The best non news story this year!

The best non news story this year!

You have read all about the "Constitutional Crisis" as it is being described. Check any number of blogs out there. No one is talking about the the "non news story". That's good.

I'm talking about it just to remind some of you how far we in the queer communities have come. Read this piece from the CBC report on the "Crisis"

...'The government failed Canadians': NDP

Both Liberal finance critic Scott Brison and NDP House Leader Libby Davies went on record Saturday as saying the motion has little to do with the government's decision to cut party subsidies, which were brought in as part of election finance reforms in 2003 when political contributions from unions and corporations were banned.

"That's not what it's about," Brison said.

"This is about the economic stimulus," Davies said. "What it's about is recognizing that the government failed Canadians. They did not bring forward the kind of significant economic stimulus that we've seen in all other G7 countries." CBC News

Davies an out bisexual, is deputy leader of the NDP and Brison is an out gay man and the Finance Critic for the Liberals.

The non news is the loss of the adjective before their names. They are the lead spokespersons for their political parties on the "Constitutional Crisis".

No Gay MP Scott Brison or Bisexual MP Libby Davies.

Note: Earlier I failed to note that Davies was bisexual. I have corrected that in the text above.


Anonymous said...

It's great, isn't it? We're people.

West End Bob said...

But for the US to get to that point in the political and cultural process.

No doubt a LONG way off . . . .

Rick Barnes said...

Hey Bob

It is a while off. Tomorrow i will go see "Milk". I am sure it will be inspiring. When Im in North Carolina for Christmas, I will see if there has been a change in the land down south!

Bruce, I know i'm a people, not sure about some of us! ;) just kidding!

Jennifer Smith said...

I've been incredibly impressed by Brison's performance over the past few days - poised, articulate, tough without getting angry or shrill. So much so that I suggested in a couple of places that he would be an excellent choice for a neutral interim Prime Minister.

And I had totally forgotten that he was gay!

HeatherK said...

Mmmm. I think Libby plays on my team actually. There you gays go making the bis invisible again.

boy ricky said...


My apologies. I do believe you are right!