Not all Tories will Follow

Not all Tories will Follow

Conservative cabinet ministers John Baird, Jim Prentice, Josée Verner, Loyola Hearn and David Emerson are expected to vote against their government's motion to revisit equal marriage today in the House of Commons. As many as a dozen MP's from the government side are expected to break ranks with their colleagues on this issue including BC MP James Moore.

So while some things change, some others will never change ...

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in the house of Commons yesterday that "religious faith is being diminished'' in the wake of legalized gay marriage.

Charles McVety the president of the Canada Family Action Coalition says this won't be the last of their efforts to go backward on marriage rights and is calling for a study on marriage, We still need to do that study and this is just measuring the temperature of this Parliament. This Parliament's not going to last very long," he told CTV News. "There's going to be an election soon. There will be another Parliament, and this issue will come up once again in the next Parliament."

Today should be the last word on this issue. The motion will be defeated but it will not be the last time equal marriage comes under attack. We can expect another major effort after the next election to raise this issue in the House of Commons in Ottawa. A majority Conservative government will make the job of the Canada Family Action Coalition that much easier.

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