New year with threat of arrest in USA

I started the new year in my pj's locked out of the house at about 7:30 this morning. I would have just walked the mile to the coffee shop had I been wearing my Superman pj's but I was wearing some cool rocket ship ones. they are super cool but likely would have made me a spectacle. Not that I am opposed or not predisposed to make a spectacle of myself. The difficulty here was my location. I am in Durhan NC. In America you can nowbe held without warrent by the military effective today.

I am kinda sure I would have been okay. It's the possibility that it could happen. Maybe they would have considered me a threat to national security, or worse a sexual criminal. Now don't get me wrong. My rocket ship pj's don't convey anything other than maybe being age inappropriate. They are cool. Some people likely would have said they wished they had them. The reality is that in the USA today, you can be held indeffinately for the silliest reasons.

 Happy New Year everyone.

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jayhawk said...

No not for the "silliest reason"..just more left wing b. s.