25 gayest moments on Broadway!

OUT magazine posts the 25 gayest moments from broadway.

Have a look, 

they 25 different youtube videos 

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11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

One last post on the night, you likely have sinned and maybe didn't even know it.

Here is a look at things you shouldn't do if you don't want to end up in hell. Unless of course you think you are living in hell already.

11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

Canucks battle songs

If you don't like Hockey, you may get annoyed at me for the next two weeks. Just sayin.  Im a hockey fan and it goes back to my days in Quesnel, where we cheered on the Quesnel Kangaroos.  I know its a weird name for a hockey team but when they started, the guy who did it thought the guys all jumped around like kangaroos, so the name stuck.  The guy who got them going was Chuck Beath.  My Dad worked for him for a few years.

So there could be a few Canuck postings here, as I enjoy their journey to the Stanley Cup from here, the Center of the Universe, (that's Toronto in case any of you are not from Canada). My big TV and surround sound will be annoying those above and below me on game night.  But then I have listened to their music for three years so some Canadian content shouldn't bother them too much.

Here is a youtube video of some guys celebrating the Canucks, its a catchy number and just a little bit fun, hope you enjoy...


LGBT Lanark

Some of you know we have a place in Lanark county.  It's  farn but that farm hasn't been a real working farm in 40 years.  Its a great place of retreat from the bustle of living in the Centre of the Universe, Toronto for those of you unaware.

I just learned that there is a Queer group that hosts events and attempts to keep people updated on issues pertaining to being queer in the county.  You can find them here at  LGBT Lanark..  And they have a dance planned for June 18th.  Here is the info...

On Saturday, June 18th, LGBT Lanark County is going to celebrate Perth’s first ever gay pride day with a dance at the Perth Civitan Hall (Highway 43, East of Perth).
The dance will run from 8:00-12:30pm.  Tickets can be bought in advance at Shadowfax in Perth for $15 or can be purchased at the door for $20.  Note: a reduced rate is available at the door for those who require it.  Tell Mama will be performing and Penny the DJ will rock the house!  Send us your music requests early!

It totally rocks that there is an active queer community in Scott Reid's federal riding and Randy Hillier's provincial riding.  

Liberals screaming Fire, but is anyone listening?

Its fun to watch the Liberals scream FIRE over the NDP and Jack Layton's comments on the constitution.  It seems the Liberals' have no plan or any intention of working with Quebec, the only province not to sign onto the constitution.  Layton and company have made it clear.  If we want to maintain a united Canada, we need to provide the winning conditions for both Canada and Quebec in Quebec.

Its the right position to take.  It is dramatically different from the "Father Knows Best " attitude of the Liberal party.  The party of Dion and Iggnatief and Martin have seen huge losses in Quebec over the years to the point that they are barely relevant in that province.  Still if you were to listen to the high and mighty voices coming from the mouths of the Toronto centered LPC, the NDP at worse are separatists in Quebec and best totally naive.

Its that kind of patronizing attitude that has seen the LPC fail as a national party and reflected in their current standing in the House of Commons.  I note that now the Liberal party is toast, they finally give the title "interim" leader to Bob Rae.  You guys are just too predictable.

Liberals of course have always dreaded the constitution issue since 1995. It was a difficult situation and they responded to it by buying votes rather than taking up the tough questions about living together.  It kind of reminds you of a couple where one of them has taken the other for granted.  They see their failing too late then offer up some trinkets so make up for the indifference.

The NDP are not afraid to debate the issue of Quebec.  They know it is a tough issue to talk about, but that is what well founded families do, they talk.  You don't sweep it under the rug.  Not one person in Quebec thinks of the NDP as the new BLOC. They know the NDP is a federalist party, hell bent on the road to making Quebec and Canada work.

And the latest poll shows NDP up and everyone else down.

Lightning Storm in Toronto

The CN tower seems to attract the lightning, it was a loud and colourful show last night as a storm swept over Lake Ontario through Toronto last evening.

This picture of the lightning striking the CN Tower is well, Lightning! More photos of the storm at BlogTO.


The kind of influence that Jack and the NDP don't have today?

Here we are almost a month after the election and if you read the MSM and the Liberal blogosphere you would think we have nothing but doom and gloom ahead of us for the next four years.  That the NDP is naive to think they can make a difference and should sit back, oppose and hold on for the ride. Further these same people assert the NDP and Jack Layton had more influence in the last minority than they have now.

Lets talk about that minority government.  If my Liberal friends wanted to demonstrate progressive leadership they could have amended budgets and government bills or defeated Harper a gazillion times.  How many votes did the Liberals squander when they had the ability to influence Harper's agenda?  

Im sure you all remember the day Michael Ignatieff said enough is enough.  He said he wouldn't vote for the Conservative government budget unless they brought the results of their work to class so he, the teacher, could review it every few months.  He was putting the government on probation or words to that effect.  How did that work out folks?  Is that the kind of influence that Jack and the NDP don't have today? 

Canadians are opposed to the war in Afghanistan. We have been for many years now, yet when called to end the mission in that country, the Liberals voted with Harper to extend our war efforts.  They ridiculed Jack Layton for suggesting people start talks with the Taliban.  Is that the kind of influence that Jack and the NDP don't have today?

How about the time Liberals, NDP and BLOC joined together to force the government to hand over documents pertaining to the Afghanistan detainee issue.  The government by refusing to hand over documents as demanded by Parliament was almost found in contempt and could have been forced to comply by the speaker.  

The Conservatives proposed a committee and Judge to oversee the process. This committee would see documents after some retired Judge looked at stuff  and said you can see this but not this.  The Liberals proclaimed victory, The BLOC joined the other two and the NDP pulled out of the talks and committee, calling it a sham.  The opposition had actually managed to gain back some of the Supremacy of Parliament from the Prime Minister with the speakers ruling.  The Liberals took all those cards and folded. Is that the kind of influence that Jack and the NDP don't have today?
The MSM bought the whole line about a third party and away the Conservatives went, knowing full well they had the tools to run out the clock.  Over a year has gone by, we are further away from the success that was Parliament's before the Conservative committee proposal was agreed to by the Liberals and the BLOC. We know nothing.  

My point with all of this is that minority or not, the last two Conservative governments had their way with the Liberal opposition.

I assert that the NDP enjoys an advantage over the Liberals in opposition. The NDP have great connections with the progressive movements in this country and around the world.  Those movements will be vital in dampening the majority clout of Harper.  The NDP will make propositions to as well as oppose this government.  They will use the house rules where they can, slow the government down in order to rally public support and make the government hear the evidence.

In the end, Harper can ignore the evidence, he can ignore public opinion.  What Harper and I'm guessing a few in the blogosphere and MSM don't know is how Canadians will react when they have had a chance to see for themselves, there is a better way.  

One can hunker down as the Liberals have for the last five years, one can look ahead and see disasters at every turn or you can roll up your sleeves and get to work.

That’s the kind of influence that Jack Layton and the NDP have today. 


Proud to be a Canucks Fan now!


The Vancouver Canucks have removed the offending language on their Facebook page.  Check it out for yourself!  I am proud to be a Canucks fan!!!!!!

Go Canucks Go!!!

Canucks Facebook page allowed Homophobic comments

I am a big fan of hockey as many of my friends will tell you.  Don't get between me and the game on my 40" HD surround sound screen.  I am from BC and now live in Toronto.  I cheer for the Vancouver Canucks because well, my new hometown does not have a hockey team.  Just Kidding Toronto.

I went to a local bar last night to watch the game and play pool.  Its the best.  There are two big screen TVs at either end of the pool table. You can play pool, drink beer and watch the game.  It was exciting for two periods as it was a close game, albeit the Canucks were dominating.  The third saw the Canucks really turn it on and it was awesome to watch.  We won.  Now only two more wins to advance to the Stanley Cup.

Needless to say, I was very happy heading home.  I got home, checked out the high-lites and then checked the Canuck facebook page for pictures. I was a little taken aback by one photo with a clearly homophobic description.  Some fan had uploaded a great image from the game then proceeded to ruin it with hateful language.

I posted a comment stating my objection to the photo's description, several other people did as well.  Still the image remains with the same hateful description this morning.

There is no good reason for the Canucks to allow this kind of comment on their facebook page.  I suggest they have it removed now and ban the person who posted it, or at least screen their future postings.  I love the game of hockey, I love the Canucks. But last night your marketing people drained a lot of excitement out of people.  I am just sick to my stomach.

Help me remain a happy Canucks Fan!

Here's a link to the Photo and caption.


Senate is retirement plan for Conservative Losers

Wow, I didn't think that Stephen Harper could sink any lower on his attitude toward the Senate.  He has.  You might recall that in 2004, Harper, then leader of the opposition stated he would not appoint anyone to the Senate that was not first elected by the province they would represent.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Harper has in fact appointed 21 senators.  Today he appointed 3 Senators that had in fact lost elections to the House of Commons.  The re-appointment of Manning from Newfoundland who was defeated in 2008, then appointed to the Senate in the same year, then resigned from the Senate to run in 2011.  He lost in 2011 and today Prime Minister Harper re-appointed him to the Senate.  The people in Newfoundland have said no to electing this guy twice.  How many times do people have to say the guy is not wanted before the PM stops appointing them to the Senate?

Answer: It doesn't matter what the people of Newfoundland and Labrador think. Harper will appoint all the losers he wants too, democracy be damned!

Smug partisans and reporters laughed and joked about a comment made by Jack Layton during the english debate.  Layton said to Harper, you have changed, you use to care.  You use to be for accountability.  Well, it appears Layton's comment were right on.... 


NDP Opposition will change the rules of engagement

The election is over and all the media can do is laugh at Jack Layton and the NDP because they think they can change things in Ottawa.  Today, NDP MP Charlie Angus spoke to reporters.  When asked how effective the NDP opposition would be in changing or amending the budget, they ridicule Angus for saying the NDP will hold Harper to account.  Witness this twitter moment from a prominent political pontificater...

The Media are at once demanding the NDP pull a rabbit out of a hat and saying it doesn't matter what the NDP does because Harper can do whatever he wants.

That was hardly helpful journalism. Everyone in this country is aware that Harper and his majority of  seats can do what ever the hell he wants to do if he doesn't care about the consequences of his actions.  He has the votes and the right to pass laws and budgets as he sees fit to do.

It might be more helpful if the media understood it as something other than a game.  If they have too treat as a game then consider this.  The board game has 308 pieces, Harper has 166 pieces. The NDP have 103 pieces. Harper got his majority at a voter discount of about 18%.  The NDP paid face value for their seats.  The Liberals paid 25% premium for their seats.  The BLOC and Green's paid an even stiffer premium.

The oppositions job is to offer alternatives and work to amend and or improve legislation and the budget.  The opposition is to ensure the government hears from Canadians that did not vote for the Conservatives. 61% of Canadians did vote for parties other than Conservatives.  That is at least a moral position to come from for the opposition if not an ethical one.

The Official Opposition for the last few years has been invisible or at most ineffective in its job in the House of Commons.  How do the media know that the NDP can not achieve some of the things they say they will if the NDP has never before held the job.

I want to point to something that other parties may have less experience in achieving.  As a long time New Democrat, I can point to our experience in BC.  Within the party membership we had two very diverse groups.  The Environmental wing and the IWA wing.  These groups were consistently at loggerheads over, where to log, how to log, when to log and then what we did with the stuff we did log.

Both wings were well supported in the party.  When elected the NDP government created commissions that looked at three contentious regions, in an effort to get everyone around the table.  It was no easy task and as someone working for a Cabinet minister at the time, I can tell you it was a very difficult time. We did manage to get all the players, first nations, logging companies, unions, environmentalists, tourism operators and local communities to work it out.  In the end they did.

It was the single biggest advance in Land Use planning in North America in decades.  Likely since the creation of the Agriculture Land Reserve which was implemented in 1973 in BC.  The point of this story is that the NDP have experience in negotiating agreements.  They have experience in bringing discordant groups together.  That experience will be useful in Parliament during debate, during committee meetings. You will see NDP MPs asking meaningful questions, putting forward good ideas with the research to support them.  You are about to see a new kind of opposition.

Canadians expect Parliament to work.


Some of the new NDP MP's

There has been so much focus on the NDP's young MP's from Quebec, I thought I would show you a few of the others elected ...  I gathered these from the Vancouver Sun article here. May 8, 2011

Helene Laverdiere

A freelance translator, researcher, and journalist, the woman who knocked off Gilles Duceppe speaks four languages, was posted in Washington, Dakar, Senegal, and Santiago, Chile, and has doctorate in sociology from the University of Bath in England.

Jonathan Genest-Jourdain
Jonathan Genest-Jourdain is a lawyer living in Sept-Iles, where he has practised for four years. He is originally from the community of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam. Since his admission to the Quebec Bar, Genest-Jourdain has been an ardent activist for Aboriginal, Quebec and Canadian heritage. 

Elaine Michaud

Elaine Michaud is an information officer at the Regie de l’assurance maladie du Quebec, the board that administers the province’s public drug-insurance plan, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Ecole nationale d’administration publique (ENAP).
She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science from the University of Laval.

Guy Caron

Guy Caron is a researcher and economist with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP). He previously worked as a journalist with radio stations CKLE and CKMN-FM, and with the newspapers Progres-Echo and Rimouskois while studying science at the Cegep de Rimouski.  Caron has also worked for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the Council of Canadians, where he worked on campaigns relating to Canadian-American relations and health care

Djaouida Sellah

Djaouida Sellah has been a doctor for more than 10 years, and has been a conference speaker with the Heart Foundation of Quebec.
She is a founding member and current president of the Association Quebecoise des Medecins Diplomes Hors Canada et Etats-Unis, representing doctors who obtained their diplomas overseas. Djaouida was also President of the Association Pierre-Boucher of Longueuil

Tarik Brahmi

Tarik Brahmi works for Statistics Canada and volunteers for a cooperative program between Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada that helps the poor receive tax credits.  Brahmi is an active environmentalist and is a member of Mouvement Ecologique du Haut-Richelieu, and the Comite SOS Bois Douglas, an organization fighting the destruction of the last urban forest in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Sana Hassainia

Sana Hassainia has worked in printing for many years. She has also been a French teacher, a radio host, and a freelance editor. Hassainia speaks French, English, Italian and Arabic, and is a dedicated environmental activist, fighting to protect Quebec’s natural resources.

Francoise Boivin

Born and raised in Gatineau, Francoise Boivin has been a labour specialist in the Outaouais for over 20 years. Formerly a Liberal MP before losing to Richard Nadeau of the Bloc in 2006, in 2005 she was named "Top Backbencher of the Year" by Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star. She ran against Nadeau in 2008 as a NDP candidate

see Vancouver Sun for larger list here


We need thicker skins NDP

I am still getting over the huge success of our party in this election.  My first thought was that the NDP did great but if you take Quebec out we just got by.  That's wrong however.  We increased our seat count and if we are to look at the big cities in Canada, we have the big ones.  Downtown Toronto is ours, Vancouver and Montreal.  Throw in Halifax and St. John's and it is time to party.

We have strong bases in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Maritimes and now Quebec. That's a darn good start to forming a national government.  We have four years to show Canadians that we have the stuff, the people and can be the governing party.

That said, its important to understand we will screw up from time to time.  Its bound to happen. To go with our self-made screw-ups will be media created issues that show the bias inherent in Canada's conservative press.  We can not however spend all of our time responding to the agenda of others.

Its also important to understand that the Liberal party would like to see us fail in many ways.  They have a big job to do and it won't be easy if we act and look competent.  Our job is not to make it any easier.  Talk about merging is way too early if it is ever entertained.  We received a fair amount of support from people that previously voted Liberal and if we can grow without a merger, all the better.

The Green party deserves to celebrate for obvious reasons.  They elected their first MP.  That election was in fact the result of NDP and Liberal supporters in her riding lending the Greens a vote to defeat Gary Lunn and to some degree, the idea that having a green party MP will benefit all of us.

The work ahead will be hard.  We will be scrutinized from all angles, right or wrong, the media and our political opponents have their sites set on us.  Best to grow a thick skin and pick our battles, be quick to admit our screw-ups, and move on.  We have earned the right to be here, lets remember the goal is government, not official opposition.  To be government we have to grow.


NDP - will be a new kind of Opposition

“An opposition party can do a lot of things, because a government works in the context of public opinion. And our party can express the attitude of the public, because they voted in large numbers for the NDP. So we have a context that is very different.” - Jack Layton, soon to be Leader of the Opposition.

WOW.  The NDP is the Official Opposition in Ottawa.  It has taken 50 years to do this.  Its no longer just the red door or the blue door.  We can have a voice and we can be the government.  People like me have been waiting a long time to get here and you can bet we are not going to squander this opportunity to show Canadians that we have the right stuff to make Ottawa work.  

I am under no illusions here.  I know it will be hard work and if Harper really does want to do some things he has the votes to ram them through.  Thats the way Ottawa has always worked in majorities and Canadians are fed up with this.  They want a new way forward and they want their leaders to talk to each other, to compromise.

The NDP will have a few stumbles along the way but they will prove to be the best opposition in recent memory.  They have the wind in their sails and a steady hand on the wheel.