A boy strikes down Goliath

What do Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff and Mark Foley, all good Republicans have in common other than being in the same party. They all have been driven from power within a year.

Why were they driven out, because of a perfect storm of ethical and legal challenges. The party dependent on morality as defined by "America" has all of those guys exposed in ethical, sexual, or financial scandals.

Its ironic that the crime of sending off so many young Americans to be killed in Iraq, only two or three years older than the recipient of sexy emails, is too complicated to resonate with people. Its wrong in both cases. A sixteen year old boy has struck the biggest blow against the Bush Government. Three words, SICK, SICK, SICK sum up the Republican record very well.


Anonymous said...

America is unique in the world with its "values".

Killing and maiming hundreds of thousands, reducing a country to rubble and chaos based on a pack of lies does not seem to rise to the severity of a dirty old man sending lurid emails to a Whitehouse co-op.

They need to dig up all the Iraqi dead and pile it high in the Superdome to slap some sense of reality and dimension to these "value" voters.

bruce said...

I’ve been trying all day to write about this but there is so much information and so many angles to approach this with that I ended up cleaning the house instead. I clean when I want to think, it’s like therapy, this place is immaculate now (frankly, it really needed it).

Part of me wants to be mean and mock the moral indignation that all those damned right-wingers have thrown at people like us for so long. Another part wants to point out that this is a classic example of why it is essential to question the motives of people who think they have to legislate morality. Then of course there is the point that when you live in a society that encourages repression, guess what happens?