LPC have a Rae of hope

It looks as if Jack Layton made the right decision when he decided to keep the Harper government in power for now. It is clear the Tories are on a high and today's ekos poll shows the LPCers losing ground in Toronto. To put that in perspective, imagine the Liberals being in the game in Calgary. Thats how big this is. The LPC Iggy lead party is performing as bad and maybe worse than the Dion lead team. At least with Dion, you knew what the LPC stood for.

As is usual, the New Democrat numbers go up a little when the LPC goes down. No different in today's polling info. The New Democrats need to do a lot more advertising, spend it now and show the country they do have some alternative views on the issues of the day. The LPC is sliding and the New Democrats can make some head way.

And the LPC needs to sit down and decide what it is that defines them. Can anyone point to an issue they lead on, that they have made their own?

Can Bob Rae have been worse than this? Rae's NDP government was likely the deciding factor in the LPC decision to choose Iggy to save Ontario. It looks like losing Ontario has happened anyway. The slide in Toronto is even worse. Would Bob have let this happen?


Anonymous said...

"Can Bob Rae have been worse than this?"


That is all.

Rick Barnes said...

If Rae is worse, just what is left in the LPC part?