Okay, show me an LPCer

...that still wants an election

Support for the Harper Conservatives is flirting with majority government levels after weeks of parliamentary wrangling that saw the Liberals try and fail to topple the Tory minority amid a recession.

A Strategic Counsel poll conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV says Conservative support has risen to 41 per cent nationally – a six-point jump from a month ago. - The globe and mail

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ADHR said...

SC polls are BS, though. They always put the Cons high and everyone else low. (Which, looking at these numbers, is a good thing from an NDP perspective, come to think of it.) If this is sustained across other polls, then maybe, but I don't buy this kind of huge spike. Even SC's own polls register this as a big jump since, IIRC, early September.

Rick Barnes said...


Do you still believe that now that ekos has confirmed the LPC low numbers? The LPC is in the tank now and have to start telling us what they would do if elected. Maybe its too late.

Bedford Park Toronto said...

ADHR is right. Public opinion polls are great but we cannot rely on them. Not much, anyway. I don't believe Harper and his party will get that many votes in the next elections. At least I hope they won't.


Rick Barnes said...


There is a state of denial within many parts of the LPC party. The polls may not reflect what will happen in an election. They do however reflect the state of the land at the moment. I am sure no thinking LPCer will want to fight an election starting where they are in the polls.