Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?

A new campaign to educate men on safer sex strategies! This campaign follows up on some earlier work that was lead by AIDS Vancouver.

"Do You Have What It Takes? Surely, as Gay and Bisexual men, that’s a question we’ve asked ourselves more than a few times in our lives. Having what it takes isn’t just about measuring your sexual exploits, the size of your “tool” or having a rubber and lube handy. Having what it takes, is also a question that affects everyone of us in our ability to achieve self respect, to make the right choices, to stay alert and, above all, to stay the course with regards to the boundaries that you set for yourself to avoid or reduce the risks associated with HIV and other sexually transmitted infestions (STIs)." Do you have what it takes
The campaign has a quiz in which you answer some questions and after your done, (took me 2 minutes to answer 5 or 6 questions) and it provides some instant feedback, all of it anonymous!

Check it out... HERE!

Canadian AIDS Society media release
MSNBC says: Innovative and provocative campaign targets men who have sex with men

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