National Days of Action: Still Time to Deliver on HIV and AIDS

National Days of Action: Still Time to Deliver on HIV and AIDS


During its 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian AIDS Society, a resolution was proposed by the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV/AIDS) and unanimously endorsed by 125 National Member agencies. That resolution pertained to those agencies offering their support with regards to the process, initiated by the PLWHIV/AIDS, of campaigning for change in Canada’s response to the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and raising awareness of the problems caused by the Federal Government’s stall (under review) in rolling out national funding allocated to the Federal Initiative addressing HIV/AIDS. All federal funding is set to expire March 30, 2008 and to date there has been no official indication as to what will happen as of April 1, 2008.

The first step in this campaign will be a blitz, by PLWHIV/AIDS and member agencies, to contact all Members of Parliament (MPs) and to arrange meetings with them to discuss issues related to PLWHIV/AIDS. The goal of this blitz is to show nation wide solidarity in approaching all MPs and creating a sense of urgency around pressing issues. It is hoped that MPs will then have a greater understanding of the struggles faced by those living with HIV/AIDS and be better equipped to discuss those issues in caucus and in the House.

For this initiative to have its greatest impact we call you to action. Any PLWHIV/AIDS affected or closely affected and other caring citizens are invited to join members of the Ottawa PLWHIV/AIDS community in calling, writing and participating in meetings with area MP’s.

An initial strategy meeting will be held in the Board Room at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa, 251 Bank St., Suite 700, 6-8 P.M. Thursday September 13/07. Additional background information will be available to attendees.

Please feel free to forward this urgent call to action to any members of your communities who you feel would want to be involved. This is directed to the residents of the Ottawa region, but if you live outside the area I encourage you to contact your local AIDS Agency to lend your support in your area. I apologize in advance to anyone who might have received multiple copies of this bulletin.

Thank you for your time and concern.

Kevin Hatt
On behalf of the Days of Action in Ottawa

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