Catholic Schools using Students to lobby on Abortion

Debbie Fisher - Speaking to Students in 2011
XTRA reports that Debbie Fisher spoke to a school assembly on April 19, 2012. Fisher is the head of the 'Right To Life' organization in Toronto. Students were asked to raise $20 each for her organization, a Catholic lobby group.  Teachers are circulating petitions to students to criminalize abortion and the students are being asked to contribute financially to the Church's political campaign. 

Ontario Taxpayers are funding the Catholic Church's lobby efforts in this case, through provincial education dollars.  Its wrong.  Its time we eliminated the Catholic School funding and spent it on public schools.  Until then, the Catholic School Board should have to comply to the standards expected of Public Schools.  

This is not a case of Freedom of Religion. We have that and Churches preach against a whole lot of things I support. It's time we held a public discussion on ending public funding to the Catholic School Boards. 

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