NDP trending up in Ontario

Polling has shown the NDP trending up since the election was called.  Pundits are now asking why the numbers in Ontario don't match the NDP results in Quebec or the rest of Canada.  They are wrong however as the NDP numbers in Canada's biggest province are up.  Look at ekos poll data here.

The NDP started the campaign at 16% in Ontario and now are at 22.8%.  The trend line has been up for two weeks.  In fact the NDP is up in every region in the country. The Orange rise is a major factor in Toronto as well. The same poll shows the NDP at 21.9%.  The NDP vote in Toronto is most likely concentrated in the downtown, in seats held by Liberals.

These Toronto seats are largely battles between the NDP and Liberals.  The Conservatives are not a factor in the downtown ridings.  Look to see Peggy Nash, Andrew Cash and Olivia Chow take their races for the NDP.  Also in big fights are Liberals Bob Rae and Carolyn Bennett.  Once thought to be the strongest ridings for the Liberals, these seats are now in play.  They may still win, but it won't be the usual cake walk.  Again, the Conservatives are not factors here so people can really choose to vote the party they like rather than the party that can best stop Harper.

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