Pass the popcorn... GOP Reality Show

After spending a couple of weeks in the USA I still do not understand how Iowa is important, especially this year.  Its a tiny State. It's almost all white and they're easily swayed by millions of dollars of advertising.  Advertising from super pacs and the candidates.

Most of the candidates are fighting it out to be the number one opposed to abortion. When they aren't attacking a Woman's right to choose, they take delight in spreading hate against gays.  In their spare time they rail against medicare, they swear allegiance to the other accepted religion, the NRA.

See this from the Daily Mirror: Iowa caucuses: Adulterer, fantasist, gun-nut, gay-hater - 

The GOP race should be seen as a joke. It's like one of those reality shows.  You are just waiting for the next display of idiotic behaviour. Like @inlawsoutlaws tweeted tonight, pass the popcorn...

Now some of my favourite tweets from tonight. Tweets about Iowa and the GOP race.

@pourmecoffee: All political and media people are in Iowa. If we could somehow fence it off, this is our chance to start a new society.
@poniewozak: Carville finally comes up w new GOP base/Romney analogy: "It's like trying to give a dog a pill. They keep spitting it out." h/t to @godammitkitty
@inlawsoutlaws: Romney's a businessman. His bizness 4 the past 8 years has been trying to get people to like him. Hasn't turned a profit so far.
@MontrealSimon Oh no. My poor Newt is tanking. Damn you Freddie Mac !!! Damn you monogamy !!!!! #iacaucuses

@birbigs Bachmann may have only gotten 6% of the vote, but she's 100% crazy. h/t to E___Anderson 
@Johnfugelsang 3 hours and the only thing we've learned is that tomorrow 'Santorum' will be on everyone's lips. (trust me, google 'Santorum', you'll never look at him the same way again!)

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