"Why would we let them in the first place?"

Look out the Social Conservative Religious (and) Right (SCR&R) are getting up a head of steam in the USA and their efforts are likely to spur on the Canadian branch's of the SCR&R as well. After suffering losses in New Jersey and Arizona over the last three months and in Ontario a few days ago, they have succeeded in using a big fat wallet in Mass. to force the legislature there to move toward a state wide vote to ban gay marriage.

Gay Marriage came into law as the result of a court decision and the SCR&R have been screaming mad since. They are one more legislative vote away from having gay marriage ban on the ballot for November 2008. You can expect a flood of gay marriages in late 2008 in anticipation of loosing the right through the ballot box. All those marriages before a ban would remain legal marriages.

Here in Canada you can expect the SCR&R to go after the provincial liberals in the next election via support for the Provincial Conservatives. They are hoping mad over the Attorney General's failure to fight an Appeals Court case dubbed the Three Parents. The case provided parent status on the birth certificate of a young boy to his biological mother and her female partner and to the father who donated his sperm. The boy lives with his two mommies and his father is actively involved as well.

The case now provides all three with legal status with respect to the young boy and will have effect on more than just gay and lesbian couples with children. it is likely divorced straight couples may take this action to involve a new partner as a legal parent.

The SCR&R believe none of this would happen were it not for gay marriage and that is what we all have to remember. many feel the fight for gay marriage is over and take as proof, Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying the issue has been dealt with and is over.

The reaction from the SCR&R on the three parent case is evident they will stop at nothing to end the access to marriage for gay couples. They will continue to recruit candidates primarily for the Conservative Party and endorse those already supportive in the Liberal and Conservatives.

They have a reasonable chance of succeeding. Canada's electoral system provides rural MP's with more say than urban MP's. The majority of Canadians lives in large urban centres like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Voters in urban centres trend to being more progressive on rights issues than in rural areas. The Conservatives greatest strength is in rural communities and in smaller urban areas. They require fewer voters to elect members. The result is rural voters count more than urban voters. In some cases a rural vote is worth two or more urban votes.

Now I am not saying they will succeed as the public outcry will be huge if they try. I am asking, "Why would we let them in the first place?" Why let the fox into the chicken coop to start with?

The next election will see Stephen Harper trying to brand himself as a middle of the road guy. Just like Mike Harris did in Ontario years ago. Once elected they decimated social services in health, education and Childrens' Aid Socities across the province. Ontario is still trying to clean up the mess. Imagine what Harper could do from Ottawa with a majority government.

Want an example, just look south of the border and the USA after six years of George W Bush. Which Canadian leader supported the war in Iraq? Who extended the mission in Afghanistan? Who presented an Environment bill that would not have any effect until 2040? Who cancelled a national Child Care plan, and who is currently reviewing government programming in health care with an eye to cut spending? You can bet just as funding for women's programs funding that address the GLBTQ communities will be slashed as well.

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