Join the Impact Toronto Canada

Join the Impact Toronto Canada

The Join the Impact rally in Toronto Ontario today had about 200 people in attendance when I left to post these videos. Several Americans took part in the rally in front of the American Consulate in Canada's largest city, Toronto.

It was a good crowd considering the cold weather and the rain. Many of those passing the demonstration in their cars on University Avenue honked horns in support.

The consulate had guards standing outside at the entrance at the beginning of the rally but they soon disappeared inside out of the rain and glare of cameras.

Some thoughts from those at the rally. More video coming late tonight!


Gazetteer said...

OT Rick...but thought you'd like to know....prog-rockin' landslide in Lotusland!

(details at my place)



americanrefugee said...

Nice to meet you yesterday and have posted your video and link on my blog!


Much peace, t

JaneyRuth said...

Thank you.


HeatherK said...

Rick...how do I find you these days? I'm at queerfmradio@gmail.com