At the international AIDS Conference last August, the Harper Government first scheduled, and then at the last minute postponed, a major announcement on Canada's commitment to international and national AIDS programs.

Four months later we are still waiting. In the meantime thousands of people around the world have died from lack of treatment and thousands more have been infected. Join the AIDS Committee of Ottawa to Speak Out

Tell Harper it's Time to Deliver!

Join us at the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill
On World AIDS Day, Friday December 1st at 10.30am
For more information, please contact the AIDS Committee of Ottawa at: (613) 238-5014


Havril said...

I agree with the content of the post. But I really agree with the call to action the corresponding picture implies: tweak Stevie's schnoz until he announces an HIV action plan.

On a environmentalist blog, somewhere: a toddler kicks Harpo in the nuts over global warming.

scout said...

good you brought this up rick.....my how we tend to forget the issues they want us to forget!!! i suppose with the fundies encouraging marriage at 29 and no sex beforehand, little ben and rachel wouldn't stand a chance of contracting hiv or aids.....after all, they are good little aryian children obedient to the ways of the christian invented gawd.