Another sad day handed to Huronia Survivors by Premier Wynne

You know, we all want governments to do what's right. Yet often we find them passing the buck, looking for cover.  This is not leadership.  Leadership is sometimes doing the unpopular, or doing what is right.  Not many people in Ontario would disagree with the the statement, "The Ontario Government has failed the kids that have been sent to the Huronia Regional Centre and should apologize." See my blog and links on the tragic Huronia story here.

Premier Kathleen Wynne
Today, the Premier for Ontario, Kathleen Wynne was asked in the Legislature if she would commit to this apology. The people behind the struggle were sitting in the public gallery. They were watching, they were hoping that just once in the struggle for recognition of the harms done them and thousands of others, someone would do the right thing. 

Cheri DiNovo 
Today Cheri DiNova, the most tenacious fighter for the underdog in Queen's Park, lobbed an easy question to Premier Wynne.  "Will the Premier commit to apologizing to the Huronia Survivors on behalf of the government instead of handing it off to the Attorney General to apologize?"  The Premier stood to say it was all a matter of negotiations and it's before a Judge. 

It seems to me, the Premier could have easily said yes. I will apologize on behalf of the people of Ontario for the way these people at Huronia were treated. The case is settled. They are only talking details. When the Judge has finished his work on the agreed settlement, I will most certainly stand in the Legislature and issue an apology.

She didn't.

Question and Premier's answer in the House today.

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