Bush plays Con game with SCOTUS

George W. Bush in polling free fall, pulls emergency parachute rip cord

Harriet Miers was criticized by both Republicans and Democrats and was withdrawn from nomination by President Bush (she withdrew but that's not the way it really happens). Bush just did not have the clout to get her through the Senate especially given his falling poll numbers.

Many Conservatives were concerned about two speeches Miers gave in the 1990's, speeches which did not come solidly out against abortion. Her paise of former Clinton Attorney General, Janet Reno also got her in trouble with some on the Christian Right. She had to go.

Bush went back to his base, the people that continually provide him cover and support, the Christian Right. Before putting a name forward publicly, Bush ran the nomination by a few very anti-gay groups including Concerned Women for America.

Janet LeRue of Concerned Women for America told the Washington Post, "Alito and Luttig have always been at the top of our list. We think either of them would be a supreme pick. There isn't a thing stealthy about them. They've got a long, proven record."

Judge Samuel Alito, Bush's nomination for the Supreme Court, has many of the same views as Justice Antonin Scalia, likely one of the more right wing conservative appointments ever. George W. Bush likely sat down and prayed for his choice before announcing his nomination. He has good cause to worry. If he can't get the Justice appointed he will remain a lame duck President for the rest of his term, with Republicans wishing he had left with Libby.

Conservatives want this guy...

"The president has made an excellent choice today which reflects his commitment to appoint judges in the mold of (Antonin) Scalia and (Clarence) Thomas. Sam Alito, a 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals judge, has consistently embraced the original intent of the Constitution." - Kay Daly, the president of the very right wing Coalition for a Fair Judiciary.

"Of course, he's against abortion," 90-year-old Rose Alito said of her son, Judge Sam Alito, a Catholic.

I can see school children all over America learning about intelligent design in science class. A kind of reverse evolution "science" to add some humour to a serious issue.

Now the war is on, forget 2,000 dead in Iraq, we have the hearts and minds of American kids to think about. Kids that will one day grow up to fight the war in Iraq for god, country and Wal-Mart. Then we can all Celebrate Diversity!

See: An Embattled and Weakened Bush Goes Nuclear

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T-Shirt from American Conservative Humour (sic) group


Canadian Ralph Reed needed says Gunter

The Christian Right or Religious Right in Canada has been doing some navel gazing. Don't worry its their own navel.

Looking enviously to the the south the Christian Right is kicking itself into action with some words admonishing its past efforts and the failure of the Conservative party, the usual home of Conservative Christians in Canada.

National Post columnist Lorne Gunter said in a recent article (September 26, 2005), "...if Canadian Christians want clout ... they would do well to emulate some of the Americans' lessons.” Gunters adds, “Our religious conservatives are today where the U.S. movement was two decades ago,” and if “they have finally accepted that if they are to save any of the values they cherish, they must become fully engaged in politics.”

Further Gunter suggests, “what they lack is their own version of Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed…It was Reed, who in the Reagan and George Bush Sr. eras taught the nascent religious right how to poll, canvass, recruit, raise money and get out the vote.”

The Christian right say they were asleep at the wheel when they got hit over the head with gay marriage. They should have worked harder. That could be and if they had a Canadian ala Ralph Reed working for them they may have succeeded in stalling gay marriage in our country.

What the Christian Right have is a problem with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The United States has nothing that compares. I am sure the Christian Right would have it thrown out along with any positive historial reference to the late Prmie Minister Trudeau.

Who will be the new Messiah to lead the Christian Right? Stephen Harper? Maybe not eh.

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Victoria Prime Timer passes

The following obituary will run in the Victoria Times-Colonist and Vancouver Sun

FRASER, Colin William (Bill)

1925-2005. Passed away peacefully October 12, 2005, with his loving family by his side, in Victoria, BC. Colin was born in Matsqui, BC Oct. 29, 1925, the son of Colin William Fraser and Anna Margaret Gilchrist, and grew up in Abbotsford, BC. He earned his degree in Librarianship from McGill, began his career as a librarian in Toronto and Nanaimo then became the first librarian at the Prince George Public Library.

In the early sixties, he became Director of the BC Medical Library Service in Vancouver. He served the doctors and health professionals of BC for thirty years, expanding and shaping a wide network of hospital libraries. As a frequent speaker, teacher, mentor and leader, Colin was a respected and cherished member of Health Libraries associations and the library profession. He leaves the legacy of a scholarship at UBC, given annually to the most promising student in Medical Librarianship. He moved to Victoria in 1995.

All who knew this kind and generous man will remember his keen intellect, wide ranging interests, and caring and passionate commitment to humanism. He was an active member of the Unitarian Church in Vancouver and Victoria, offering his leadership on many committees, running the church library, establishing a Welcoming Congregation, and inaugurating an annual GBTL Art Show, recently named the Fraser Art Show in his honour. He was also an active member of Prime Timers Victoria. A lifelong supporter of the arts, Colin loved film, theatre, opera, music, literature and dance. He cared deeply about the world, and left a lasting legacy by making regular generous contributions to a multitude of worthy causes. A spiritual, insightful man who lived his beliefs, he was often a pioneer who helped others to be or do more.

Colin will be lovingly remembered and sadly missed as a wonderful father, grandfather, and brother by his four children Meg, Kate, Don, and Bruce, sons-in-law Del and Rich, daughter-in-law Trish, grandchildren Auren, Amy, Megan, Sarah, Ayla, Jenna, Angelica, and Ramona, loving sister Margaret, and many cousins, nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents and sister Donna. Colin will also be missed by his many beloved friends who were so important to him, and the many people he touched and inspired throughout his life. They and his family will always remember his supportive, enduring, and unconditional friendship, his lively, intelligent humour, his sparkling blue eyes, and his warm, gentle smile.

Friends are invited to share in a Celebration of Life for Colin on Sat. November 5, 2005 at 1:00pm, at the First Unitarian Church, 5575 West Saanich Rd. Victoria, BC, Reverend Jane Bramadat officiating. For more information or to send a message, please email katechallenger@shaw.ca Memorial donations may be made to the BC Schizophrenia Society, Victoria, and to the Victoria Hospice Society. The family would like to thank Dr. Derek Carroll, and the Victoria Hospice special staff and nurses for their loving and compassionate care of Colin.

If they made condoms ...

Condoms Types

1. Campbell's Hungry Man Soup Condoms: Mmm, mmmm, good...
2. Coca Cola Condoms: the real thing.
3. Diet pepsi Condoms: You got the right one, baby.
4. Double Mint: Double your pleasure, Double your fun!
5. Energizer: It keeps going and going and going...
6. Ford condoms: the best never Rest.
7. Hewlett Packard Condoms; Expanding possibilities.
8. KFC Condoms: Finger-lickin good.
9. M&M Condom: It melts in your mouth, not in your hands!
10. Mars Bar condoms: The quicker picker upper!
11. Maxwell House: good to the last drop!
12. Microsoft: Where do you want to go today?
13. Nike Condoms: just do it.
14. Pringles Condoms: Once you pop, you can't stop.
15. Taco Bell: Get some; make a run for the border.
16. Tattslotto Condoms: Who's next?
17. Star Trek condoms: To boldly go where no man has gone before.
18. Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling.
19. United Airlines travel pack: Fly United.
20. Yellow pages Condoms: Aren't you glad you use it? don't you wish everybody did?

Thanks to a poster to the Canadian Gay Yahoo group!