Firefighters statement says Mayencourt not telling all the story

Breaking news

Mayencourt's story with panhandler does not match with what a Vancouver City Fire Crew saw ....

This from CKNW ...

Some new information has come to light about the late February altercation involving BC Liberal Lorne Mayencourt and a man described as a panhandler.
Firefighters witnessed the dispute and describe some jostling, leading up to a punch to Mayencourt's face.

"According to the fire crew, Mr. Mayencourt used his open hand and he touched this gentleman on the forearm, where the other gentleman immediately punched Mr. Mayencourt in the face."
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St Paul's is ours, Leave it alone Campbell

Liberals will rip the heart of our soul

Do you live near St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver?

Do you want it to remain where it is?

The Liberal Government is set to move it. They have rather conveniently delayed the decision until after the election. What is motivating the sale and move is considered a win win for Liberal backers and proponent for P3 projects.

Currently St Paul's sits on some extremely valuable real estate. The Libs see the sale of the land developers as a plus. Great one time return. The downside of course is that the development will seriously affect the Westend community.

The community has seen enormous development over the years. Past City Councils and Socred governments have wanted to rip the heart of the community out for years. Mole Hill is an example. This area of older homes had been slated to be torn down for park and highrise development for 25 years or more.

Many people in the community fought back. They saved it. Former MLA Tim Stevenson was a key figure is saving Mole Hill. He lobbied hard, presented the case to BC Housing and they found a workable solution. We saved it. As Tim's CA during this time, I know the effort he put into getting it done. Current MLA, Lorne "Uncle Tom" Mayencourt has tried to take credit for his Liberal government finishing the job.

St. Paul's like Mole Hill is a part of the character of the community. Sell it and that takes away part of the collective soul. How many people have taken their loved one there to be looked after? How many dedicated staff have worked there looking after the diverse community that makes the Westend?
It's not just a building, its the people, the struggles, it belongs to the people, and like no other hospital in BC, you can feel its heart pumping.

I have been there to be with friends dying with AIDS. So many that I can not give you a number. I have spent night upon night with someone no one else knew anymore. I have been angry inside, demanding treatment and respect and we got
it. I have been with nurses there that have cried with me, with their patients, I have seen families come back in after their loved one has passed away to thank the staff for the care and their support.
What I have seen of St Paul's pales in comparison to what my partner Steven saw. He almost died in there in 1996. He died in there on June 9, 2002. He knew the nurses, he knew every little piece of the hospital, he knew the people there before him. He knew the respite staff. He felt the soul of what was St Paul's. He was one of many that made up its soul.

Now today we are facing the loss of what makes St. Paul's different than any other hospital. If St Paul's is moved leaving behind a few services we will all be losers. How can the decision makers not see this. Is health care all about numbers to them? Don't they see the heart? Don't they see or feel the community soul?

A vote for Lorne Mayencourt, no matter what his position is on St Paul's is a vote to take away a part of the soul that makes the Westend home for me, even though now I live in Kelowna. If Lorne had any clout in the Liberal government we would not be talking about moving St. Paul's.

In the names of Cliff, George, Paul, Michael, Mike, David, Jim, Mikey, Daniel, Paul, Archie, Jessie, Jim, Ron, Ron, and my love Steven and many more, lets keep what made their last days, what is supporting so many today, what is the heart of our soul alive.


Homophobia rules the day at Immigration Canada


On February 18, 2005 Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Joseph Volpe announced that spouses and common law partners of Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants – regardless of their status -- will be permitted to remain in Canada pending the outcome of their sponsorship application. This directive from the Minister is being flagrantly disregarded by officials from the Department of Immigration in a case which smacks of homophobia.

Juan Camacho, a citizen of Colombia, and his Canadian partner Einar Maartman, have lived together in a loving relationship since May 2001. The couple lived together in Colombia for two and a half years but were obliged to flee the country for security reasons.

The human rights situation in Colombia is extremely bad and gay people together with other sectors of society are targets of violence both by state and non-state actors. While in Colombia, Juan challenged the legal and social order to win residency for his partner, Einar – something which is unheard of. As a result of this courageous struggle for gay rights in Colombia, Juan and Einar were assaulted, held at gunpoint and suffered continued harassment and death threats.

One year ago, Juan and Einar came to Canada, convinced that the Government of Canada would offer protection and allow the couple to live together. Many prominent and highly credible human rights organizations fully backed Juan’s claim for asylum, highlighting the dangers the couple would face if they were obliged to return to Colombia.

Shockingly, despite the abundance of documentation, Juan’s claim for asylum was rejected on April 19, 2005.

Given the commitment made by Minister Volpe on February 18 of this year, Einar initiated a family-class sponsorship application on behalf of his spouse (Juan and Einar were legally married in Canada on March 19, 2004). The application was received by Immigration Canada on March 14, 2005. Despite the pending application and the Minister’s stated commitment, the Immigration Officer issued a deportation order against Juan effective this May 3, 2005!

Liberal Members of Parliament Mario Silva and Sarmite Bulte both have advised the Immigration Officer of the directives by Minister Volpe. However the Immigration Officer maintains that the deportation order will not be lifted.

We need your help! Please see the opposite side of this page for a sample letter you can send yourself to Minister Volpe. Time is of the essence, so please act today! For further information, you can contact us at 647-998-3650/647-280-6749 anytime. Email: einarmaartman@hotmail.com. Thank you!

The Honourable Joseph Volpe, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa, ON., K1A 0A6

RE: Mr. Juan Fernando Camacho Tamayo, File # 3792-4271-6308; Removal Order-Request for Minister’s Intervention

Minister Volpe,

I am writing in support of Mr. Juan Camacho, a failed refugee claimant from Colombia who has received a deportation order for May 3rd, 2005.

Mr. Camacho’s Canadian partner, Einar Maartman, sponsored Mr. Camacho on March 10, 2005 and the application and received by CPC Vegreville on March 14, 2005. That application preceded the negative decision on PRRA by a few days (which was issued March 17th, 2005).

I am very concerned about the deportation order. Mr. Maartman and Mr. Camacho have been in a long-term relationship and were married on March 19, 2004. They are counting very much on having their sponsorship application duly processed by CPC Vegreville. Mr. Camacho has recently been issued a work permit valid until February 7, 2006.

I am aware of progressive new policy governing sponsorship application announced by you on February 18th, 2005, whereby spouses and common law partners of Canadain citizens or permanent residents, regardless of their status, will be allowed to remain in Canada while their immigration application is being considered.

In the spirit of offsetting the hardships that Mr. Maartman and Mr. Camacho would experience if they had to be separated during the application process and the very real risks they would face if forced to return to Colombia, I respectfully request:

a) The immediate stay of the deportation order.

b) Review of the sponsorship policy and its application in this case.

c) Review of the PRRA Officer’s decision; I am concerned it is informed by a homophobic bias.

Your immediate attention to and assistance with this case would be appreciated.



Minister of Immigration, The Honourable Joseph Volpe, Volpe.J@parl.gc.ca,

Fax- 613-992-9791, Tel- 613-992-6361

Please c.c. Your e-mail and fax to the following:

Member of Parliament, Mario Silva, Silva.M@parl.gc.ca, Fax-613-995-8202 /416-654-5683

Member of Parliament, Sarmite Bulte, Bulte.S@parl.gc.ca, Fax-613-995-1529

Christian teacher goes too far in Quesnel

"Sexual orientation can be changed and the success rate for those who seek help is high. My hope is that students who are confused over their sexual orientation will come to see me. It could save their lives." ~ Chris Kempling, Quesnel school teacher and student counselor, Letter in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer, February 2004

The BC Civil Liberties Association said Friday in BC Appeals Court there is a limit to freedom of speech and I agree with them. As someone that has worked with many gay men that have been told they were diviants, they could change if only they tried and prayed, i have seen the damage people like Kempling do.

Our youth need to be suppported. It is nothing short of Child abuse when Chris Kempling and his ilk tell our youth they are sinners or can be someone they are not. It is unacceptable and extremely damaging to these youth and they should not be permitted to do this in our schools. The Quesnel School Board should dismiss him.

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"Queer Hydro Bill"

Straight reports "Queer Hydro Bill"
CBV Collection Services Ltd. On April 13, the caller left a message at 7:36 p.m. stating:
“Michael Bishop, you’re a queer. You need to pay your Hydro bill.”
more here ...

Now watch the Right wing social conservatives say "don't worry" as this is an isolated incident!

ZAPatero Pope Benedict XVI


Spain's Zapatero government has eliminated mandatory Catholic religious instruction in schools, approved a bill in the first step towards full legalization of same-sex marriage. The Bill will now go to the Senate for approval and according to most media reports, it will pass.

Spain's new government didn't stop there, they have added "no fault divorce" in a country that is is 94% catholic.

I suspect we have one unhappy Pontiff! He just got ZAPateroed!

see also: Section 15 article 4. Pope Rats frets losing power in Spain and if you need the Pope, perhaps you need devine intervention, instant online Prayer help is available. Have You Had Enough Yet bloggers have this.


e writ has dropped and the gloves are ON!

Yep, Sean Holman at the Vancouver Sun gets the good stuff. I got this email as well.

From: Lorne Mayencourt [mailto:info@lornemayencourt.com] Sent: April 20, 2005 12:32 PM

Subject: The writ has dropped and the gloves are ON!


The 2005 Provincial election campaign has officially begun. BC will be going to the polls on May 17th and Lorne Mayencourt needs your vote. Lorne Mayencourt is the incumbent Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Burrard.

For the past four years, Lorne has committed his tireless energy to improving our community and making Vancouver-Burrard a place where Safe Schools, Safe Streets and Safe Communities is more than just a slogan. Lorne needs your help to continue the progress. (Yeah Right!)

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Pretending to be Lorne Mayencourt

Lorne Mayencourt, Vancouver's worst kept secret...

I found this bit of news while looking for updated info on the the Gay "Uncle Tom" Lorne Mayencourt and his favourite Liberal Candidate, Mary Polak.

It's from the Vancouver Courier ...

Someone suggests Lorne spend five days pretending to be Lorne Mayencourt. We all laugh uproariously.

- Friday, 1:15 p.m.: Lorne announces he'd like to spend five days pretending to be Courier columnist and satirist Michael "Look at my joystick" Kissinger. I do the research. It can be done, Kissinger tells me, but is Lorne circumcised? I ask.

"No problem," Lorne says. "Last year, I spent five days pretending to be a ritual mohel. Hand me that knife."

I look on in awe. George Plimpton never did that.
Dear Courier,

Lorne was kidding, he told me he was circumcised, not that I know why he told me, maybe he thought I was cute.



does not bode well for people

Sister Jeannine Gramick says the choice of Ratzinger, who as the Vatican's guardian of doctrine silenced her and Father Robert Nugent in a 1999 order, will likely prevent the church from "moving into the 21st century and out of the Middle Ages."

"It does not bode well for people who are concerned for lesbian and gay people in the church," she said.
Note: Sister Jeannine Gramick was ordered by a Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to stop ministering to gays and lesbians


Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The New Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger from Germany.

He won on the fourth ballot. Ratzinger is a former member of the Nazi youth and supported the Franco regime in Spain. Could there be a more conservative person to choose for Pope, that's unlikely. Ratzinger was and is very opposed to condom distribution, women clergy or deacons and gays.

Are any of you surprised?

"The patience is hard, being charitable to those in power that condemn you is not easy and sometimes not possible. Too many gay people are being hurt by religion. Many have died due to the Church’s teaching. Many have been denied their soul." - from The Pope and Cliff

More thoughtful reflection later... 'tis another sad day for those in Africa dealing with AIDS, for women and queers everywhere.


The Laramie Project (Kelowna)

The Laramie Project features eight vibrant and amazingly talented actors portraying 70 different characters from the community of Laramie Wyoming. The poignant story of the death of Matthew Shepard is one that needs to be told, and the Kelowna Actors Studio succeeds in telling it in an extraordinary and eloquent fashion. This play will make you laugh, it will definitely make you cry, and hopefully it will make you think about how fear, discrimination and hatred can alter the course of people's lives.

If there is one performance you simply should not miss this year, it is The Laramie Project. The show's run has been extended and will now run from Friday night up to and including Sunday night. Tickets are available through www.communitix.com , by phone at 763-1849, or you can take your chances for tickets at the door (although I would advise everyone to buy in advance...)

Speculation on Politics

This post is a response to one I sent in response to some postings on the Egale Canada list. There has been some speculation the NDP will introduce a non-confidence motion on Thursday. Further, some suggested that if the NDP did this they would never forgive them. My response is below...

1. As a long time New Democrat I can tell you that I do not expect the NDP to be the ones to bring down the Government. Same-sex marriage and Kyoto are issues the NDP has led on and are considered important to New Democrats.

2. Not one political party in Canada has a better record than the NDP on same-sex marriage or LGBTT2QQI* issues provincially or federally.

3. Not one leader has been anywhere near as supportive and outspoken for our rights today or in the past than Jack Layton.

All this speculation about the NDP bringing down the government is somewhat curious, comes from those not informed and or is part of the Federal Liberal scare tactic used in the last election to get NDP supporters to vote Liberal. Ironic that in the end what the scare tactic did was elect a couple conservatives on the Prairies by a hundred+ votes and one in BC by the same margin, in each case the NDP was second. Had the Liberals not done this they would have elected a majority of NDP and Liberals.

That said, the issue here is in the hands of the Conservatives and the Liberals. If the Liberals want an election they will do something that ticks everyone off, if the Conservatives see the polls moving them into a big lead in Ontario, we will have an election.

Finally with BC being a big battle ground during the next election and a provincial election to officially begin Tuesday, the NDP does not want to face a federal election at the same time. Federal Liberals and Conservatives in BC will be working hard for Gordon Campbell, resources for all three national parties would be severely stretched. The other important piece is that federal parties will not get federal money until June. They are all broke.

Don't forget, none of us would be talking about this if the sponsorship fiasco had not occurred.

LGBTT2QQI* Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2 Spirited, Queer, questioning, Intersex


It’s up to us to stop listening

Few followed Pope’s return to Dark Ages

"The great irony in all of this is that by keeping the Catholic Church stuck in the past, the pope has only helped to hasten the demise of the institution he was so desperately trying to save. A faith that becomes irrelevant to its followers will surely die." - John Murphy The Georgia Straight, April 14, 2005

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Failed Representation

Failed Representation

The not so new alliance of reformed conservatives has often championed in the past, a view that its members must vote the way their constituents tell them to vote. Same-sex marriage seems is different.

Here in British Columbia, polls have consistently shown the majority support same-sex marriage. The latest poll to be published on the matter was released March 1, 2005. That poll by Mustel indicates 35% strongly support same sex marriage while 30% strongly oppose. People somewhat opposed came out at 9% province a total of 39% opposed overall. 21% indicated they were somewhat supportive, making the number 56% supportive.

All of the 22 Conservative MPs from this province, save one, are voting against same-sex marriage. 8 Liberal and 5 NDP MPs are voting for same-sex marriage. 62% of the elected representation from BC will vote against same-sex marriage in a province where almost 60% support it.

It seems the conservatives are really not representing the people of BC on this issue. Why is that? How could that happen with a party that has consistently said they will vote the way their constituents want them too?

Are these MP's using unscientific surveys to gather information, householder response cards, making pleas to churches to get people to write them?

People who are opposed to something are more likely to respond to a householder or survey. Interest groups like churches and focus on the family are able to muster a very high number of their membership to email, phone and fax MPs.

Who do they meet and who makes up their local support base? Who do they hear from the most?

I suggest that many of these Conservative MP's listen to their party members and supporters, largely people 50+.

The real answer as to why Conservative MPs will vote against same sex marriage has more to do with their personal views and financial supporters. I have nothing against MPs deciding to vote their personal views. We don't elect people to Parliament and then say stop thinking. No what we do is expect they will be true to their word and offer a believable response for a change in direction. Not a phony email count or survey results.

These Conservatives purport to express the views of their constituents. If that is the case then some of them must know they are not doing that. So much hypocrisy.

Note: 57% of people under 55 in BC support same-sex marriage, 63% under 34 support it, even those over 55 support same-sex marriage by the slim margin of 48 to 47.

Harper's holy alliance

The Christian Right is rallying its crusaders in the wake of Harper losing his motion this week in Parliament. They are putting up a brave face too. They tell us they expected to lose and perhaps they did. Their goal is delay and or kill the bill with an election, hoping Harper will win.

Now they are not really all that happy with Harper either. Same-sex unions to them is almost as bad as marriage. Harper caught a few of them by surprise when he proposed same-sex unions equal to but not marriage last December after the Supreme court ruling.

Lifesite news sums up the Crusaders viewpoint in an editorial today;

"Christians thus do not advocate for civil unions as a compromise measure in the marriage debate. Such a compromise would undermine the central issue in that it would demonstrate a lack of concern for those actively involved in homosexual activity. Such a proposal amounts to ghetto-ization as opposed to healing."

Still the Crusaders have no where else to turn. Harper is their man and they have to support him for now. The best case scenario for these modern day crusaders, hunters of the unbelievers would be an election. They will focus their efforts in selected constituencies, on those Conservative and Liberal Candidates that plan to vote for same-sex marriage.

Should Harper win the election these folks will claim victory as they did in United States. Pressure will be applied on Harper to use the notwithstanding clause to stop same-sex marriage. Harper will kneel and beg their forgiveness and he shall be forgiven.

Crusaders are unable to accept or perhaps comprehend a secular society. Tolerance of differing views from their own are wrong. They have all the answers. It is their mission to seek out all that is "ungodly" and "exterminate" it for the good of mankind. They are able to suspend rational thought to put aside science. Is it any wonder they thought the world flat, if you said otherwise you were a heretic. Here is more from the editorial I referred to above...

"Legalizing same-sex marriage would amount to societal approval of such destructive behavior. As it has often been said, the law is a teacher. If society is granting unions of this nature the status of marriage, they certainly can't be wrong, the teaching goes. That teaching will bring death, physical death through exually transmitted diseases, emotional and psychological death through dysfunctional relationships and worst of all spiritual death through loss of salvation."
Its not just us gays they are after...

Like those inclined to sex outside marriage, to adultery, to masturbation and other sexual aberrations, those with homosexual inclinations are called to chastity outside marriage and fidelity within it (should they choose to marry persons of the opposite sex).

So what happens if the Crusaders are able to stop same-sex marriage. What's next on Gods todo list? Fortunately we don't have to guess, the plan is already in place in the United States.

  • Text books in schools will have stickers on them warning the reader that the book contains the theory of evolution

  • Universal Childcare will be banned

  • Church run schools will be 100% funded by the government

  • Women will be expected to have several children

  • A woman's right to choose ended

  • Condoms will be banned as there will be no need for them

  • Sex Education won't include anything about sex

  • Women will become subordinate to their husbands

  • Employee rights will be severely curtailed

  • Government will get out of health care, education and welfare

  • Books that provide a different point of view will be burned

Does all that sound ridiculous? Do you think I am making too much of this?

Think again. All of these things have or are happening in the United States and more is coming. All of these things occur where ever "one Thought" is the law. China and Iran are two great examples.

Back to Stephen Harper and his very holy alliance with Crusaders. Look at what the delegates to his party's convention did. They voted 75% for defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. They narrowly missed banning most abortions. Had the Conservative convention been held in Calgary instead of Quebec, they would have passed the motion.

The vast majority of MP's from Harper's party have been endorsed by evangelical founded Christian pro-life and anti-gay organizations. Do you really think that if they had the control of Parliament they woudn't move to change Canada?

These groups will continue to receive financial support from rich American evangelical and conservative foundations. They will continue to be influenced by the success of George W. Bush.

If you think this is just a battle over a few gay folks getting married, look south.

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Are Americans saying yes to gays in sports?

Sports Illustrated polls Americans on Gays and Lesbians in sports

Interesting that this magazine decided to do this kind of polling. It is a step forward and some of the answers are surprising. Below are a few of the poll results. There is much more at SI.com.

The poll shows a growing acceptance of gays and lesbians in the United States. It does however indicate some concerns with gays and children. We have a long way to go yet!

Sports Illustrated poll

It is OK for gay athletes to participate in sports, even if they are open about their sexuality
Agree: 78% Disagree: 22%

It is OK for male athletes to participate in sports even if they are openly gay Agree: 86% Disagree: 14%

It is OK for female athletes to participate in sports even if they are openly gay Agree:78% Disagree: 22%

It's OK for homosexuals to participate in sports provided they are not open about their sexuality
Agree:40% Disagree:61%

Having an openly gay player hurts the entire team
Agree:24% Disagree:76%

Survey conducted for NBC/USA Network by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc. Methodology: Penn, Schoen and Berland conducted 979 interviews among the general population from March 18-21 of this year. The margin of error sampling is +/-3.1 overall and larger for subgroups.


Canadians say "vote on same-sex marriage"

Harper's delay tactics not what Canadians want nor expect

A poll completed by environics says Canadians want MP's to vote on same-sex marriage now. It has been going on now for over two years and the time has come to settle the issue. Harper and the Conservatives are trying to delay the bill, using every stall tactic they can to stop the bill from being voted upon. The next vote is scheduled for next week. If the Conservatives stall tactics are successful, they could push back that vote.

Harper's motion to kill the bill failed today in Parliament by a vote of 164 to 132. The four Conservatives that support same-sex marriage voted against Harper's motion.

See the release below from Canadians for Equal-Marriage

Apr 12, 2005
Canadians – including most Tories - overwhelmingly reject Harper’s plan to filibuster equal marriage bill

OTTAWA – A striking 76-percent of Canadians are sending a stern message to Tory Leader Stephen Harper: it’s time for Parliament to finally vote on the equal marriage bill.

The data is part of an independently commissioned poll released today at a press conference in Ottawa by Canadians for Equal Marriage (CEM).

The poll, conducted by Environics Research Group, asked Canadians across the country whether or not they feel there has been enough discussion of the issue of same sex marriage. Three quarters of respondents indicated that not only has there been enough debate, but it’s time for a vote. And those numbers are consistent in every region, every age group, every religion and every political party.

“Stephen Harper is clearly out of step with Canadians. He’s also out of step with Conservative Party voters – 70 per cent say it’s time to move on to other issues,” said Alex Munter, spokesperson for CEM. “There is not a single, undecided MP in this House of Commons and very few undecided Canadians. Voters expect MPs to settle this issue and focus on the many other pressing issues in the country.”

Yet undaunted, the Tory leader is poised to filibuster the government legislation by triggering yet another debate on the bill even if, later today, MPs vote down his plan to exclude lesbian and gay Canadians from the protection of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

MPs have been debating equal marriage for nearly two years, ever since it became legal in Canada. After holding cross-country hearings in 2003, the Commons Justice Committee voted in support of equality. In September of that year, the Commons rejected a Canadian Alliance motion to use the notwithstanding clause to trump the Charter of Rights. The issue was debated during the 2004 election and again in the Commons after the bill was tabled February 1.

Two thousand and twenty two Canadians from across the country were surveyed for this poll. DETAILED SURVEY BREAKDOWN AVAILABLE HERE


"Will kick Mayencourt's living ass!"

Vancouver's toughest dudes declare they, "will kick Mayencourt's living ass!"

Mayencourt is the Safe Streets Act enforcer, Gordon Campbell's man in the Westend of Vancouver, Mary's token gay guy, Uncle Tom to most gay guys, he has never missed an opportunity too good to do any good to ignore ...

The Tyee tells this chilling tale,

No one is safe

"Things are bad enough here already.

One guy who lives down the street from me told a chilling tale. He was getting on a Robson bus recently when he discovered he didn’t have the exact coins. “Does anybody have some change?” he asked the passengers. Suddenly a short, smiling man rushed onto the bus and began beating him about the head and face, screaming, “No panhandling in my riding, you dope-addled sponge! Get a job!” The mysterious vigilante then kissed several babies and fled. A trail of campaign literature led back to Mayencourt’s Library Square offices." - By Steve Burgess

Read the rest of this sordid story at The Tyee

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Surprise! Age matters ~ Same-sex marriage

CBC released the results of a national poll on same-sex marriage. The poll shows Canadians divided on same-sex marriage.

Like other polls it identifies Canadians under 29 are the most likely to support gay marriages and those over 65 are more likely to be opposed.

Canadians born in Canada are evenly split 50% supporting same-sex marriage and opposed. Those Canadians born elsewhere are 65% opposed.

The poll suggests the Liberals and NDP are more in tune with younger Canadians and the Conservatives base is much stronger in older populations. Most of us could have made that general observation.
Tomorrow, Tuesday April 12, the House of Commons will vote on Stephen Harper's hoist motion. The motion if passed, essentially kills the Civil Marriage Bill. This vote is critical if Parliament is to pass this legislation. It will be interesting to see who stays away tomorrow to avoid voting. There is and will be increased pressure applied by the Defend Marriage brigade on the four Conservative MP's that have indicated they will support the marriage bill and on Liberals, especially those in Ontario that have said they support or have not indicated which way they will vote.

The Gomery Inquiry plays a big part in the eventual success of the Civil Marriage Act. If the government falls before the legislation is passed or if scared Ontario Liberals fear too much voter backlash, they may decide to sit out the vote or vote against same-sex marriage.

If the Bill fails there will be court challenges in Alberta and other jurisdictions supported by the eight provincial and territorial high courts that have said it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex marriage.

87% of the Canadian population now lives in a jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriages. The law if passed would ensure same-sex marriage across Canada.

This is only the first part of the debate for equal marriage. It will continue into the next federal election. Stephen Harper has promised to pass a law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman if elected. Harper is suggesting to Canadians that this is possible without using the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights. Harper is either ignorant of constitutional law or deliberately deceiving Canadians.
Canadians that oppose same-sex marriage in some cases may not be supportive of efforts to use the Charter to block them. If the notwithstanding clause is required then you are actually taking deliberate steps to prevent some Canadians from accessing the rights they are entitled too. That is a different story.

Some of us actually respect the law of Canada and our Constitution.

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Living Will - To all politicians

A Dear friend emailed this to me today. I suggest you consult a lawyer before using this living will, it does make a point however.



I, -----------------------, being of sound mind and body, do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means.

Under no circumstances should my fate be put in the hands of politicians who couldn't pass ninth-grade biology if their lives depended it. If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to sit up and ask for a coffee, it should be presumed that I won't ever get better. When such a determination is reached, I hereby instruct the attending physicians to pull the plug, reel in the tubes, and call it a day.

Under no circumstances shall the members of the Legislature enact a special law to keep me on life-support machinery. It is my wish that these boneheads mind their own damn business, and pay attention instead to the health, education, and the future of the millions of Canadians who
aren't in a permanent coma.

Under no circumstances shall any politicians butt into this case. I don't care how many fundamentalist votes they're trying to scrounge for their run for office, it is my wish that they play politics with someone else's life and leave me the hell alone to die in peace.

I couldn't care less if a hundred religious zealots send e-mails to legislators in which they pretend to care about me. I don't know these people, and I certainly haven't authorized them to preach and crusade on my behalf. They should mind their own damn business, too.

If any of my family goes against my wishes and turns my case into a political cause, I hereby promise to come back from the grave and make his or her existence a living hell.



Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann in the Bushes

Click here to go to an EXCLUSIVE Bachmann Footage at Minnesota Same-Sex Rally - Pics by Paradise Is Where I Am

Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann tried a tricky and devious maneuver in the State Capital to ban same-sex unions while Senators and others were outside the House at a rally. It did not work.

The funny part is that she thought it was possible, then she went outside and hid in the bushes to watch the rally. This woman is a Senator? She is running to be elected to the US Congress where if elected she can hide behind another Bush!

You have to go look at these Pictures! Scroll down when you get to the blog to see them!

You can check out another blog Dump Michele Bachmann

Nanaimo Pride

Wonderlust Productions will be producing the 2005 Pride Picnic & Dance to be held at the Cavallotti Lodge on June 18th, 2005 in Nanaimo for the local Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender community. Hosting the events will be Winter Wonderlust Queen, HRH Conni Smudge. The theme for this years Pride is "A Show Of Colours".

For daytime activities on June 18th, there will be a FREE Bar-B-Que, a motorcycle Show & Shine, Marketplace and games for the kids. Daytime activities will run from 10:30 to 3:00pm with the doors re-opening for the Dance at 8:00pm. Tickets for the Dance are $12.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door. More details coming.

If you would like to be involved in Pride as a Marketplace Exhibitor, enter the Show & Shine, or have something else to offer the community, please call Willow at The House of Indigo, 310 Fitzwilliam St, (250) 754.1022 or contact Wonderlust Productions (wonderlust@hotmail.com) at (250) 758.3887.

How many times can the Liberals go to that well?

It looks like a battle is brewing as you will see at Peace Order and Good Government, eh?

Liberals are marginally better than the Conservatives in my books. The stuff from the sponsorship inquiry is getting stinkier and it will stick to Martin. It will take several clothes pins to vote Liberal for some people.

The next election will have the Liberals on the defense. Then some Conservative will say something on abortion and we will all forget about the Liberals and scandal or will we?

How many times can the Liberals go to that well?

I am furious that they have done this, they have now put the Civil Marriage Bill at risk of dying on the order paper. Worse, they have made it easier for a whole lot of people to consider holding their noses (one less clothes pin needed now) and voting for Stephen Harper.

If the Liberal Party really took over a million dollars why haven't they offered to pay it back yet. Deny, deny, deny. Liberal bloggers are doing their best to defend their government. They are sticking with them. It has to be tough I am sure. If they want to help Martin and crowd, tell his party to accept some responsibility for this, to set up a fund to pay back the money, at least then people will see a small bit of integrity come back.

I will be supporting Jack Layton in the next election. At least the Federal NDP are not tainted as the likes of Harper or the Liberals.

If voters in the next election look at voting for the NDP where they see the Liberal candidate is toast we can still stop a majority Conservative government.

Friends of mine in the gay community are pissed. They bought the line in the last election to vote Liberal to prevent the Conservatives from getting into power. Not this time, most of them are voting NDP. One of those friends will likely post here to say he is still with the Liberals but I bet he is not as strong a Liberal as he was. We will find out.

Liberal magic may still prevail, they always seem to find a way, I have doubts this time as you have read above.

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Stephen Harper's motion to kill MarriageBill

The wording of Stephen Harper's motion that if passed on April 12, will kill the marriage bill.

“this House declines to give second reading to Bill C-38, An Act respecting certain aspects of legal capacity for marriage for civil purposes, since the principle of the Bill fails to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others and fails to recognize and extend to other civil unions established under the laws of a province the same rights, benefits and obligations as married persons.”.
The preceeding posting asks you to contact your MP and tell them you support the Marriage Bill. I just spoke to an MP that tells me their offices is being flooded with emails again from Christian and right wing social conservatives. We need to send our own. I have sent emails to all MP's as well as a seperate one to my own MP here in Kelowna.

Send this request out to all your contacts. We need thousands of us to respond. Each one sent will add to the numbers.

Thank you for taking the time to let your MP know you support Equal Marriage!

Contact you MP ASAP! Save Same-sex marriage

The first vote on the government's Equal Marriage Bill (Bill C-38) will be this Tuesday, April 12.

It's a vote on Stephen Harper's motion to kill the bill. WE MUST WIN THIS VOTE OR THE MARRIAGE BILL WILL DIE!

We have a small lead in the vote count, but there are dangers. Will all supportive MPs show up to vote? Will the four supportive Conservative MPs dare to vote against their leader's motion?
Canadians for Equal Marriage urges you to contact your MP today!

Go to Canadians for Equal Marriage Go to Step 1 and E-mail all MPs. At Step 1 you can also find your MP and get their phone and fax numbers. Simply tell them you support equal marriage, you support Bill C-38.

Opponents of equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are pulling out all the stops before the final vote. Today, Saturday, April 9, tens of thousands of opponents held their "March for Marriage and Freedom" on Parliament Hill.

Stephen Harper himself addressed the crowd! He told people, "if just a few more Liberals can be persuaded to change their vote, we can kill Bill C-38 in its tracks."

We're bracing for a storm of opposition messages flooding MPs' offices between now and Tuesday. It's important that MPs hear from our side too!!

We have the opportunity to settle this issue once and for all. But we can only win this fight with your help. Please contact your MP today.

Use this link to e-mail all MPs. It only takes a few seconds.


Today, on Parliament Hill, Stephen Harper once again pledged to bring in legislation to define marriage as a man and a woman.

We all know an election may be called soon. But before any election call will be Tuesday's vote. It may be the last time Parliament votes on equal marriage. Let's make it a positive one!! Let's ensure MPs know that many of their constituents support equal marriage.

Please help today. Don't delay. Please also pass this message on to your friends and your networks.

This is a crucial time. Please take action now.

Laurie Arron
Political Coordinator
Canadians for Equal Marriage

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Pope, Opus Dei and the ultra-right-wing

Who was Pope John Paul 2?

and what is Opus Dei?

The Pope was well connected to a highly secretive Catholic organization, Opus Dei. He gave the organization special status in the Catholic Church, allowing it to work freely without worrying about local Bishops or Cardinals calling them to task.

I have added some links to websites that have extensive information on the operations of Opus Dei and their agenda. Check them out and you will have a better understanding as to what the real danger behind John Paul's papacey presented to us all and what lays ahead.

Only three current Cardinals under the age of 80 were not appointed by Pope John Paul 2. The Pope has assured that the Catholic Church will stay true to his view of the world for years to come as a result of these appointments. Those looking for a new Pope to open up the church to addressing poverty, open up to women and allow contraception will need the "devine intervention" their faith tells them is possible.

Vicente Navarro Professor of Public Policy at Johns Hopkins University writes John Paul 2 ...

"... was groomed for the Papacy, long before he was elected Pope, by the ultra-right-wing sect Opus Dei. This secret organization was founded by Monsignor Escrivá, a Spanish priest who was formerly a private confessor to General Franco, organizing spiritual meetings for the Spanish fascist leadership. Opus Dei chose John Paul as the candidate for Pope very early in his career, when he was bishop of Krakow. His conservatism and anti-communism were very attractive to this sect."

Vicente Navarro's background piece on Pope John Paul 2 is available at Counterpunch, "Opus Dei and John Paul II: A Profoundly Rightwing Pope."

Other sites of interest ...

Opus Dei - The Unofficial Homepage Independent and critical information about Opus Dei. www.mond.at/opus.dei

Opus Dei Awareness Network US-based non profit organization; provides information, outreach and support to those adversely impacted by Opus Dei. Coordinates worldwide anti-Opus Dei ... www.odan.org

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Pope no friend of queer communities

6,000 people die in Africa from AIDS - Pope said "you will go to hell if you use condoms"

The Pope stuff is just about finished. He was burind today, now we have only eight more masses and the election of another Pope. It should all be out of the way in a couple of weeks.

The Pope is being given a great deal of credit for bringing down communism and connecting with other faiths. Those are good things. He also saw the Catholic Church grow by 250 million members during his time as Pope. If you are a Catholic that is a good number.

What else has he done? Like Bush he did not sanction condom use in Africa, forbidding it actually. Recently he chastised Bishops in Spain for saying it could be okay to wear condoms to prevent HIV in that country. In Africa, 6,000 people a day die as a result of AIDS. The church continues to fight against promotion of condoms, telling the flock they will go to hell if they use them and George Bush says the US government won't financially support any agency that does not "preach" abstinence as the primary means to prevent HIV.

Bill Clinton said that John Paul "may have had a mixed legacy," but he called him a man with a great feel for human dignity. "There will be debates about him. Bush said Pope John Paul was excellent.

The gay community has little to be thankful for with the JP2 reign. The Pope had nothing good to say about us and had taken strong measures to increase official church sanctioned discrimination against the gay communities.

Ethan Jacobs has a chronology of the pope's words on homosexuality. Here is an example;
December 1, 1983: The Vatican releases its official sex education pamphlet, An Educational Guidance in Human Love," which calls homosexuality both a "disorder" and a "social maladaptation." The document's vision of sex education for gay and lesbian people is a stern warning not to have any. The Vatican's guide also lists several potential causes for homosexuality: "lack of affection, immaturity, obsessive impulses, seduction, social isolation and other types of frustration, depravation in dress, license in shows and publications.''

October 30, 1986: Just in time for Halloween, the Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith releases the "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons," which warns bishops against being misled by the "deceitful propaganda" of gay activists.

Stepping up the rhetoric a notch from previous statements, the document argues that even an "inclination" to homosexuality bordered on the level of "an intrinsic moral evil." In reference to the AIDS crisis the Congregation laments that gay activists continue their push for equality in spite of evidence that "homosexuality may seriously threaten the lives and well-being of a large number of people."

The Congregation also blames gay activists for anti-gay hate crimes, arguing that while such crimes are lamentable, "when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right [one should not be surprised when] irrational and violent reactions increase."

See more here

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Daily Kos points to Mississippi Christian tyranny

From Daily Kos ...

"As if you didn't have enough on your plate in regards to religious issues with the federal government, let's look at what the state of Mississippi passed the other day in their legislature:"

"JACKSON, Miss. -- Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour indicated Wednesday he was inclined to sign a bill that would require all public buildings to have postings of the Ten Commandments, "In God We Trust" and excerpts from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

The Mississippi House overwhelmingly approved the measure without much debate Wednesday. The Senate approved it Tuesday, but not before one lawmaker tried to kill the bill. Barbour spokesman Pete Smith said "the governor is inclined to sign" the bill into law."

What gays are getting from Religion...

Cathie from Canada has a a hard hitting cartoon posted to her site. See why a picture is worth a thousand words. Religion and Gays

Anti-gay teacher writes on Myth of Homophobia

Kempling on Homophobia

Kempling writes moderate gays support some of his views, perhaps he is referring to the Gay "Uncle Tom's" out there. People like Lorne Mayencourt the BC Liberal MLA in Vancouver-Burrard.

Kempling says...

"Given the evidence and the response of moderate gays, I suggest that the Social Justice leaders of the BCTF seriously re-examine their priorities, and the resources endorsed by our union to implement the goals of GALE. Moreover, If any new members on the list wish to receive a copy of my review of Challenging Homophobia in Schools, please let me know. (It may take a while to download as it is 8000 words). I recommend any teacher who is considering using this resource to "combat homophobia" read this review first."
Read the full article posted by Kempling

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Anti-gay teacher, Kempling has white supremist onside

Look who has lined up in the past to support Chris Kempling. This site if you visit it has many news links, some involving legal battles of their own. Direct link to their support of Kempling.

I am not suggesting here that Chris Kempling is a white supremist, I am suggesting that behind all the bigotry there is much more to be concerned about.
"The effort to create a society that allows people to live with respect and dignity has been making gains in Canada over the last 20 years. It is important to understand though, there are many in Canada that would reverse it all if they ever got their hands on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Notwithstanding Clause."
Often these people will hide behind labels such as "Defending" our heritage, Defend marriage, conservative or social conservative. One needs to look deeper beneath the surface. Just as the federal Conservatives recently passed a majority resolution against same-sex marriage and came frighteningly close to passing an anti-choice position, what is beneath the surface?
"Do any of you believe the Conservatives will implement the "notwithstanding clause" to roll back gay marriage? I do. What is to stop a Harper government MP from introducing an anti-choice private members bill? Not a thing and it is a sure bet to happen if Harper ever gets a majority government."

One needs to know who is supporting the Conservatives and some Liberal MP's. To be fair, many people voting conservative are doing so out of frustration with the Liberal government or western alienation. The other side is too many of those voting conservative do want a return to the "old" Canada. Days when advertisements displayed pictures of a white middle class Mom cooking dinner, Dad reading the paper and "good kids".
"That vision of Canada had no people of colour, no women working outside the home, Men were in charge, sex was what bunnies did, and gays were "perverts"."
The many gay communities, Lesbian, gay men, bisexual, transgender, transsexuals, two spirited, queers, intersexed and crossdressers have a substantial interest in ensuring people be treated with respect and dignity in our country. To me that means supporting First Nations efforts for fair treaties, women's rights to reproductive health control, freedom of religion, freedom from religion and end to poverty in our country.

We, as much as we're seperate gay communities, have much in common with other marginalized groups. Many of us have or are suffering discrimination that seriously affects us emotionaly, physically and financially. For some it leads to attempted suicide. Some succeed. The way our educational, law, and societal systems work is key to a Canada that treats all of us with respect and dignity, to being full citizens.

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Below you will find more on Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance says...
It is our responsibility as proud Canadians, born of European ancestry, to uphold and respect the vision of our forbearers who built this country. We have the solemn duty of maintaining our nation’s strength and wealth for future generations.

They have this to say on Homosexuality...
"Homosexual marriage: We believe that marriage is a sacred institution and should only be between a man and a woman. The church has long opposed homosexuality in any form because Christianity denounces homosexuality. Sadly, in today's society, some churches, such as the blasphemous United Church, have condoned homosexuality and have been conducting homosexual marriages. As a reflection of the decaying morality in our society, Canada's laws have recently changed to permit these unholy unions."

"Adoption: The Northern Alliance believes that children need to be raised healthy and normal environment by a male and female parent. A child raised in a household where the parents have centered their lifestyle around their sexual deviance will likely grow up to be as disturbed as they are."

They are linked to:
Canadian Heritage Alliance, C.A.F.E., C.F.I.R.C, The Heritage Front, BC White Pride, Nationalist Party of Canada, The Dynasophy League, Novopress Québec, Loyal Canada, Northern Supremacy Battle Music and White Renegade.

Provincial Media finally report on anti-gay teacher

These folks are a little slower than the Blog world! Of note they don't mention his upcoming BC Appeals Court case nor his previous problems with the Quesnel School Board concerning anti-gay letters to the editor.
Anti-gay teacher under suspension
School board cites need for safe, positive environment
Stuart Hunter The Vancouver Province Wednesday, April 06, 2005A

Quesnel teacher/counsellor vowed yesterday to fight a three-month suspension for writing a letter against homosexuality and gay marriage to a local newspaper. "It is truly unfortunate that the Quesnel School Board believes that only those who support same-sex marriage are able to comment publicly on a matter of national importance," Chris Kempling said. "It is a sad day for freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of political association."

District superintendent Ed Napier said yesterday the suspension is effective immediately and stems from the letter Kempling wrote in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer on Jan. 12 arguing against homosexuality and gay marriage.

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Old story, Editor prints it anyway

What's going on in the Cariboo?

On Tuesday this week the Williams Lake Tribune printed a letter from some nutcase named Casey Bennett. I cannot point to the website because the site and the site for the BC NEWS Group was hacked. The gist of the letter is this...
He/She? (Casey Bennett) wrote ...
unemployed people in Germany could be forced into homosexual acts because if they don't accept a job as a prostitute they could be cut off of welfare. Then Bennett said those people would have to perform homosexual acts if the client wanted them too otherwise face discrimination charges.

This is an old fabricated story the social conservative and christian righties set have been spreading with dubious motivation. I can not for the life of me think why long time editor Bill Phillips let it run. I can only think he knows his readers will see through it.

A good friend from the Stampede City sent this tidbit onto me. He also provided the following correct information ...

"Under the new law in Germany, long-term unemployed who refuse jobs can have their welfare benefits reduced. If a person is under 25 years of age, the government can cut all support except the monthly housing reimbursement and non-cash benefits. A person is required to take any legal job. A special morality clause, however, ensures that unemployed will not be forced into prostitution -- which is legal and regulated in Germany."

Anti-gay counsellor suspended again

Quesnel School Teacher, Kempling is off the job again,

Kempling is a High School counsellor in the Quesnel School District, located eight hours drive north of Vancouver. He is no stranger to controversy and seems to be hell bent on creating it. He has a case going before the Human Rights tribunal and another to the BC Court of Appeal, both respect to being suspended.

In both instances he has filed the cases based on discrimination due to his religious views. Kempling believes homosexuality is wrong, a sin and as a school counsellor he should be able to convey these views to youth he sees.

His three month suspension this time is a result of a letter to the editor opposing same-sex marriage. Kempling claims he has a right to speak out against same-sex marriage and I would agree if he were in a different job. Kempling holds a community responsibility as a counsellor and must understand that his views on this issue could seriously harm a young persons well being.

I want to say "Thank you!" to the Quesnel School Board for suspending Kempling, this time for three months. His duties as a counsellor require that all who see him can feel safe. If you are a youth questioning your sexual identity or aware you are gay, Mr. Kemplings views and approach could cause serious emotional and perhaps physical harm to the young person he is counselling.

Kempling told LifeSite news, a christian news service
"I am most concerned about the young children with serious emotional needs, who will be deprived of their counsellor at a time when they need help most. Counselling, much more than teaching, involves a close personal relationship where trust develops over time. I'm really very worried about their well-being."
Seems Mr. Kempling cares little for the gay youths he is charged with looking out for. In my opinion, the young people of Quesnel are much better off without a counsellor if this is the kind of attitude and support available. Mr. Kempling's views are abusive to the children and youth he purports to support. The Quesnel School District has been extremely patient with him. I would have fired him.


I pray you vote “yes”

Now I remember why I liked her so much, she holds all of us with dignity and respect ...

Alexa McDonough, MP
Civil Marriage Act (C-38) debate
March 24, 2005

You can access all the speeches on the Civil Marriage Act at Canadians for Equal-Marriage

... I must say, of all the arguments that I find difficult to deal with, it is the argument that somehow this destroys marriage, that somehow this is disrespectful of the tradition of marriage. It seems to me, for those who keep talking about being pro-marriage and pro-family, that they would be among those who should most welcome the fact that we are ensuring that as many people as would want in our society to enter into a marriage relationship, a long term, sustaining, loving relationship, are to be welcomed.

Those who understand the importance of family, understand the importance of marriage, should understand that we are better off as a society if more people embrace the tradition of marriage and want to live within marital relationships.

Let me quote briefly from a woman, unknown to me but in my own province of Nova Scotia, who wrote as follows in the early weeks of this debate getting underway in Parliament:

"I am the grandmother of 18, great-grandmother of 5. Are any of them homosexual or lesbian? I have no idea--nor do I care. I love them regardless. Do I think a same sex marriage would in some way degrade the morals or sanctity of my own marriage? Of course not, how silly. How could love and caring and compassion and happiness in any way take from my own marriage? If the Lord made humans, animals and mammals homosexuals how can we judge His actions? Surely there are more admonitions in the Bible to love one another than there are to judge one another. I pray you vote “yes”. "

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Cran Appeals conviction in Gay Bashing Murder

Webster's convicted killer appeals six year manslaughter conviction in Vancouver

From: XTRA! West

... The court heard that Cran drove the group to Stanley Park the night of the killing, had weapons in his car, took a weapon along with the others, walked armed from Third to Second Beach, found Webster having a smoke by the road, and chased the nearly naked man across the parking lot to his car where Webster was eventually beaten to the ground.

The court also heard that Cran later confessed his active participation in the incident to a friend at a pool hall, telling him, “Lance, we lynched a guy. We beat this guy up.” Another witness, John Morgado, told the court that Cran confessed to him, too. Morgado testified that Cran told him about the night he and his friends went to Stanley Park, found a guy naked and started beating him. When Morgado asked Cran directly if he killed Webster, Cran allegedly replied, “Yeah, it was us...”

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Too Holy Alliance forming

I have referred to the unusual alliance being formed between the Catholics and Evangelical Christian groups in passing a few times here. Bishop Henry has risen to star status these days with his comments about gay marriage.

I expect if the catholic Church can mend its relationship in the long term with the Evangelical folks, all of us better be ready for big fights to protect our seculer society in Canada and whats left of it in the United States.

Mindless in Ottawa a middle of the road conservative has this say on the issue!

The Unholy Alliance: Evangelicals & Conservative Catholics are
Going to Screw Us All...

Check out this
thought provoking article in the New York Times (Free registration Required)Man, you know you're screwed when Evangelical and Conservative Catholic start to break bread together. I guess it started a long time ago, culminating in Mel Giggerous' abomination of a movie. More from Mindless in Ottawa here

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Creationism leads to sucking?

I have below the first part of an article from Bill Maher on Abstinence pledges. The US is hell bent for leather when it comes to not having "sex" in sex education. Many abstinance sex education courses don't even mention sex.

As you discover in Maher's excellent piece, these holy-roller's kids sure know their way around Dick and Jane.

Doesn't all this bring to mind the jokes about the Pastor's kids.

Thanks to the GayMens Health Summit yahoo list for this link...

Abstinence pledges suck -- literally As news spreads that teens who pledge chastity have lots more kinky sex, millions of aging boomers ask: Where was Bush when I was in high school? - By Bill Maher April 1, 2005 New Rule: Abstinence pledges make you horny.

A new eight-year study just released reveals that American teenagers who take "virginity" pledges of the sort so favored by the Bush administration wind up with just as many STDs as the other kids.

But that's not all -- taking the pledges also makes a teenage girl six times more likely to perform oral sex, and a boy four times more likely to get anal. Which leads me to an important question: where were these pledges when I was in high school?

Seriously, when I was a teenager, the only kids having anal intercourse were the ones who missed. My idea of lubrication was oiling my bike chain. If I had known I could have been getting porn star sex the same year I took Algebra II, simply by joining up with the Christian right, I'd have been so down with Jesus they would have had to pry me out of the pew.

For a bunch of teens raised on creationism, these red state kids today are pretty evolved -- sexually, anyway, and for that they can thank all who joined forces to try and legislate away human nature, specifically the ineluctable urge of teenagers to hump. More at salon. You will need to register for access.

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CPP for gay couples - Layton to demand Martin act

NDP Leader Jack Layton said the appeal request is "callous" on the part of the Liberals and intends to use today's Question Period to call on Mr. Martin to drop the lengthy court battle against a group of gay men and women over Canada Pension Plan survivor benefits.

With Martin "leading" the charge to pass the Civil Marrriage Act, his government continues to fight gay couples access to CPP benefits. Layton told the Globe and Mail he questions how Martin could repeatedly cite the Charter as his rationale for supporting gay marriage while federal lawyers are fighting it in court.

In the latest decision in November, a panel of justices at the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the view of the Ontario Superior Court that the government's 1998 cutoff was not "rational."

"The impairment of the rights of same-sex survivors was not minimal, but was in fact substantial and arbitrary," the appeal court ruled. There is more at the G&M.

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God hates Fags

American Church that is fighting gay rights and more by the looks of the t-shirts.

I received this from a friend in the United States, he is a religious man, believes in god like many in the gay community. Tolerance and acceptance is far from reality.

This photo is from Fred Phelps of God hates Fags fame. He in my opinion is the least dangerous man of "god". At least we know where he stands. James Dobson, Bishop Fred Henry and Jerry Falwell are far more insidious.

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The Pope and my friend Cliff

There has been a great deal of wonderful things being said about the Pope and his leadership. In the tradition of this world, people are saying exceptional things about this man and he did do some wonderful things, but as a gay man, a person who lost a partner to HIV and someone deeply concerned with the rising HIV rates in the third world, I have some grave thoughts of this Pope.

I cannot bring myself to accept this person was great. He ensured the Catholic Church would not accept homosexuality, that contraception would remain banned and under his leadership the Church actually fought efforts to encourage people in third world to use condoms to prevent HIV.

This Pope returned to the ideals of past. How many people have been beaten up, bashed and even killed because of the church's "war" on homosexuals? This war even led to a recent case where a Catholic Church refused to hold a funeral for a man that died with AIDS. They apologized too late, the harm was done.

In 1985 I had a very dear friend, aboriginal and Catholic in Williams Lake. He left town when he was old enough and went to Vancouver, became a hairdresser and in his 30's returned to Williams Lake.

We remained good buddies for years and then he stopped communicating with me. It was two years before I heard of him again. His sister called me to say he was in St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, a Catholic hospital. She said he was dying and could I come see him.

I got there three days later and found him in a sterile room, all alone. He looked nothing like the man I knew. He was dying due to the AIDS virus. He had not shaved for days as he had no strength, the nurses would not help him with this task, as it was "unsafe". They all approached him with masks and gloves.

I stayed with him for the weekend, we talked about nothing and everything. He loved the touch of my hand on his face, I sat behind him and held him close. Intimacy in a sterile ward.

I asked him if the Catholic Church would give him a funeral and he said they would. I wanted to know if he was comfortable with a Catholic funeral. His response was wise. "The funeral is not for me, it is for my family, the church will say I was one of god's children."

"Even if they know you are gay?" I asked. "They won't mention that," he said, "they won't say I was a good person."
I shaved him twice that weekend once when after I arrived and just before I left on the Sunday to catch my plane home. We must have had thirty cups of tea, I wheeled him out to the hospital garden, he had not been outside in eight weeks. We would sit out there, him wrapped head to toe in blankets often saying nothing, drinking our tea. I would have to hold the tea up for him, gently tipping it to his mouth.

Before I left I told him I would be back in two weeks, he asked if I could write him, "tell me about the guys you meet, about the people you talk to, remind me what life is."

I made several trips to Vancouver from Williams Lake before he came home having recovered enough to walk short distances. He lived at his Grandmother's place, a small but cozy house on the edge of town. We talked about his place with god. He was a believer and felt that the Catholic Church would still send him to god.

We had more tea, I helped with his garden. We enjoyed the petunias and the rose bush he had planted many years before. We had long conversations, some silently, not a word spoken.
He never lashed out against the church or the Pope for condemning his homosexuality. "They will change, it takes time." He then asked me to remember him, remember the person he was, "I know you will be there for many like me, I know you will change laws, but remember you can't just change the laws, you need love and patience to succeed, it takes time, tell them at my funeral who I was."
He died four months after returning to Williams Lake. I attended his funeral, many others did, he had a big family. The service was my first in a Catholic church that I could remember. It was a closed casket, which I thought odd given most aboriginal catholic funerals I had heard were open.

The priest did as my friend had said he would. There were prayers, some bible readings and they said he died of cancer and sent him off to god. The priest asked if anyone had anything to say, I knew I had to say something, I was scared and sat back. There was a long silence, I was willing someone else to stand up first, it seemed like a long time. When I stood I knew that many there would not want hear what I had to say.
No one spoke, no one got up. It was unpleasant space. The Priest started "seeing as no one..." I jumped up, my stomach in my mouth, shouting way too loud, "I have something to say!"
The priest nodded and it took me a minute to get going. I had practiced this before hand. I was open about being gay but not many really knew. I would be outing myself in the middle of "God's house" the people that condemn me, Cliff, us.

I don't recall all that I said, I know I said Cliff was a good person, he helped others. I do recall the end, shaking so bad I was holding onto my seat I concluded, " Cliff was a friend, he was a gay man like me, he did not die of just cancer, he had AIDS." The church got very cold for me at that last moment. I could feel people thoughts hammering me to sit down.
“Cliff was gay and I want to thank you for sending him to god. He knew god and you should know many gay people know god.” I sat down, shaking much worse.
That was the beginning of my serious efforts to bring change, I did go onto contribute to changing the laws and I remembered Cliff's words. "You can't just change laws, you must have love and patience."
The patience is hard, being charitable to those in power that condemn you is not easy and sometimes not possible. Too many gay people are being hurt by religion. Many have died due to the Church’s teaching. Many have been denied their soul.

I cannot speak of the Pope today as a great man. To me he was the CEO of a big business. As any CEO does he did some things I thought good. In the end it comes to the reality faced by gay people everywhere. The Pope condemned us, rallied people like Bishop Henry to fight against gay rights, to say our relationships are unworthy of recognition.

I know Cliff we likely frown a bit when he reads this, he will understand though.