Make it Seven

Make it Seven

Its just wrong that hockey is a priority in The Southern USA where Florida, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Nashville and Atlanta are all losing money and a Canadian city like Hamilton can't get a team with over 9 million people living within 160 km of the team. Its just so wrong.

Sportsnet.ca has a live blog of the hearing in Phoenix today and while The Star has Kevin McGran twittering live from the courthouse and the Globe and Mail is updating this online article as new events emerge.

One argument you may have heard throughout this case is that fast food franchises can't be relocated. Today's Toronto Sun has an article that looks into the legal precedent behind that argument while Greg Wyshynski's Puck Daddy blog also debunked this analogy last week.

South of the border, USA Today reviews past relocation cases from other professional sports leagues.

Check it out.

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