Canadian Senators - Retirement you can count on

It seems that when you suggest changing anything about the Senate in Canada, other than tinkering around the edges you are a simply "a group of ideologues that haven’t a clue about the constitutional or political reality of this country." Dale Smith - protector of the senate

Dale and I don't agree.

The NDP and before them, the CCF have advocated for abolishing the Senate. It remains a key part of democratic reform required in this country.  We have listened to Conservatives and Liberals at various times call the Senate useless, loaded with party hacks, then promise to reform the body.  It never happens. 

The Senate was created to protect the moneyed people of Canada, from the potential damage members of parliament could inflict on the gentry, if left to their own devices. 

Liberal and Conservative Prime Ministers load the body up with Liberals and Conservatives. Most often these people were party bagmen, fundraisers, corporate donors, or former MP's.  

The Senate costs us somewhere north of 90 million dollars every year. That for  about 100 people. They get paid $132,000 per year, staff, travel and even something called hospitality.  They receive 64 return trips to Ottawa each year, they can use to fly anywhere in Canada. 

The 64 trips can be to for any purpose. They can use them to fly from Ottawa to Calgary to host a Liberal or Conservative fundraiser.  Hospitality money can entertain Liberal or Conservative party activists, potential corporate funders, or the Senators buddies. 

More tomorrow on the money side and scandal. More in days ahead about abolishing the Senate.

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fmpsportsguy said...

We could replace the Senate with All canadians being allowed to vote. No rigging, no expenses, just a democratic chamber of second thought where the citizens get to have a MAJORITY vote on laws that get enacted. Simple really, no constitution mess because everyone gets an equal vote!