Logical Fallacies and Weak Arguments: The Case of Scott Reid, MP

I was visiting our 'farm' property in the Lanark Highlands this past month.  The area is represented by Ontario's first elected Reform Party MP and now is a Conservative MP. One of the chores is to check the mail box, usually it contains some severely politically slanted mailing from Mr. Reid.  I almost never find myself agreeing with him. I would like to answer some of his surveys, yet that is darn near impossible.

Below is a recent copy of a mailer from MP Reid.  Rather than rant, I asked my buddy, a Professor in Media Studies, to read the mailer and this is what I got back...

This is what passes as public discourse these days.

A List Of Fallacious Arguments
BILL S-214 Senate Bill


Beijing York said...

Good and much needed analysis from your buddy, Rick. I didn't think Reid was of the bible thumping Reform persuasion, more of a tax payers' federation type and Ayn Rand whorshipper, so it's surprising to see him take on this cause with the usual Conservative manipulative tactics.

janfromthebruce said...

good post and it's the simplistic black and white strategy that is the modus operi of the PCs.