Green Queen, no not that kind!

My sister needs your support. She has been collecting things for years now. You can't see her stuff at times for other stuff. 30 coffee cups, 30 travel mugs and she would have more of those if I hadn't borrowed some and then promptly lost them.

Her stuff is all cool, in fact she has single handedly outfitted many kitchens, apartments and community group gatherings. I feel her pain, as you will too when you visit her blog, Maureen's Garden and read about her effort to see her real stuff. She even gave up on the Conservatives and I suspect has been supporting the NDP for some time now.

She has two big things happening, a couple of crushes in which she makes it clear she is a Green Queen, not a you know, a gay queen, and then her expressed wish to get rid of the clutter in her home.

I suspect she has already started to remove things, to give them away. Though it would likely take a couple of moving vans to get it all out.

Can you readers go to her blog and encourage both the crushes and the declutter effort. If anyone deserves to be happy or smiled upon by the gods, whoops I mean god, its Maureen. I would say she was my favourite sister but then my other sister who reads my blog would read that, and you, I mean I wouldn't want to distract anyone from supporting Maureen in becoming free of all that good stuff she has.

Now just one thing Maureen, you are keeping that Elvis album I gave you right?


macadavy said...

Good to hear from you!
Will check out Maureen's Garden...

Chimera said...

I gave Maureen the link to Freecycle. That will help her (and anyone else who's interested) clear the clutter. I've been a member for a couple of years, now, and it's a fantastic way to recycle useful items without going to a lot of expense. It's international. Give it a try yourself, maybe.

I'm staying strictly away from the crushes, tho'... Seems like every time I think of "good" advice, it turns out bad for the person who gets the advice, even if it woulda worked for me.

Rick Barnes said...


cool, i use freecycle all the time. Its great here in ottawa and i have met some great people that way too.