Don't quit until the job is done

In the days ahead there will be a lot of mudslinging at the NDP. It will largely come from the Liberal party and the media.  Be ready!  Stay strong.  It will only be a week but it will be an unrelenting assault. 

You can fight back.  The NDP's platform will be attacked and determined to be undo-able.  Remember that all the Parties have platforms and that the others will not be focused on as much as the NDP.  

Pundits will say the NDP can't do it.  That big business will leave, that the economy will suffer.  Remember there are many vested interests that the media pander too, and the NDP is not one of them. Don't quit until the job is done.

I have copied a post by Ian Capstick on Rabble.ca that makes some very good suggestions on how to keep the surge going...

Want the NDP surge to continue, but don't know what to do to make that happen?

It's time! 
Treat this election like there is no tomorrow. Every single day ask: what can I do TODAY to convince another person New Democrats are capable of winning.
Act like the team that is going to win. 
  1. Volunteer. Today. Just do it. Suck up what ever energy you have left in you and get out there and knock on doors, make phone calls and PLASTER the city you live in orange! RALLY! If the tour comes near you THEY NEED YOU. Go the rally.
  2. Talk it up. Don't be afraid to use the words, "Vote NDP to stop Harper."  Talk to your family at the table this Easter, talk to friends over beers and refuse -- refuse -- to be put down. For too long New Democrat voted have been scared into voting for a party that runs to the left and governs to the right. 
  3. Call, write and influence the media. Tweet, blog and Facebook. Reach out to journalists you once knew and tell them whats going on the ground. They listen. Help them learn about your community! If you see a mistake or Liberal/Conservative bias -- call them on it! And fast. 
MOTIVATE others. Please write a Facebook note or blog of your own, email your freinds and tweet like the Dickens. Pass it on. 

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