'SI' to gay civil union

Mexico City has said yes to civil unions for the queer communities. Thats just awesome. What are the chances Houston will do the same...Another reason for George W. Bush to build his wall along the Mexican border, those people coming across the border might think they can do the same to the United States.

Mexico City OKs Civil Unions
by Newscenter Staff
November 9, 2006 - 6:00 pm ET

(Mexico City) Mexico City's assembly on Thursday voted for the first time in the country's history to legally recognize gay civil unions, proving homosexual couples in the country's largest city with benefits similar to those of married couples.

The mayor was expected to sign the measure into law.The bill, which does not approve gay marriage, has been heavily criticized by the Catholic Church and conservative civil groups.The law allows gay couples to voluntarily register their union with civil authorities, granting them inheritance and pension rights and other social benefits.The legislative assembly approved the measure 43-17, with five abstentions, with all of the opponents from the conservative National Action Party of President Vicente Fox and President-elect Felipe Calderon.

The party is known for its opposition to abortion and its support for "traditional" families.

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bruce said...

Imagine all those Mexicans pouring over the border, bet none of those idiots thought some of them might be Gay too. Hah!

Anonymous said...

They wont be gay in Texas hehehe

scout said...

hoooooo. that thar heavy catholic country best tighten their rosearies! good news, eh?

finally found you .....somehow lost you on blogger, then moved to wordpress and lost several links. gotchya back now!!!! i think i only have one more lost link to recover...puff puff, pant pant, whew.

btw, harper valley has placed , so far in the first round, 3rd in best new blog, 3rd in best humour blog, and 1st in best blog post series. http://cba.myblahg.com ....voting starts again saturday.

Anonymous said...

If anything gave a boost to greater acceptance of homosexuality in Mexico,
it was the caring and respectful treatment which gay latin boyswith AIDS have
received in the AIDS sanatoriums

Anonymous said...

An economist and a journalist became the first couple united
under Mexico City's new gay civil union law, kissing while a
big screen showed latino twink movies and police cordoned off
streets around a white wedding tent filled with guests.

The new law, which took effect on Friday, grants same-sex couples
inheritance rights and social benefits similar to those enjoyed
by married heterosexual couples. It reflects a growing acceptance
of homosexuality in what has traditionally been a macho society,
as well as a willingness by Mexico City -- the second municipality
in the country to legalize same-sex unions -- to join the
international debate on blond gay twinks
and gay marriage.

After dating for four years and three months,the two muscular twinks
were united in front of the government offices for Mexico City's
Iztapalapa borough, signing documents under a
banner that read "Civil Union Law: Your right to choose."

Dozens of supporters, including several couples who plan to register
their own same-sex unions soon, waved rainbow flags, showered the
couple with flower petals and yelled "Bravo!" Firecrackers
exploded nearby.

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