If my friends could see me now!

Last night I had some friends over for dinner. I did well with the mix of people, from 24 to 64, we sang songs from Broadway. It was to borrow an old fashioned term a hoot! It went on past the midnight hour finally succumbing to our bodies need for sleep. We really wanted to keep going. It was one of those times you never want to end.

The food and wine was good. The intergenerational mix added much to the night. I am expecting to do this again, trying to recapture the magic. It will be different next time and with a couple more people my tiny kitchen will be pushed to its max as will the simple joy of making our own entertainment.

This weekend I will be headed to our farm, where we do this sort of thing often. We have space there and a commercial sized kitchen. Ideal for bringing people together. We will be hosting the Radical Faeries Canada Day weekend gathering and if you know faeries, you know they can entertain. We do it together. Only 20 or 30 of us make up the cast, crew and audience, it may as well be on Broadway. We are into it, we are the stars, the music is perfect, the dancers, as light as the country air and the curtain calls are many!

The gathering will as it has in years gone by bring together young and old, with all of us feeling the joy of our magic, letting that inner kid, child and maybe a little brat out for an entire weekend. The food will be vegetarian as always, it will be good of course, we are known in Fae circles as the 'gourmet gathering' and long will it be as we be blessed with such a good mix of people and place.

All of that brings me to this video below. Its something that happens often these days and some of us might like to try this action in a public place near you one day. The magic of the moment brings everyone exposed to it a moment of the joy we had in our little Toronto apartment last night.

We will of course be looking to bring more people into our not so secret society. No secret handshake, unless you want one, we don't have one but wouldn't object to you creating one that makes us dance or smile, or laugh, or sing, or just enjoy being together.

The video below isn't us. It is however a reflection of many a night here in this comfy apartment, a representation of our gatherings here and at the farm. Egad, have to go, its another curtain call...

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