as yet another Canadian institution has assaulted the sovereignty of French nation of Quebec.

The Supreme Court decision was unanimous. That says that even the three Supreme Court Justices from Quebec have deemed the law unconstitutional. That is not going to go over well and it provides an opportune time for the BLOC to solidify what was a weakening lead over the LPC in Quebec.

Add to this story the recent book by former Philadelphia Flyer player Bob Sirois, who examines forty years of NHL draft picks and determines that francophone Quebecers are systematically ignored by an “anti-french virus”.
"Francophone Quebecers are wrongly disparaged as too small, too lax on defence and not suited to the robust “Canadian” style of play, Mr. Sirois writes in the book, published in French and titled Le Québec mis en échec (Quebec Bodychecked). “Myths, prejudices, stereotypes and favoritism make up an integral part of every draft session in the National Hockey League.” - Graeme Hamilton, National Post, October 19, 2009
Sirous makes a good case for his findings while pointing out that the current General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Bob Gainey has drafted fewer and fewer french players since he came into the job. If Quebec's team can't or won't draft french players who will?

Have a look at the the Montreal Canadiens roster and it likely has more Russians than French Canadiens. That would have been unheard of 15 or 20 years ago.

These stories add up to the Bloc becoming rightiously indignant about the Quebec place in Canada. I can see an ad coming, Iggy and Harper gaining up and bodychecking some pee wee hockey player in a school league somewhere.


Happy women and fag day

Here is proof Satan took advantage of the moral majority (MM)..

Women taking control, a fag rising from the womb, and more...

a bad couple of days where the MM lost ...

On October 16, 1919 Planned Parenthood opened its first space, the first U.S. birth control clinic. A woman named Margaret Sanger made it happen.

That was followed by Canadian Women becoming persons on October 18, 1929. They could vote in 1920 as long they were a British subject, not Asian, Inuit, or Indian or reside in Quebec. For some reason Quebec said no to women voting until 1940!

Edmonton feminist Emily Murphy, whose actions as a magistrate had been challenged on the grounds that she was not a "person" under the BNA Act, was the preferred Senate candidate of national women's groups.

Along with four other prominent w
omen activists - Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, and Henrietta Muir Edwards - Judge Murphy persuaded the government to direct the Supreme Court to rule on whether women were indeed "persons."

The court ruled in the negative, but on October 18, 1929, eight years after the campaign began, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England, then the appeals court for the Canadian Supreme Court, ruled in the women's favour. - YorkU

Then of course one of the most well known, loved and despised men to gain an audience was Oscar Wilde. He joined the world on October 16, 1854. He was a little "out" there for the comfort of general society and spent some time in the brig for it, then deciding to remove himself from Victorian England for the freedom of Paris.

"the great Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories known for his barbed wit, he was one of the most successful playwrights of late Victorian London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day. As the result of a famous trial, he suffered a dramatic downfall and was imprisoned for two years of hard labor after being convicted of the offense of gross indecency"- White Crane

Then on this day in 1933 the Singing Nun was born, she was a real nun and she hid the fact she was a lesbian. It seems the Church also had a don't ask, don't tell policy. The singing nun is famous for her big hit in 1963 that tossed Elvis Presley from the top of the charts for at least 4 weeks with the it single "Dominique".

Soeur Sourire was a Belgian nun. Her real name was Jeanine Decker and her name in the convent was Sister Luc-Gabrielle. In 1985 Soeur Sourire and her (female) friend Annie Pecher committed suicide.


Can I have this dance

Commercials, supporting queer youth are popping up all over the world it seems except Canada. When was the last time you saw an ad on Canadian TV about queer teens. This one is Norwegian though this has English text added.

Call me silly, but I was that boy in school, I would have loved to walk up to a boy like this boy does. That would have been said to have "taken a lot of courage" and or "You are NUTS!" when I was in school. The ad suggests that differing attitudes are in place today, though the ad also says its still a problem.


LPC have a Rae of hope

It looks as if Jack Layton made the right decision when he decided to keep the Harper government in power for now. It is clear the Tories are on a high and today's ekos poll shows the LPCers losing ground in Toronto. To put that in perspective, imagine the Liberals being in the game in Calgary. Thats how big this is. The LPC Iggy lead party is performing as bad and maybe worse than the Dion lead team. At least with Dion, you knew what the LPC stood for.

As is usual, the New Democrat numbers go up a little when the LPC goes down. No different in today's polling info. The New Democrats need to do a lot more advertising, spend it now and show the country they do have some alternative views on the issues of the day. The LPC is sliding and the New Democrats can make some head way.

And the LPC needs to sit down and decide what it is that defines them. Can anyone point to an issue they lead on, that they have made their own?

Can Bob Rae have been worse than this? Rae's NDP government was likely the deciding factor in the LPC decision to choose Iggy to save Ontario. It looks like losing Ontario has happened anyway. The slide in Toronto is even worse. Would Bob have let this happen?


Son don't pay to register your gun

Looks like if he can't get rid of the gun registry Harper will simply make it irrelevant. He is going to wave the fees for registration of your gun(s). Smart move on his part. It's some movement he can put to his anti-gun control crowd.

The decision to cancel fees will cost us 15 million this year in lost revenue. Just another way to say thanks to your friends. More over at Musings from the political youth corner.

Perhaps now he can change other regulations?


Okay, show me an LPCer

...that still wants an election

Support for the Harper Conservatives is flirting with majority government levels after weeks of parliamentary wrangling that saw the Liberals try and fail to topple the Tory minority amid a recession.

A Strategic Counsel poll conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV says Conservative support has risen to 41 per cent nationally – a six-point jump from a month ago. - The globe and mail

Kiss up with Jack and be nice

HST for the record....

"... We need another way. This harmonization of the GST, this tax collusion between provincial and federal Liberal governments, is not the way to reverse the economic decline of this country...."
Who said this in 1996? Not the New Democrats, Not the LPC Government, no it was Stephen Harper MP from Calgary West.




a sexual orientation or preference in which an adult's primary sexual attraction is towards pubescent or postpubescent adolescents

Thanks to Bruce over at Canuck Attitude, I learned a new word. Ephebophilia is apparently what Catholic priests practice, but not only Catholics do this, it is apparently just as common in other denominations... according to the Holy See.

I think there is value in being a Catholic, I mean you get to say sorry every time you do something you shouldn't...

Bruce has a good piece on this, go have a look.