stealth attack

stealth attack

Queer Thoughts will soon be posting information primarily on the Harper government appointments. Several key anti gay, anti social net conservatives have recently been appointed to the highest levels of government. These people are from within the evangelical community and have long histories of opposing gay rights, refugees, child care, equal pay for equal work, progressive tax law, and are supportive of the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and defend Israel in every action against their neighbours.

You already know of some of these people but may have forgotten about them as they work very quietly generally. Part of a stealth attack on The Charter of Rights and Freedoms much like their infamous and oft successful campaigns to get on school boards and municipal councils.

Some names you may know are -- Darrel Reid, the former head of Focus on the Family Canada -- Douglas Cryer, the former director of public policy for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada -- Paul Wilson the former executive director of Trinity Western University's Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa.
There are many more. If you have a name or information about any of the Harper Government appointments, send me an email in confidence. Let's take the wrapping off the Harper Government's "Middle of the Road" scam.

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