Toews gets one week

Social Conservative MP Vic Toews gets one more week in committee for the the Civil Marriage Bill. Toews who was using every delay tactic possible, wrangled one more week of discussion before the committee.

Toews said in a press release earlier today...
"The Liberal plan - backed by the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois - to invoke closure on the committee hearings would have brought Bill C-38 back to the House of Commons by June 9th. Under the extended plan, that won't happen until June 16th, and an extra 20 witnesses will be heard by the committee. These witnesses include legal experts, civil marriage officials, religious organizations, and other interest groups who have unique perspectives on the issue of marriage."

Toews is being deceitful when he says Canadians have not been heard on the issue of same-sex or gay marriage. This is a matter that has been before the Canadian people for over three years. Ontario residents have had same sex marriage for over two years now.

Despite continued warnings that religious organizations would be forced to perform gay marriages against their will, not one case of this has occurred in Ontario or for that matter anywhere else in this country.

The Ontario government has already passed laws conveying all rights of married persons to married same-sex couples. BC has been doing this with respect to gay rights since 1992.

The Defend marriage coalition has been trying to defeat this bill from the beginning and upon seeing that the bill likely has enough support to pass, the coalition has turned to other tactics. They have supported voting non-confidence on the Liberal budget and Conservative efforts to bring the government down any way they can do it, this despite the majority of Canadians being opposed to an election now and supportive of same-sex marriage.

The coalition along with the very large and well-funded American Christian activist organization, Focus on the Family have been working hard to elect social conservatives as Conservative candidates. This move won't affect the current situation, though it could have an effect if Stephen Harper and his Conservatives ever form government. They want to ensure they have the people to repeal any law conveying marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Some of you will be saying once it is law no one will change it. That may be true on many things with respect to rights, its not true this time. As long as the Conservative Party is opposed to same-sex marriage, those supportive will need to ensure the party is never elected to government.

The new overt American style Christian activism within the Conservative party is coming on the heels of the movement's recent successes in the United States in repealing anti-discrimination laws that protected gays, banning gay marriage, ending gay benefit packages from employers and making it against the law to provide family employment benefits to gay families in some States.

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Mayencourt and Barnes agree

Lorne Mayencourt and I agree! Before you start shaking your head read on.

Lorne and I have not agreed on much over the years. It has become even more the case since he was elected.

Mayencourt was seen by many of us as someone that would look out for the gay community across BC when he was elected in the Gordon Campbell landslide of 2001. The community was ready to support him.

Now on the verge of officially losing the election, Mayencourt is saying the gay community abandoned him. Mayencourt went on to say he has represented the community with passion and hard work for the last four years and he complained about having tomatoes thrown at him during Pride parades.
I agree with you Lorne, the gay community has abandoned you but that is where our agreement ends. The community and local press were with you until you started to go back on your word, on your commitments to us.

We know that as MLA you have to represent all of Vancouver-Burrard and that includes a lot of straight folks. We know you were not just there for us. We did not however expect to see you supporting policies and budget cuts that devastated some in the queer communities.
Not once did your most ardent critic expect you to take part in cutting services, to attack the poor and the people that provided services to the poor or those living with mental illness, to sit silently by the side as planning for moving St. Paul's Hospital was being made or to vote for a bill that allow rents to be increased every year.

Mayencourt had ample opportunity to speak up for us. He blew it. There was the legislative committee he chaired on bullying, not a peep out of Mayencourt on the problems of queer kids in schools. The Residential Tenancy act changes that allowed rents to be raised by inflation plus an amount determined by government, (80% of his constituents rent) the budget cuts to Youthquest, no funding increases for HIV/AIDS groups, no new housing dollars or projects, voted to cut seniors bus passes and remove funding of talking books for the blind, took free Provincial park passes away from people with disabilities, voted to cut funding to libraries, and ended FREE adult learning courses that allowed people to get their grade 12.

My lord the list goes on and on.
After the election of Mayencourt in 2001, I called to meet him and offer some advice. I had two reasons for doing this. I was a communications officer for a large AIDS group and secondly, I expected the gay community to be left out in the cold with the Liberal government. We met twice, the first time at Murchies and the second at his apartment.

My advice to Lorne was simple. Keep his promises and meet with the community often. Hire a politically astute staff person and be prepared to lobby his own government hard and if need be speak out against it. Priorities I suggested to Lorne included, AIDS Funding, St. Paul's Hospital, Affordable housing, Youthquest, The LGBTQ Centre, renters rights to pets, and to vigorously fight back against the likes of Mary Polak and the Surrey School Board.

We did not expect Lorne to come out solidly supporting anti-gay school board trustee in Mary Polak in the by-election in Surrey. We certainly did not expect you Lorne to be at her headquarters cheering her on the night she lost. Ted Nebbling earned our respect by refusing to even sit in the same room as Polak was being introduced to you and other Liberals.
I have to be honest, I had no intention of supporting Lorne in the future, I would never support someone with the Campbell Liberals. My hope was that my advice would assist the queer communities. Imagine if he could have delivered on one thing. Imagine if he had spoken out against changes to the residential tenancy act. How many votes would that have gotten him?

Lorne can blame only himself. In fact I am sure if he stopped for a minute he would throw a tomato at himself. He ought too.

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Toews throws Kitchen Sink into debate

Tax Status lost soon, newest biblical prophecy from Harper delegate

Conservative MP Vic Toews warns that his concerns about the Civil Marriage Bill are very real. He told the National Post, it's about churches losing their tax status. "They'll say, 'Well, you've got the right to refuse (to marry same-sex couples), but since you're discriminating in a manner that's similar to racism, that is the equation that is being made here and the arguments, you're not entitled to these kind of income-tax benefits, I know that's coming."

The Christians against equal-marriage pursued arguments beginning with, it would ruin the family, then it would cost too much, next it was church's would be forced to marry gays, now with these arguments having been refuted they toss the kitchen sink in, church's will lose their tax status.

Personally I believe they should anyway, that of course has nothing to do with same-sex weddings!


Nanaimo Happenings

Gay Boy's Coffee Night
at Bocca on Fitzwilliam St, Nanaimo in the old city quarter.
Thursday evenings at 7pm


Women's Crescent Moon Retreat
Rediscover the Sacred Woman Within
spend a week in ~summer camp~ celebrating your whole being through inner and outer activities such as drumming, singing, movement;,ceremony, ritual, art, workshops, swimming, canoeing, and quiet time.

Connect with women of all ages and backgrounds. August 15th ~August 20th 2005 at beautiful Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island.

For further information go to http://www.blogger.com/ or call April Mcleod Smith at 250-752-6845


Family bowling anyone?
Calling all Proud Families
To join the Nanaimo Pride 2005 Bowling night, June 23 @ 7 pm (3 games for $10; 2 games for $7). We've booked 3 more lanes for families with kids, but we need to know if we'll fill them, or if we need to book more! If you are interested, please contact Dawn Thompson at thompsnd@MALA.BC.CA


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VILPS Coffee Nite for the gals
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Come mingle with us at the BISTRO LIGHTHOUSE down on the waterfront in Nanaimo.

Rational marriage talk

For a short history of marriage go to Rational Reasons and his post. It is short, sweet and direct.
"Christians married according to the civil laws of the time, in a family ceremony, and often without any special church blessing. Christians married according to the civil laws of the time, in a family ceremony, and often without any church blessing." - Rational Reasons post, May 28, 2005

Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Focus on the Family photo

The Defend Marriage Coalition is pulling out all the stops in their attempt to kill the Civil Marriage Bill (Bill C38) which provides for same-sex or gay marriage across Canada. They have been emboldened by the recent non confidence vote in which the Government won after the speaker who votes only when there is a tie cast the deciding vote.

In an email to supporters, Terrance Rolston, President of Focus on the Family Canada says every vote counts and encourages people to write their MLA or to use the automated fax and email system they have set up to express their views to MP's.

Now is not the time for supporters of Equal Marriage (Same-sex or Gay) to be over confident. The Civil marriage Bill will come to the House of Commons for a vote soon. This act must pass this time and we will be one step closer to full marriage rights. We have never been closer to achieving equality as we are now. The last step will be for the Senate to pass the bill, which it is expected to do, if the House of Commons passes it.

Take time today or tomorrow, send another message of support for the Civil Marriage Bill. Check out the website at
Equal Marriage

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Christian "Activists"

Lifesite takes exception to the Globe and Mail calling people with "pro family" agenda as Christian Activists. I think the globe got it right. If I want my family included in Canada, my gay family, I am branded as a gay activist by media and evangelical christians. In fact they assert that the gay community has something called "the Gay Agenda". If they ever get copy of the gay agenda, I would be happy if they would share it with me.

It now appears we can officially point to the "Christian Agenda". The Christian "activists" agenda brand me "anti-family". I guess I would have to argue that.

See this story at Lifesite ...
Globe Brands New Pro-Family Conservative Nominees as “Christian Activists”
OTTAWA, May 27, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Globe and Mail columnist Gloria Galloway, in a column today, described new pro-family candidates running in ridings for the federal Conservative Party as “Christian activists,” because of their positions on same-sex marriage.

Monthly 2 Spirit Drumming Circle ~ Vancouver

GayWarriors is hosting a monthly 2 Spirit (G/L/B/T) Drumming Circle and Potluck Feast for All Nations, and All People are welcome.

June 6 is the monthly 2 Spirit Drumming Circle. The gathering is held on the first Monday of each month at St. Paul’s Anglican Church 1140 Jervis St, street entrance, lower hall, at 7 pm. This will be a time of Traditional First Nation’s Teachings, drumming, singing, dancing, and a celebration of us being Two Spirit.

This is clean and sober gathering, they ask that all people respect this.

The goal is to strengthen our Medicine Wheels together so we can take the Two Spirit journey. GayWarriors does not receive funding for programming this program it is a purely a volunteer driven effort and we pass the hat to meet our cost. They need financial support, medicines, tobacco to ask for teachings and support, raw hide to make more drums, and leather to make medicines, and supplies if you’re interested helping, please contact them at via email.


Viagra, Could be too hard.

Seems there is a side effect that may occur with some folks. We all know a fat one has a mind of its own, right?
Viagra causes blindness...
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it has received about 38 reports of the rare condition among Viagra users.

U.S. health regulators said on Friday they have received more than 40
reports of a type of blindness in men taking impotence drugs, mostly involving Pfizer Inc.'s Viagra, but have not determined if the medicines were responsible.

My blogging buddy over at caterwauls suggests something about men waving their stiff wands in a three blind mice kinda way


JerryFalwell.com takes on Fallwell.com

In America there seem to be many ways to get the message out. Fallwell.com is a site operated by Christopher Lamparello. The web site is critical of conservative evangelist Rev Jerry Falwell's views on gays. Falwell's lawyers are claiming their trademark copyright has been violated. See Lamparello's Lawsuit page here.

Fallwell.com uses a common misspelling of Rev. Falwell's name. Lower courts have held that this is a an infringement of the trademark.

It is pretty clear when you go to Fallwell.com that it is not Jerry Falwell's site. The following disclaimer is at the top of the page when you get there...
This website is NOT affiliated with Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell or his ministry. If you would like to visit Rev. Falwell's website, you may click here.

The disclaimer clearly points you to Falwell's official site with a direct link. I cannot imagine being more helpful.

Below the disclaimer is this message...
I was just 12 years old. My family and I were on vacation in Virginia. My dad and I were watching television in our motel room. Jerry Falwell's "Old Time Gospel Hour" was on. Reverend Falwell looked into the camera and, preaching against gay people, said, "Even animals don't do that." That was the first time in my life that I ever felt unworthy of the love of God.

Continue to fallwell.com

The message at Fallwell.com is an important one that should be protected and permitted to continue. Jerry Falwell is one of the richest and most powerful people in the United States. His message is often distorts rational thought to the point he often has to retract his statements, but the damage is done.

After 911 Falwell claimed it was God's wrath, that gays and lesbians brought this punishment on. His retraction received much less press and he accomplished his mission. To spread fear, lies and distortions about gay and lesbian people to further his causes of further persecution of those groups.

Fallwell.com has several great links and is a good resource for those dealing with anti-gay Christians or conservatives. Here are some examples...
The Reverend Dr. Jerry Falwell is completely wrong when he says that gay and lesbian people are sinning and can change. Please take a moment to read why...
What does Dr. Falwell say about gay and lesbian people?
The real unmistakable danger of misinterpreting the Bible
Proof that fundamentalists selectively quote the Bible ~ Fallwell.com
Check it out and or email your support to FallwellComments@aol.com

Onward Christian soldiers

( Sung to James Dobson's American Values Tune with Harper as lead singer)

Fundamentalist Christians are winning nominations across Canada. Primarily these people are focusing on Conservative nominations. The effort is being waged to stop the same-sex marriage bill or to repeal it if it passes and use the notwithstanding clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to do so.

The effort to secure nominations in the Conservative party is being organized by large and extremely well-funded Christian organizations. Some of these organizations are receiving significant funding from well known Americans Evangelical political groups, such as James Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Late last fall Dobson stated that his organization has provided close to a One Million dollars to the Canadian Focus on the Family group. We also learned this past winter that the Catholic Knights of Columbus in the US had spent over $80,000 printing post cards opposing same-sex marriage and delivered these to Catholic organizations in Canada for distribution. An organization spokesperson said at the time, they would spend what it took to stop same-sex marriage in Canada.

Dobson has been using his radio program (paid advertising across North America including some 100 radio stations in Canada) to encourage listeners to join the fight to stop same-sex marriage. The radio program sounds like a regular radio production, it is in reality one hour of advertising for Focus on the Family or Christian Propaganda*.

BC Conservative Nominations so far...

Darrel Reid is a past president of Focus on the Family and former chief of staff for Preston Manning and now the Conservative candidate in Richmond. Cindy Silver was the executive director of the Christian Legal Fellowship for two years in the 1990s and on staff at Focus on the Family. Earlier this year she launched a challenge for a BC Liberal nomination in North Vancouver. She was almost successful and appeared to have the support of the BC Liberal party in her effort to get the nomination from longtime moderate Liberal MLA, Dan Jarvis. Silver tried to distance her previous relationship to Focus on the Family by stating she was a lawyer and you do things your clients want you to do. Silver was the guest speaker last fall to the BC chapter of Real Women's annual general meeting.
For more on Gay or same-sex marriage, Stephen Harper, Evangelicals, Conservative Christians, Gay rights, Bishop Henry, Pope John Paul II, Civil Marriage Act, Mary Polak, Equal Marriage, use the Technorati search box in the side bar. You can find more at "From the Heartlands" where you can use a Technorati search box to find specific information.

* prop·a·gan·da n. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.

Propaganda Roman Catholic Church. A division of the Roman Curia that has authority in the matter of preaching the gospel, of establishing the Church in non-Christian countries, and of administering Church missions in territories where there is no properly organized hierarchy.





Description of Position:
The Project Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and participating in a research project that explores the roles of gender identity and ethnic identity in influencing tobacco use among Aboriginal teenage girls in British Columbia. This position will facilitate the research by coordinating communication among research team members, travelling between communities within British Columbia, assisting with the articulation of research plans, organizing focus group discussions, and ensuring timelines are met. The Project Coordinator will also be responsible for conducting interviews and focus group discussions within diverse Aboriginal communities.


* Knowledge of Aboriginal cultures and demonstrated experience working or volunteering within Aboriginal communities in British Columbia
* Preference given to candidate who has successfully completed or is currently pursuing a Masters degree
* Demonstrated interest in addictions, tobacco use or girls' and women's health
* Experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods, including use of Ethnograph, Nudist, SPSS, and/or other related analysis software
* Experience in conducting focus groups and/or interviews
* Strong verbal and written communication skills
* Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
* Experience in using word processing, database and Internet applications and tools
* Experience in the development and writing of research papers, grants and/or contracts will be considered an asset

Comments: Salary will be commensurate with experience and ability. This position is Part time, working approx. 10 - 15 hours week for five months (this is Phase I of an ongoing project, thus there is possibility of extension). The successful candidate must have access to a vehicle, as some travel within British Columbia is required.

REVISED Application Deadline: June 15, 2005

Please submit your cover letter and resume, stating salary expectation, by e-mail to:

Natasha Jategaonkar
Tobacco Research Co-ordinator
Website: www.bccewh.bc.ca


Email your Support

The Civil Marriage Bill is soliciting public opinion on Same-sex marriage. So over 99% of messages are against equal marriage and less than 1% in favour. Over 3000 opponents have sent messages over the last couple of weeks.

The email address for the committee is CC38@parl.gc.ca

Please take a moment and send the committee an email endorsing Same-sex Marriage!

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Gay couple forced to court

While Parliament diddles away time either by adjourning for the day at taxpayers expense (shame on you Stephen Harper) another Canadian couple is being forced to go to court to get the right to marry.

Colin Snow and Jason Perrino are not speaking about their court challenge in the Northwest Territories. Perrino says in the court challenge...
"Colin and I both wish to legalize our relationship. … It is my wish that my stepdaughter will grow up and recognize her dad and I are a real family.''

Snow and Perrino live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Last June (2004) the Yukon Court made same sex marriage legal in that territory. It is expected the Northwest Territory Court will rule in the favour.

The couple are being forced to go to court as Parliament has yet to pass a same-sex marriage law. The law is expected to come to third reading and be passed before the end of June. At this time Conservative leader Stephen Harper and the Defend Marriage coalition made up of evangelical Christian groups and the Catholic Church are attempting to find means to defeat the Liberal government before the Civil Marriage bill can be passed.

If the Civil Marriage Bill is not passed Canadians in seven provinces and the Yukon will still have the right to same-sex marriage. The new law if passed will apply in all of Canada including provinces that do not recognize same sex marriage. Those provinces are Alberta, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and Nunavut.

The Northwest Territories court challenge will begin May 27, 2005.

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Defend Marriage coalition

Defend Marriage folks are getting desperate. They have and will continue to use what ever means they have at the disposal to defeat the government in order to kill the marriage bill.

"We are witnessing the actions of a desperate and corrupt government. As Senator Anne Cools said, we are up against a Prime Minister who will use the public treasury against the very people to whom it belongs." - Roy Beyer, Defend Marriage Trust in email to supporters

The email goes onto say ...
"The best defense of marriage is a good offence. Other non-confidence votes are on the horizon and there is every indication, the specifics of which I am not free to share, that there will be enough votes to bring down the government in the future."

If you need a reason to call your own MP this should be it. The Evangelical and Conservative fundamentalist MP's are doing everything they can to stop equal marriage rights in Canada.

If they stop us, who else will they go after, will they stop at marriage, what about adoption, custody of children, careers in teaching or counseling. These people were ticked off when Harper proposed the "every thing in marriage except the name marriage" amendment.

Equal Marriage

Check out Equal Marriage today and do as they request. We are so close.

Marriage Bill still alive!

No Election!

There will be no election! At least for now!The good work of Jack Layton to get the additions to the budget means Canadians got something in return from this Parliament.

The passage of the budget and NDP ammendment means that Parliament will contiune to sit and the Civil Marriage bill (Gay or same-sex marriage) will likely get to a vote. If the budget bill had failed today there would have been an election and the marriage bill would have died on the order papers.


Canadians have said several times now, we don't want an election. Lets have it after the Gomery report is issued. Chuck Cadman voted with the government given his constituents wishes despite a rogue Alberta group calling every phone number in his riding asking them to email or phone Cadman and tell him to vote against the budget. A little over the top even for Alberta right wing conservatives.

Queer Canadians lucky. We know!

With the BC election just about over, recounts still to be done, I am back here where I want to be, at Queer Thoughts.

I am reminded often by American readers just how lucky we are in Canada. We know that up here, yet too many of us here are taking things for granted. Harper and many of his Conservative buddies do wish to take away our rights to marry and many of his buddies would go further if they could.

One individual with a great website, Patrick from Kentucky posted here,
"Be thankful the right-wing extremist evangelicals haven't yet taken over your country. I'm from Kentucky and must say that it is as bad as you might think." - Patrick Yaeger, Queer Visions

Those same right-wing extremist evangelicals Patrick mentions are funding Canadian evangelicals in the fight against gay rights in Canada. Stephen Harper's Conservatives and two dozen Liberal MP's are with them. We have to be careful here, many of these people get elected in the next election along with a few more taht will attempt to hide their views. Time to begin exposing the views of those who wish us to be less than full Canadian citizens.

Patrick says on his website ...

"With so many cowards, especially in this country, refusing to stand up for their own gay friends, relatives and colleagues against the anti-gay supremacist onslaught of the religious right, it's heartening to be reminded that courage and hope still exist out there."

For more on the marriage bill, gay rights Stephen Harper, Bishop Henry, James Dobson, evangelicals, use the Technorati search box in the sidebar.

HONOUR for Asian Heritage Month

The Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIA) in association with the Asian Heritage Month Society and Centre A – the International Centre for Asian Contemporary Art is hosting an event called HONOUR for Asian Heritage Month (MAY) to acknowledge the contributions of individuals within our communities to health, pride and respect.

All are welcome and there is NO charge.








Visual Art Exhibition - Charlie Don’t Surf – 4 Vietnamese American Artists:

Dinh Q. LE, NGUYEN Tan Hoang, Ann PHONG, Tran T. KIM-TRANG

PRESENTATIONS – honouring 6 individuals in our community for their contributions to health, pride and respect in our communities.

All are welcome


Who will lead BC

America coming to a Province near you.

It is clearly a case of needing to remain aware of those things going on around us.

Though Canadians tend to be more tolerant with respect to application of law, this was not always the case.

It was not until Trudeau came onto the scene that Government's and political parties have we really accepted or tolerated minorities.

Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal MLAs are bent on changing some of this. There is a power struggle going on in thier party between those in the middle and those to the far right.

Look to who is seeking power in the party. People like Rich Coleman who is anti choice, anti union, and a purveyor of the Stockwell Day vision of Canada, leading us to "one country united under god". Gordon Campbell will not be leader for the full term. Another blogger, The Gazetteer, has a good piece on this here.

So while I remain happy to be in Canada and know the struggles Americans have today, I know it could come here if progressive parties are not elected.

Tomorrow, May 17, I will go cast my ballot for the NDP candidate in Kelowna Mission.


Time Out - Time to elect a government

There is an election on in BC and I am hard at it. If you want to know what has me so hard at it go to Politics in BC, a blog I call "From the Heartlands" commonly known by the people that live there as the "The Hurtlands".

The Campbell Liberals have run amuck in Government. They have set the barn on fire and four years latter have thrown a little water on the burnt out foundation that remains in hopes we see them as trying to put the fire out. Apparently it was the medicine BC needed according to the Liberals.

For my American readers wondering why I might be opposed to a Liberal, the BC Liberals are liberal in name only. They would fit nicely with the George Bush crowd.