2004 Con's attacked LIBs for OAS cuts

In 2004, Conservative were ready to stand up for seniors. On Friday, Stephen Harper was asked about the possibility of raising the eligibility age by two years and replied "Absolutely, it's being considered."

In 2004 prior to the election, the Conservatives accused Paul Martin of having a secret agenda.  They suggested that Martin and the Liberals were considering raising the OAS from 65 to 67.  

The release stated, "Paul Martin’s real agenda for seniors is so shocking it took an Access to Information request to force it into the light of day."  

What is ironic here is that the Conservatives went after the Liberals for looking at raising the entitlement age from 65 to 67, yet here we are with the same Conservatives looking at actually doing it.  They did not campaign or tell anyone in the public that they were looking at this.

Secret agendas, be they Conservative or Liberal, make for undemocratic government.   

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Anonymous said...

Sadly it's not ironic, it's the Cons' modus operandi. Think income trusts. Think hiding nefarious acts behind cabinet confidence. Think abusive polling practices. If the Cons have ever accused their opposition of a particular evil, be on the lookout for them to do that same evil themselves, or worse. (ex $5 million adscam vs $50 million gazebogate)

Or look at the Canada Post lockout. One side wanted the two parties to come together and come up with a fair agreement to exchange goods and services. The other side wanted the value of services decreed and enforced by government dictate. While the NDP filibustered, the Conservatives yelled "Communist!" but the Cons should have taken a long hard look in the mirror first.