This one is for you Bruce, Mcvety kicked off TV Station

Our favourite hippy tells us the Canadian Broadcast Standards has lambasted Charles McVety right where it hurts.   Today's pig is tomorrows bacon.

"Christian broadcaster Crossroads Television System (CTS) has been found in violation of broadcasting codes for statements made by evangelical television personality and minister Charles McVety that implied there was a “malevolent, insidious and conspiratorial purpose” to the activities of homosexuals."
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Picture was taken Thanksgiving weekend at our farm.  Bruce of course is in the red plaid Lesbian shirt.


JJ said...

Heehee! Somehow I knew you'd immediately think of Bruce when you saw that post, just as I did. He would have loved this sooooo much! I can only imagine the post he would have written about it (and you just know he would have written one): "Not that I'm one to point and laugh at the misfortune of others, but when it comes to Charles McVety..." then go full metal schadenfreude, including a picture of that haha guy from the Simpsons.

Here's to our friend.

Rick Barnes said...

Yes we know it. Im happy you posted it! I am sure a Blue or a nice cheap white would have had Brucie on a role...