CNN Anchor comes out!

CNN new anchor Thomas Roberts, has come out of the closet

That news came via Beantown Cuban.

Roberts came out at the annual National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association conference, held in Miami earlier this month.

If he hadn't made his sexuality known before, he reportedly let it all out in Miami, announcing that the conference was the "biggest step" he had taken to really being out in public, and that he had slowly been coming out at CNN over the years.

Beantown Cuban reports that Roberts (who caused a lot of "swooning in the hotel's hallways" - no doubt) said he was proud of his partner, and said something that might be taken as words of wisdom to one of his fellow anchors:

"When you hold something back, that's all everyone wants to know.''

You can find Roberts on Headline News.

Top photo from Beantown Cuban and publicity photo from CNN website

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