Olbermann to come back despite ComcAASt and MSNBC

Big money has done it again.  Just as an effective liberal point of view was making a difference, the voice is chopped down.  MSNBC has ended its relationship with Keith Olbermann.  The end means that for a period of time Keith can not host a TV show for awhile and he can not discuss what happened.  MSNBC was recently sold to Comcast.  Comcast is a giant of a communications company and I am sure that having MSNBC kill the most popular show on MSNBC before Comcast takes over was purely coincidental, right?

Surely Comcast was looking to buy MSNBC so they could make money from it. And just before they get their greedy little hands on the network, MSNBC ends Olberman's show.  That would be like Oprah firing herself because she is making too much money.  It does not make economic sense.  It does make political sense however.

Last evening, the #FOK or friends of keith (Olbermann) were pointed to the Craig Ferguson show. 

It was a nudge nudge wink wink kinda thing.  Have a look here, starts at about 3:17 minutes.

At the end of the bit about Olbermann, Craig talks to a robot.  he says to the robot dude, "What are you some kind of opinionated broadcaster? You'll end up getting fired or having your contract voided, or whatever the *bleep* happened to Keith."

Given we were pointed to Craig's show by Kieth from his twitter account My guess was he was pushed out the door.  If you liked Keith's show Countdown the watch his twitterfeed to see what happens next, @KeithOlbermann.

All this reminded me of something else.  A movie that came out in 1976.  Watch this clip from that movie, Network. Why was Keith severed so severely from the airwaves?  My guess was he was too effective on the left of American politics.

My good friend who left us too early, would have blasted the crap out of this story.  I wish Bruce would be here to do this.  On the other hand, he would caution be me to calm down while he rants like only he could.  Losing Bruce is like losing Keith many times over.   We need these voices.

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