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I was "Christmas tagged" by Chimera living in some dark soggy cave in BC and I made a New years resolution to answer it!

here goes...

Three things i want in 2007 ...

1. since i have to wear these diapers, someone to change them (Nudge nudge, wink wink)
2. a good original coffee place in Ottawa, why can't the Libra Room on Commercial Drive open here too.
3. to make maple syrup again or Ottawa or Montreal or Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup!

honourable mention: an openly gay conservative Minister of Defense?

Three things I don't want in 2007...

1. Another joke about, "Im a big kid now" Yes Huggies pull ups fit
2. Another parking ticket - Ottawa is better at this than Victoria for crying out loud
3. Another Closeted Gay Conservative Cabinet Minister - You know who you are, speak up!

Honourable mention: A typical Ontario winter or a Conservative majority

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