Canadian Ralph Reed needed says Gunter

The Christian Right or Religious Right in Canada has been doing some navel gazing. Don't worry its their own navel.

Looking enviously to the the south the Christian Right is kicking itself into action with some words admonishing its past efforts and the failure of the Conservative party, the usual home of Conservative Christians in Canada.

National Post columnist Lorne Gunter said in a recent article (September 26, 2005), "...if Canadian Christians want clout ... they would do well to emulate some of the Americans' lessons.” Gunters adds, “Our religious conservatives are today where the U.S. movement was two decades ago,” and if “they have finally accepted that if they are to save any of the values they cherish, they must become fully engaged in politics.”

Further Gunter suggests, “what they lack is their own version of Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed…It was Reed, who in the Reagan and George Bush Sr. eras taught the nascent religious right how to poll, canvass, recruit, raise money and get out the vote.”

The Christian right say they were asleep at the wheel when they got hit over the head with gay marriage. They should have worked harder. That could be and if they had a Canadian ala Ralph Reed working for them they may have succeeded in stalling gay marriage in our country.

What the Christian Right have is a problem with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The United States has nothing that compares. I am sure the Christian Right would have it thrown out along with any positive historial reference to the late Prmie Minister Trudeau.

Who will be the new Messiah to lead the Christian Right? Stephen Harper? Maybe not eh.

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Anonymous said...

We still have our own little bigots here. Remember Ken Campbell? Last I heard he was around Prince George somewhere, the last of the homophobe hangouts.

He used to live in Richmond Hill north of Toronto, I remember getting his hate literature disguised as religious propaganda when I lived in the Village here. The dude is still around but the great thing about Canada is that nobody listens to him. I don't spend a lot of time worring about those types, Canada laughs at them. I love this country.

Anonymous said...

I recall him? Wonder what he is doing?

John Murney said...

I am so tired of Christian fundamentalists. I wonder what we can do about them?

Rick Barnes said...

all we can do John is keep exposing them. I try to ignore most but have to take some of them head on.

These guys are dangerous to democracy. And they say I am! Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Ken Campbell is still espousing his beliefs over the Internet. www.kencampbell.ca Check out his broadcast centre for his vile diatribe of the day.

Rick Barnes said...

Thanks. I just went there and Campbell is indeed alive and contributing to the Christian Right's growth.

HDcanuck said...

Ken Who? If you were to ask Canadians on the street who Ken Campbell is, I bet close to 100% wouldn't have a clue who his is.