Attending Gathering for Canuck Attitude.

This Friday is a gathering for Bruce.  I am going and would like to know who else is thinking of going.  It would be so good if some of you that are in the Toronto area felt you could join me.  Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Would give anything to be there, but not doable. Airfare Vancouver to Toronto on a minimum wage job, not possible.
Never met Bruce in person (regretfully), but felt I knew him through his blog. So open and honest was he. I appreciated his humour (wit, sarcasm....right up my alley)and his insight. He also had a way of grabbing my heart when he expressed his pain.
Assumed he was busy with work, whatever, because his last post was November 19. So many of us loved him. Hope he knows that. RIP gentle man.
Wendy Lundquist

sassy said...

Rick - I'll be thinking of you on Friday evening.

Rick Barnes said...


I am not sure if any bloggers will be there other than myself. I will be mentioning some of you, those that have posted about Bruce.

If anyone has anything they would like mentioned let me know.

Beijing York said...

If only I were there, I would join you. You and Bruce will be in my thoughts this evening.

(That McVety item was the best news out there today. Bruce would have really enjoyed it.)

sassy said...

If I could be present this evening I would raise a glass with this toast to Bruce.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you MAKE

(what the hell, I'm having a glass of fine old scotch and toasting anyways Cheers)

sassy said...

p.s. toast stolen from Paul McCartney

Beijing York said...

Hey sassy, I raise my glass of SA red to your scotch in honour of Bruce.

Rick Barnes said...

Sassy, I did your toast, had a great time remembering Bruce. IMPOLITICAL came in and we had a great chat. I really enjoy her, too bad shes a Liberal! ;)