Historic Day for Trans People - Bill C-389 (Gender Identity) Passes 3rd Reading!

From Queer Ontario

It was a historic day for Trans people in Canada today as Bill C-389 passed 3rd reading in Federal Parliament by a narrow margin of 143 to 135. The private member’s bill on adding “Gender Identity” and “Expression” to the Canadian Human Rights Act brought forward by N.D.P. M.P. Bill Siksay, now moves on to the Senate.
Susan Gapka, Chair of the Trans Health Lobby Group had “Tears of Joy” upon learning of Bill C-389 passing.
Davina Hader also of the Trans Health Lobby Group who was there to witness the vote in Ottawa, said she was “Very emotional, and it was a moving experience”.
Martine Stonehouse, C.U.P.E. National – Pink Triangle Committee – Trans Rep., and Vice Chair of the Trans Health Lobby Group stated “This is a historic day for Trans people all across Canada; it brings us one step closer to achieving visibility, credibility, and recognition as equal persons in Canada”.
Bill C-389 now moves to debate by the Senate, and if passes this hurdle, it will then go for final reading in Parliament before being passed into law.
The possibility of an early election call could still kill Bill C-389, but hopefully it can be fast tracked through the Senate before that happens.
Let us keep our fingers crossed on this one! Martine said.

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