O'Rielly and Tiller and a Canuck Attitude

O'Rielly and Tiller and a Canuck Attitude

I read a few blogs. Some of the big ones, but the one that gets me going is Canuck Attitude. Bruce calls it like it is. When I need a good kick, I check out the "No Surrender Dude".

Bruce wrote yesterday about the recent cold blooded murder of a man in his church. Dr. Tiller was one of the few late term abortion doctors in the USA. I know why there are so few. Imagine having this very large target painted on you by a bunch of religious conservative zealots.

That target has been painted by the likes of FOX News and Bill O'Rielly. They have been attacking a Doctor who has been providing a medical procedure entirely in accordance to the law and regulations of his State. The same Doctor was charged and aquitted by the courts.

Dr. Tiller was not a politician but a Doctor providing a legal medical procedure. It was O'Rielly and others of his kind that made Dr. Tiller a public figure. Its the ends justify the means approach that fuels O'Rielly's gas spewing hate. O'Rielly's continually referred to the Doctor as a murderer. He continually fed his listeners and viewers with hate filled speech. He didn't say kill the Doctor, but he sure as heck did create an atmosphere ripe for someone who was a little crazy already, to read between the lines and take action.

Watching the news in the last couple days its evident the pro-life zealots are blaming the victim. They're saying this is a controversial issue. Instead of discussing the cold blooded murder of a fellow human being, they are attempting to hijack the message. Lets talk about abortion and how horrible the murdering doctor was. Lets continue to fuel the masses, its about controling everything...

I will let Canuck Attitude wrap it up for me here...

..."Pro-Life, you have to be kidding. Your hate for your lack of control over the lives others is wearing very thin, the fact that you have to pick on what traditionally has been an easy target, that of control of Women's bodies, exposes you for the impossibly desperate weak souls that you truly are." ...

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