From Brazil to Yogyakarta - Gay rights travel at the UN

Militant secular humanists are now using homosexuals and homosexuality "to demolish Christianity once and for all." - Gwen Landolt, January 18, 2003

Thats a tough one to swallow if you ask me. I was doing some research on recent initriatives before the United Nations on gay rights and I recalled the fabulous Gwen Lanholt being quoted a few years ago. I found the quote without much effort on LifeSiteNews Canada. All the news to scare REAL Christians can be found there. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Kidding aside, the Christian political movement of the right began blaming secular people for forcing those homosexual rights on the world and secondly, the secular world is not doing it because they like homosexuals, they are using homosexuals to bring an end to christianity.

I am feeling betrayed here. I mean I thought these nice straight folks that joined us in our effort to gain equality were doing it because it was the right thing to do. It turns out I'm wrong. I feel so used.

Used but cant stop to go after them right now, there be bigger fish to fry.

Again back to 2003, the United Nations Human Rights Council finally got around to talking about sexual orientation and the idea that maybe they should practice what they preach. A motion from Brazil expressed "deep concern at the occurrence of violations of human rights in the world against persons on the grounds of their sexual orientation."

The motion was withdrawn by Brazil when it was apparent that several muslem countries would not allow it to pass. Brazil tried again in 2004, again, on March 29, 2004, Brazil removed the resolution. It was clear it would not be able to move it forward. Canada and many European States supported the motion at that time.

At the time, Austin Ruse, President of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, worked to rally Americans in a letter to Christian and conservative groups stating, "Don't give the homosexuals another year to weasel this resolution into ominous reality. Let the High Commissioner and the Secretary of State know there is sizeable opposition to this ploy, that there are good reasons why devious sexual behavior and lifestyles should not be protected with additional legislation, let alone promoted."

Yesterday, three years to the day, the United Nation's Human Rights Council passed the Yogyakarta Principles. These principles (Named after the city they were drafted in) provide recomendations on the role of governments in protecting people on the basis of sexual orientations and gender identity. They are far reaching and perhaps worth the three years. In the end what will happen is anyones guess. The report is not binding and there is no requirement that the United Nations do anything with it.

Likely it will remain on a shelf. Your job is to get them to pick it up and do something with it.


jj said...

Hi Rick, well said. Gwen Landolt -- ack! she's the scourge of canadian feminists as well as the gay community. She did another speech where she made a connection between gays, feminists and abortionists -- we were all supposedly working together to take over the world. I wonder if these people know how idiotic they sound?

Hey, somewhat OT but I hope you'll join in the "blog against theocracy" blogswarm next weekend.:)

austinruse said...

The Human Rights Council did not "pass" the Yogyakarta Principles. The Council did not even consider them. They were announced at an NGO event and that is all.


Austin Ruse