I wasn't drinking, just taking odour out

It was shocking to read at first.  Spray your clothes with vodka to take the odour out.  No chemicals and less damage to the environment.  Well, at $23.50 for the cheapest 750 bottle of vodka in Ontario, I think I will stick to drinking it and maybe ignore the odours.

1. Febreze without the guilt If you douse your clothes and home with Febreze to remove odor, you can do the same with vodka…but without the cyclodextrin, and without supporting a company that tests on animals. (I’m talking to you, Proctor & Gamble.) The alcohol in vodka kills bacteria which cause odor, and vodka is basically odorless, as far as booze goes. Spritz your clothes and hang them in a well-ventilated room. (As with any natural remedy, sp0t-test first.)
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/14-surprising-uses-for-vodka.html#ixzz1Rqade6p9
Now there was one use of vodka other than drinking it that sounded useful. Only a few drops needed, not a spray bottle full of it...

2. Keep cut flowers fresh If you’re going to have fresh-cut flowers working hard to brighten up your decor, show some hospitality and give them a little drink. Several drops of vodka and a large pinch of sugar added to the water in your flower vase, changed daily, stunts ethylene production and will extend the vitality of bouquet.

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The Mound of Sound said...

Or you could do as the Romans did with their stanky clothes and piss on'em. That's right. Roman merchants operated fulleries, basically urine launderies. Fullery employees, usually slaves, would collect household urine that would wind up in shallow pools. Rich folks would take their heavily soiled garments to the fuller who would then have other slaves slosh the clothes around sort of like crushing grapes. At least three intact fulleries were excavated at the remains of ancient Pompei. Now, you can just say, "piss off." If nothing else you can at least recycle your vodka.